Love and Punishment, Part 1

By Dominiqua


"Resistance is futile."


The feral gleam in Nikolas' dark, smoldering eyes told Dawn that he would accept nothing less than obedience.


Dawn swallowed hard and tried to maintain a calm facade.  Her eyes narrowed and she bluffed, "Quoting Star Trek?  Isn't that...oh, I don't know...beneath you?"


A faint smile curved his sensual lips, but he didn't utter a word.  Instead, he briskly rubbed his hands together, sat down on the edge of the bed and patted his lap.


"You're not serious!" she squawked. 


They'd played their share of bedroom games before, but this was different.  The look in his eyes and the lack of conversation set her on edge.  And aroused her like she'd never been aroused before.  Her knees became weak and her tongue darted out to moisten her dry mouth.


His hands ran up and down his hard, bare muscular thighs and the slow movement caused an ache in her lower belly.  Her breath quickened and she responded in spite of herself.  "Nikky?" she whispered hoarsely.  "Answer me."


The movement of his hands stopped.  An eyebrow arched and he pointed at his lap again. 


A low moan passed from her lips as she noted the full bulge that had grown larger since the present "game" began.  Damn, how she wanted him inside her!  But...Damn!


"You know your punishment awaits," he responded.  "I shouldn't have to instruct you again."


"Punishment?" she repeated in low murmur.  She wasn't so sure about this one.  "Um, Nikky..."


"My patience has worn thin," he said in low growl.  "Come to me now."


Dawn swallowed hard.  "Okay..."


She inhaled a deep breath and stepped forward-


"Stop," Nikolas instructed.  "Remove your panties first."


She stopped a few feet away from him.  Bending forward, her braids fell against her shoulders as she stepped out of her panties.  When she stood up again, she saw that Nikolas hand was extended to her so she gave the lingerie to him.


He took the scrap of silk, brought it to his nose, and breathed deeply.  Once he had his fill, he smiled at her and tossed the panties onto the floor.  His hand beckoned to her again. "Come."


Dawn took the remaining steps to him and waited for further instruction.


"Very good," he murmured, beads of perspiration now glistening on his brow.  "Lift your t-shirt and lay face down across my lap."


She did as she was instructed.  Raising her t-shirt to just above her waist, she lay with her stomach on his lap.  She then closed her eyes and waited.


Nikolas large hands caressed the smooth quivering flesh of her backside in sweeping strokes.


"For giving the Prince another hickey on his neck, how many lashes should you receive?" he asked, all the while caressing her ass.


"Um..." Dawn moaned, "I'm not sure, Your Highness.  How many do you think are necessary?"


"Considering we've had this discussion before, I would say quite a few are required."


Dawn nodded.  She bit back another moan as his hand slid between her thighs and his fingers dipped inside her moist center.  Trembling, she whispered, "As you wish, My Prince."


His fingers slipped deeper inside her slick folds, bringing her to the brink of ecstasy before sliding out again.  The sound of his hands rubbing briskly together echoed in the bedroom chamber.  Then with surprising gentleness, he pressed his palm against her behind.  Each tap caused her to jerk and his hard arousal bounced against the flat planes of her belly.


After five swipes of his hand on her backside, Nikolas stopped.  He rolled over so that she sat on his lap and then he spread her legs so that she straddled his lap.


"See, My Lady," he murmured, cupping her face between his palms, "obedience isn't so bad."


To be continued…