The Merger
by MourningStarre

Cries of intense pleasure filled the expanse of the luxurious bedroom as he continued to thrill her with thrust after thrust of his male hardness. His lips and fiery hot tongue staked claim to the nipples of her aroused breasts. Her longer than long legs were wrapped securely around his waist as her hands held fast to the contours of his backside bringing him further into the core of her very being. The tightness of her center was giving him even more pleasure than he thought possible as he offered a moan of approval. They were only heartbeats away from total ecstasy when his lips left the swell of her full breast and found its way to her mouth where he plowed his roving tongue inside. Their tongues exploring and tasting the sweetness of one another's mouth coupled with the force of one final stroke of his throbbing manhood and the clutching of her feminine muscles around him brought the lovers to their sweet release as wave after wave of their mutually achieved climax shook them body and soul.

After several minutes passed and the rapid beating of their hearts had subsided to the point of allowing them to speak he gently brushed away the strands of her curly brown hair that were now matted to her perspiration covered cheek. "You're a demon in both the boardroom and the bedroom, but you already know that," his blue eyes gleaming with total admiration and undying love at his newest life and perspective business partner. His hungry eyes roved her body enjoying the perfection of her taut honey brown nude form as his forefinger followed the trickles of sweat that glistened upon her skin.

"You're no slouch in those departments either husband," she returned with a devilish grin as she stroked his muscular chest.

"There's nothing I'd like better than to stay in this bed for the rest of the day and continue making the incredible love we have been for the last several days."

"I'm with you lover but there's something we have to take care of first. It's time to be demons in the boardroom again," brushing away a trail of sweat on his forehead before it rolled into his eye.

"I'm really going to enjoy this. Are you ready?" his fingers disregarding the trails the sweat made and now venturing on their own.

"I was born ready," she answered coquettishly giving him a kiss allowing her tongue to sway lightly across his lips before slowly pulling away.

"I can believe that," he remarked as his fingers probed the gentle folds of her inner thighs, relishing in the delicious wetness he found there.

Moaning softly from his ministrations, "You know we could get in a little more 'fortification' before this meeting," she coyly suggested as her womanhood began to throb ever so enticingly in anticipation of another round with her skillful new lover as he inserted a finger within her causing her moans to become more pronounced. By this time her very busy hands had sensually massaged his awakening arousal into a more alert state as his fingers persisted in the masterful work they were performing between her legs.

His mind reeling from the sensations she stirred in him. "I knew from the moment I saw you one short week ago that you were my perfect match and every minute I spend with you proves that even more. You're brilliant, beautiful and you're my bride. And just why am I still talking?" he wondered his blue eyes becoming lost in her brown ones.

"Beats me," she answered as she wrapped her hands in his dark blonde hair and plunged her hot tongue into
his mouth. The newlyweds commenced with their indulgence of passion before setting off to conquer the business world.

As the couple strode arm in arm into the plush skyscraper all eyes were on them. Not only because they made a most striking and confident pair but because of who the individuals were that made up this pair.
Jack Abbott and Sabrina DeLane were forces to be reckoned with solo but together they were indestructible. Outside the boardroom Jack and Sabrina took a minute to share one more passionate kiss before divulging their 'merger' to the world.

"You know what, I think you should wait out here first, I want to set this up right," delicious naughtiness shining in his eyes. "I'll be right back," taking her hand and placing a sensual kiss upon it before entering the room and closing the door behind him.

"Where the hell have you been and what's the point of this impromptu meeting?" Jack's former lover and stepmother Jill Abbott railed at him as took his seat at the head of the table.

"It's good to see you too Jill," he replied flippantly. "I was taking care of some important business that developed into the most wonderful personal business and as such I should tell you Jabot is at the threshold of making a huge merger. One that will undoubtedly make this company the benchmark for the entire cosmetics industry."

As Jack continued inside Sabrina was sitting in wait on the couch immediately outside the boardroom when a tall, distinguished, mustached gentleman approached her. The elegance, grace and beauty she possessed struck him immediately. It was at this time he realized he knew who she was.

"Sabrina DeLane," Victor Newman uttered in his slight German accent as he extended his hand to her his eyes enjoying every inch of her body the navy blue designer suit she was wearing displayed so well.

"You know who I am?" she returned making it to her feet before taking his hand.

"I would be remiss not to know who the head of the largest most successful cosmetics firm in the world for women of color was. Victor Newman," he smiled placing a kiss on her hand and holding on to it a little longer than necessary as he appreciated the beauty of the woman that stood before him. He'd seen photos of her before and she was stunning in all of them but in person it was even more apparent what a rare beauty she was, and her mind for business made her one of the most revered people in the cosmetics industry. She was indeed the total package.

"I'm aware of who you are Mr. Newman," she said removing her hand from his too firm grasp.

"Please call me Victor."

"Very well, Victor."

"I'm not sure what your business here is but if you're free for lunch I would love for you to join me." This woman was intoxicating Victor thought. Just being in her presence lit a fire in his loins like he'd never known and no other woman had ever had that effect on him. If she could stimulate his body like this he could only imagine what her knowledge for business would do to his mind.

"I'm sorry Victor that won't be possible," brushing a few of her now blown to straight locks of hair behind her ear displaying the seven carat diamond ring and platinum wedding band that surrounded the base of her left ring finger. Sabrina felt this subtle act would give him the picture.

"Oh I see," Victor muttered but some insignificant husband wouldn't deter him. "How about a drink?"

In the next moment the door of the boardroom opened and Jack made his way to his bride wrapping his arm around her waist and giving her cheek a kiss. "We're ready for you now Sabrina." His eyes darting over to Victor, "The Moustache wasn't harassing you was he?" Jack questioned glaring at his enemy.

