Fast Love

Nikolas pulled Dawn into his lap without warning. His hard muscular arms surrounded her and prevented any chance of escape. She squealed loudly in delight, "Nikky!"

A wolfish grin spread across his face. "What?"

She squirmed in his lap and sighed. "Damn, baby! You're so...hard." She gave him a coy glance over her shoulder. "Is all that for me?"

A slow, sensual flame of desire smoldered in his dark eyes. His hands untied her terry cloth robe and slipped inside. Caressing her warm, caramel skin, he murmured, "Yes. How do you want it?"

She quickly flung her leg so that she straddled him. Her hands cupped his face and before she claimed his lips, she said in a husky voice, "Hard and fast, baby. "

"Your wish is my command."


Nikolas rested his back against the chair. Dawn's moans and sighs of ecstasy echoed around him and thrilled his soul.

When she slowly became quiet, their eyes connected. She murmured, "Damn, Nikky! I don't-"

The rest of her words of satisfaction came to abrupt end as he increased the pace once again. Slow, deep thrusts silenced her. Her back arched and her body trembled on top of him again.


He let that scream wash over him. If he focused on it too much, it would end too soon. Keeping one hand firmly on the small of her back, he reached into the bowl of ice that was on the table beside them.

With her eyes closed, Dawn had no idea that he was about to heighten the sensation of their passion. He smiled. He liked giving her a little surprise and he had no doubts that she'd like it, too.

He put the small cube inside his mouth and then he lowered his head to her exquisite pert breasts. Open mouth, his tongue darted out to push the freezing cube over her sweltering flesh.

Her body bucked wildly and her hands clasped his head.

He lost it.

In a shuddering moment, they soared to new heights. Their love rocked them once again and proved that they were bound for all eternity.

~The End~