Love and Punishment, Part 2

By Pamazon


Drawing her near for a kiss, Nikolas smiled. "Did I mention that was merely the *beginning* of your punishment?"


Swallowing hard, Dawn fought to suppress the smile dancing at the corners of her full lips.  "How shall I be...'punished' further, Sir?" she inquired, as coquettishly as possible.


"You are about to find out," Nikolas ground out, inhaling deeply.


As he leaned back to retrieve the object on the other side of the bed, the action caused Dawn's body to lean forward onto his and her soft center brushed teasingly against his hardness.


"Oh, Nikky!" Dawn chimed in delight, her eyes coming to rest upon the beautifully decorated box.  "For me?"


"Yes," he nodded, his breaths slow and measured.  Resistance was *indeed* becoming futile, a strong throbbing inside his silk boxers reminded him.


Laughing merrily, Dawn deliberately wriggled as she continued to straddle Nikolas' lap.  Eyes dancing with expectancy, she began to hurriedly remove the ornate gift-wrapping.


"Ah-ah-*ah*!" Nikolas taunted, smiling.


His hunger-filled eyes roaming her magnificent nude form, he actually found it necessary to shut his eyes and count to ten to center his thoughts.  And silently pray for the strength to maintain control while meting out the remainder of Dawn's 'punishment.'  His tongue absently darting out to moisten his pouty lower lip, Nikolas held Dawn's gaze.  A faint smile began to form upon his marvelous mouth as he watched Dawn offer up a strangled sigh. He knew all too well the thoughts and passions his mouth invoked within her.


"Before you open the...'gift'...,"he began slowly, "there is a question I must ask of you."


"Yes?"  The word rushed past Dawn's quivering lips in a hushed whisper.


"Hands or feet?" Nikolas smiled.


"Wha...huh?" Dawn stammered.


"I said..."


Using slow, teasing strokes, Nikolas trailed his hands along Dawn's trembling frame.




Gently hugging the contours of her hips, he drew her to him, never breaking eye contact as he ground the evidence of his arousal against her.


"Or feet?"


Dawn swore if he didn't do something *soon* she was going to explode!  Delirious with wanting him she moaned, "Hands...Nikky.  Hands!"


"As you wish, my love," he murmured.


Silently, he instructed Dawn to lay in the center of the mammoth bed they shared.  Taking the gift box from Dawn's trembling hands, while Dawn did as instructed, Nikolas discarded the wrapping paper and opened the box. 


His gaze one again locked with Dawn's, a lusty smile adorning his lips, he held aloft the box's contents:  Three silk Hermés scarves.  As Dawn's hungry eyes widened in surprise, with amazing speed and agility, Nikolas smoothly blindfolded her.  Returning her head to the plush down pillow, as he reached for her left hand, Nikolas smiled. 


"Just remember, my love," he teased, securing her hand to one of the rails of the headboard.  "It was *you* who chose hands!"


To be continued…