The Beach

By Dominiqua


Stefan stepped out of the ocean, glistening from his early morning swim.


A pool of water formed at his feet as tiny droplets glided down his hard abdomen and taut thighs.


He refused the towel that was offered to him and shook his head wildly.  A feral gleam burned brightly in his emerald eyes.


Dropping to his knees and hands, he crawled across the sand and trapped his squealing prey beneath him.


"My hair!" she shrieked, as he slid his wet hands into her dark mass of curls.  "It's ruined now."


He didn't speak.  A slow smile twitched at his mouth and his eyes blazed his need.


He lowered himself down onto her quivering body.  His aroused sex pulsed through the thin material of his swimming trunks to throb against the apex of her thighs.


Carlotta's back arched as Stefan ground himself against her.  A low moan was silenced by his forceful capture of her mouth.


His tongue thrust wildly into her mouth as he reached between them.  His agile fingers brushed aside the barriers that separated them.  Under the blaze of the sun, their bodies joined together in a frenzy of uncontrollable passion.


As the waves of lust roared around them, they soared to new heights.  At the peak moment, Carlotta stiffened and screamed his name, "STEFAN!"


"My love, my love, my love," he murmured over and over into her ear.


His thrusts increased and soon, he joined her in release.


In time, they drifted down from the plane they had ventured to.  Stefan held her close against his now perspiration wet chest, his fingers stroking her back and moving upward to thread her gorgeous locks.


"Your hair," he responded in his gravelly voice, "is a temptation I am unable to resist.  Forgive me?"


A wicked smile came to her lips as she shifted to look at him.  "Only if you make it up to me."


Stefan smiled and pulled her face towards him until their mouths were only inches apart.  "With pleasure," he promised.


~The End~


[Carlotta is a niklovr creation.]