Discovering Delancy

by Jeanine

Delancy's stomach was in knots as the elevator doors chimed and opened, admitting her to the floor of Lorenzo Alcazar's Penthouse. The knots grew bigger the closer she came to his door. Snap out of it she told herself, this has to be done. Lorenzo needs this more than he realizes. It didn't really surprise her that there was no guard at his door. After the fiasco at the hospital, and Lorenzo's run in with Sonny Corinthos and his wife, it made a strange kind of sense that he wouldn't want anyone witnessing him in his current state. From what she could gather it wasn't going to be pretty.

A smile lit her face as she tried the door and it opened underneath her fingers. She slowly crept inside and was met with silence and darkness. Her eyes adjusting to the rooms as her footsteps descended deeper into the apartment. Finally finding what she'd been searching for, the door to Lorenzo's bedroom. She took a deep breath and readied herself for what was behind it. She had no doubt he was in there. The pain and hurt he was feeling practically vibrated off the walls. This was going to take the acting skills of Meryl Streep, but Delancy knew she could pull it off she had to....failing was not an option.

She quietly opened the door, and was met with the vision of Lorenzo haphazardly running his hands through his thick dark hair as he paced back and forth across the room. Damn! She thought to herself as her eyes drunk in the sight of him. He definitely went under the heading of beautiful, even in his disheveled condition. He reminded her of a panther, his strides purposeful and dangerous. And she was going to find out just how dangerous. Lorenzo sensing he wasn't alone stopped pacing, as blue eyes met dark brown. The next thing she knew, Lorenzo reached out and grabbed her arm in a vise-like grip dragging her towards him and pulling her flush against his hard body. His cologne filling her senses. It was a mixture of spicy Italian musk and his very own scent. Together it was lethal combination.

"Who the fuck are you and what the hell are you doing in my apartment?"

Hmm, straight to the point. A quality she loved in a man. Delancy knew anyone else in her position would be afraid, but for the life of her she was just fascinated. She had to stop herself from reaching out and touching his face. Just everything about him set her body on fire, and made her tingle in places she hadn't for what seem like forever.

"I asked you a question," Lorenzo growled cutting into her thoughts.

"Who I am isn't really important."

"I'll be the judge of that." Lorenzo said as he took time to study the woman who had blatantly strolled into his home uninvited. She looked to be about 5'6 of slender build, with long black hair almost hitting her waist, eyes the color of chestnuts and the most beautiful honey colored skin, he had ever seen. All in all she made quite an attractive package. She also had a mouth made for sin and Lorenzo wondered if she possessed the talent to back it up. Where the hell had that come from? Lorenzo knew he had to get it together. It was just that his encounter with Sonny earlier still had him pissed off. As Lorenzo continued studying his intruder, he noticed she was smiling at him. Not just any old smile, the kind that held secrets. And it intrigued him and made him angry at the same time. He didn't want to be curious about this woman. He felt as though it was a betrayal towards Carly.

As Delancy watched the wheels turning behind Lorenzo's eyes she realized two things. One, he was very attracted to her, and two, he didn't want to be. Poor Lorenzo. He just didn't realize what he was in store for. She would make him forget all about Carly Corinthos for tonight and maybe he'd be on his way to realizing she wasn't the one for him. She smiled at her thoughts. Feeling his eyes on her Delancy raised her head and as their eyes connected again, she smiled at Lorenzo.

"I'm still waiting."

Feeling bolder by the second, she brought their bodies closer. "What are you going to do if I don't tell you, spank me?"

Letting go of his hold on her arm, Lorenzo grabbed her instead by the shoulders and backed her up against the wall, making escape impossible. She smiled at the irony of his actions. Escape being the farthest thing on her mind.

"There are so many unpleasant things I could do to you. You have no idea."

Lorenzo was surprised to see there was no fear in her eyes. It was like his words had no effect on her at all.

"Fine you win. The name is Delancy. Delancy Michaels and I'm here to help you."

"Help me with what?" Lorenzo said, a frown forming on his face.

Delancy studied him for a second, and simply said, "Facing reality."

"Wha..what? What the hell are you talking about? Facing reality about what?"

"Hmm, that would be your unhealthy obsession over one Carly Corinthos. You know the woman you think you love. The woman who is very much married and is not vacating that position anytime soon."

