A Tactical Plan

By Dominiqua



"Hold my calls."


"Of course, Mr. Cassadine," the mousy secretary replied just as he closed the door firmly shut.  Stefan strode to his desk and quickly turned on his computer.  As the intelligent machine whirred to life, he perused the list of names in his Day Planner.


His mouth twitched as his eyes were drawn to a particular entry.  An electrical current rippled through him as he remembered their previous encounter. 


So many months ago...  Silently, he scolded himself.


"Far too long," he murmured, his voice purring like gravel.


He reached for the telephone, but drew back.  He couldn't just summon her without warning.  He required an excuse...a ruse.  From the corner of his eye, he noticed the computer monitor. 


A tactical plan formulated in his mind.


After making the necessary adjustments, the computer sputtered and died.  Stefan released a low chuckled as he delighted in mischief.


He then reached for the telephone again and notified his secretary that he required assistance. 


"Right away, Mr. Cassadine," she promised.


Better make that immediately, he thought to himself.


His active imagination conjured enough images that he was more than ready for his unsuspecting guest to arrive.  Standing, he adjust his slacks so that his erection wouldn't appear *so* prominent.  It was still there, but perhaps, if he stood just so...


Oh, the hell with it!


His feral heat would burn her as soon as she entered the office anyway.  There was no point in pretending.  He was ready for her.  He always was.


A single knock tapped at the door and upon his invitation, the door opened and she walked in.  Her dark brown eyes glanced at his face before darting down to take note of the bulge in his pants. A slow smile spread across her lips and she pushed the door closed behind her. 


And locked it.


"What seems to be the problem this time?" She asked, her hips swaying to a sensual rhythm as she glided across the office to his desk.


He raised his hands in a helpless gesture.  His eyes darkened and sent her a seductive message, even as his words were all business.


"Modern technology is not without its problems.  I seek resolution for my current predicament.  Are you able to assist me?"


She smiled and nodded.  "Aren't I always?"


"Very good," he murmured.  He pulled her into his arms and whispered against her ear.  "Tend to my needs now, dearest Nita.  Modern technology can wait."


"As you wish."


~The End~