Strangers When They Meet



Sabrina glared at Stefan from across the room.  The man really was insufferable!


He was her brother.  He had no right to try to control her life.  If she wanted to enjoy a night out on the town, she could and she would!


Whether he liked it or not.




Her long, dark curly eyelashes fluttered as her gaze swam over the stranger from head to toe.


The suit he wore was expensive and screamed money, class and power.  Not necessarily in that order either.


When she looked at his face, she became immediately intrigued by the smirk on his mouth and the brilliant blue of his eyes.


"Hello," she said, keeping her voice monotone.  There was no point in revealing her interest so early in the game.  Cat and mouse was much more fun if the pursuit began early and maintained a manic pace.


"I'd like to buy you a drink," he announced, his voice as smooth as the silver tones of his close-cropped hair.


One perfect eyebrow arched.  "Are you asking me or telling me?"


He smiled.  "Does it matter?"


Sabrina tilted her head in a slight nod.  "I suppose it doesn't.  White wine."


The man quickly ordered their drinks.  When the bartender moved away, he sat on the stool beside her.  His eyes trailed over her like a feverish caress.  Sabrina tingled all over.  If he was this good without laying a hand on her... Damn!


"Do you always buy drinks for women at bars?"


"Only the beautiful ones," he replied.


Heat flooded her cheeks.  Far from vain, she still enjoyed a welcome compliment, especially an accurate one.


"What's your name?" she asked, after taking a sip of the wine which had just been set before her.


"Adam," he announced with sex appeal and flair.  "Adam Chandler, Miss DeLane."


Sabrina's eyes widened with shock.  "How did you know my name?"


"I always make it a point to know the name of the most beautiful woman in the room.  Do you have a problem with that?" he asked.


"No, Adam."  She extended her hand and he held it. 


He placed a feather light kiss into the palm and smiled up at her.  "Neither do I."


~The End~