"Not at all sweetheart in fact he was quite uh…mannerly," she explained managing to stifle the giggle she felt trying to bubble forth upon seeing the bulge in Victor's trousers. Sabrina wondered if he greeted every woman he met with the same 'salute'. "I'm sure I don't have to introduce you to my husband Jack do I Victor?" Sabrina inquired wrapping one around Jack's waist as her free hand rested on the lapel of his dark blue Italian suit.

"Jack Abbott is your husband?" Victor asked not believing that possible.

Sabrina nodded confirming the fact as Jack elaborated vocally. "That's right Vic, Sabrina DeLane is also Mrs. Jack Abbott. I'm aware you believe in getting whatever you want but rest assured this is one time that you won't get it. What the hell are you doing here anyway? You have absolutely no business at Jabot so if you're done leering at my wife now you know your way out; as for Sabrina and I we have business to attend to." Tightening his rein around her waist as they made their way to the boardroom, "Oh and Vic," Jack said turning around to face him, "don't make me have to call security."

Victor stood immobile, his earlier arousal lost as quickly as it had been achieved, his feet seemingly glued to the floor as he watched Jack and Sabrina enter the boardroom, damning Jack to hell the whole time as simmering anger overwhelmed him. "You may have won the battle Jack Abbott but the war is far from over. I am Victor Newman and Victor Newman does get whatever he wants and right now I want Sabrina DeLane," he fervently declared.

Inside the boardroom jaws dropped and green became the color of the day for both Jill Abbott and Jack's former wife Nikki Newman as they focused on Sabrina DeLane, the tall, beautiful, incredibly successful woman that Jack had moments before presented as his wife. Both Nikki and Jill's minds were spinning. How is it that Jack could be married to Sabrina DeLane? Sabrina had the full attention of everyone in the room as she took a seat in Jack's chair and control of the floor in the meeting.

"I'm certain Jack has shed some light on the occurrences of the past week so I'll only add a little more to what he said. When he called me last week with this merger idea I was prepared to laugh in his face when he showed up at my Manhattan offices. However when he did show up his logic made a lot of sense, and after spending more time with him I learned there was more to love about Jack than just his brilliant mind and wonderful sense of humor," Sabrina shared giving her husband an adoring smile. "Now Jack and I have come to an agreement on how to make this merger work and work it can and be beneficial to both our companies. The best thing about this is both DeLane and Jabot are thriving now, no one would expect a merger and that fact will only help us. I made DeLane Enterprises what it is today and with Jack's success here at Jabot I fully believe the joining of our two companies will only bring more achievement and prosperity. With that in mind, what you all need to know is I won't be a lackey around here but a full partner. I answer to no one, I will have my say, I demand only the best from everyone I work with and who work for me, and if I don't like something you'll hear about it so you'll never have to wonder. In short when it comes to my business I'm an open book and readily available. Do we understand each other?" she asked looking along both sides of the huge oak table.

Jack smiled proudly as he watched his wife in action. He loved her tenacious side and her ability to render both Jill and Nikki speechless simultaneously only added to his complete awe of her. He couldn't wait to get her home.

After a few deafening quiet moments Sabrina continued, "Good. I think we'll work great together and I hope you all do too." Standing from her chair, "Forgive my brevity but Jack and I have some things to attend to so we'll see you tomorrow bright and early hopefully then we can get the preliminary contracts for our merger drawn up."

Once Jack and Sabrina were outside the boardroom he brought her soft body close to his hard one and captured her lips in fiery, white-hot kiss. His tongue gliding against hers hungrily as he felt his lower body come back to life.

Breaking the kiss to grab a much need breath. "Is that a banana in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?" she quipped provocatively as her fingers grazed the evidence of his need.

"Oh it's all you baby. You were great in there as I knew you would be and there is no doubt in my mind that this deal is going down."

"Speaking of going down…" she smiled wantonly.

"Is there no wonder I love you so much," Jack murmured his eyes heavy laden with passion.

"No there's not," she laughed. "And I love you too and I'm going to show you over and over again just how much. Let's go."

The two made a beeline for the elevator indulging in another deep kiss as the door closed on them. In the mean time the remaining members of the board put the merger idea to a vote.

"I see why Jackie's so crazy about her. I've heard lots of things about Sabrina DeLane and they are all true. She's smart, beautiful and she says exactly what's on her mind. To merge with DeLane Enterprises would be a major coup and I'm all for it," Jack's sister Ashley Carlton enthused.

"So am I," Brad Carlton added. "Jack and I don't usually agree on anything but he's right with this one. Jabot merging with DeLane Enterprises would be the business deal of the century." Brad was happily married to Ashley but he'd have to be blind and dead not to notice Sabrina. Just being who she was in the business world she demanded attention but being drop dead gorgeous didn't hurt any. He would definitely enjoy working with her he thought as a smile formed on his lips.

Nikki's jealousy was getting the better of her and Ashley and Brad praising Sabrina like she was the Second Coming didn't help matters. "Forgive me for speaking ill of your new daughter-in-law John but I think she comes off as a bitch and this merger is a bad idea," she sneered. "Jack being married to her is enough of a merger and he's known her how long? Besides she all but said she wanted full control around here so I vote no," she concluded pursing her lips together defiantly.

"I'm with Nikki, we don't need her taking over around here. We should just forget this merger thing," Jill advised her feminine ego not prepared to deal with a woman as together as Sabrina DeLane. "Jabot is doing fine we don't need Sabrina DeLane here."

"I have to say I'm sorry you and Nikki feel that way Jill because I agree with Ashley and Brad," John the patriarch of the Abbott family shared. "That makes it 3-2 and with Jack's vote being a given it's a done deal. Jabot Cosmetics will be merging with DeLane Enterprises, and I think I can safely say the cosmetics world will never be the same."