Lorenzo could feel his anger rising. He couldn't believe this woman had the nerve to actually come into his apartment talking of things she knew nothing about. He thrust her away from him like she was poison. And walked to the other side of the room, before his hands found themselves around her throat.

Delancy knew Lorenzo was angry, she could see it all over his face. She could tell he was having a hard time getting his emotions under control. That in her opinion was a good thing. Lorenzo had been holding things in for way too long. He was always cool and in control. Being out of control was a foreign concept to him, one he didn't like at all. He also hated when someone told him things he didn't want to hear or face. And that was exactly what Delancy had done. She knew it was going to get worse, before it got better. But she was okay with that. Because after everything was said and done, Lorenzo would be grateful, oh so grateful to her.

"I want you to leave."

"I can't do that."

"Ms. Michaels,...."

"Please, call me Delancy."

As Lorenzo looked at her, he didn't know whether he wanted to strangle her or kiss her. She was driving him crazy. How could someone he just met have this effect on him? Maybe he was losing his mind.

"Fine, Delancy. I want to know where you get off telling me what I feel for Carly is nothing but obsession. I happen to be in love with her."

"Lorenzo. May I call you Lorenzo?"

"Of, course."

"Well, from what I've seen of your actions, they strike me as being all about you. What you want. What you need. If you loved Carly, you would have put her needs first but you didn't then and you haven't now. From what I understand, tonight was your wake up call. Carly told you Sonny is the man she loves with her whole heart, and she feels nothing romantically for you. I mean what more do you want? Does she have to spell it out in blood to make you believe her?"

"Sonny isn't good enough for her. He treats her like a possession, she deserves better than him."

"And who are you to make that judgment?"

"I... how the hell did you find this out?"

"I suspect most of Port Charles knows about your showdown with Sonny and Carly tonight. It's not like it was some big secret."

Delancy watched as Lorenzo ran his hands over his face. "Great just fucking great! So what, did you come over here to offer your condolences or something else?" Lorenzo whispered as he stared at Delancy, his eyes traveling up and down her body.

Delancy recognized that look. She had seen it on men's faces the minute she turned the age of sixteen. Lorenzo wanted to bed her. Delancy had felt the sexual heat between them the moment she had walked into the room. The air was brimming with it. She licked her lips and watched as Lorenzo's eyes turned a darker shade of blue. He was aroused and if she needed more proof of it, all she had to do was let her eyes travel to the front of his pants. And judging by the size of the bulge, he was blessed. Delancy felt a shiver run through her whole body. She wondered if he would make a move. Delancy didn't have to wonder for long. She watched as Lorenzo strolled towards her, stopping when his body brushed against hers. Delancy had to keep herself from crying out at the pleasure she felt when Lorenzo's body touched hers so intimately.

"Why don't we just cut to the chase. Tell me what you're really doing here tonight. I know it's more than wanting to help me face reality."

"Alot more," Lorenzo breathed as he ran his hand down the side of her face.

Delancy shivered and leaned into his touch.

"Fair enough. I came here to love you."

"Excuse me," Lorenzo uttered caught off guard. "What do you mean love me?"

"Exactly what I said. Love you in the physical sense. I don't think you've ever experienced that. Someone to love you the way you need, the way you've always fantasized."

Delancy felt a sense of loss as Lorenzo pulled away from her and the words she spoke. She watched him as he stood at the window looking out. Delancy would bet his gaze wasn't really focused on anything. She slowly walked over to where he was standing, and saw him tense as her reflection materialized against the glass.

"Why does that word scare you so much?"

"And what word would that be Ms. Michaels?"

Delancy sighed, so they were back to Ms. Michaels again. "Love Lorenzo. That word would be love."

Lorenzo smirked as he was once again facing her. "You are quite mistaken, nothing scares me."

"Really? Then why did you pull away from me?"

Lorenzo chuckled, "Did it ever occur to you that I was tiring of the conversation? That you were in fact boring me?"

Despite himself Lorenzo was fascinated as Delancy's laughter rang out around the room.

"Come on Lorenzo, you're going to have to do better than that. I think instead of being bored by me, you’re intrigued. I'm not saying you want to be, but you are anyway. Sometimes things can't be helped. For example us meeting."

"Oh really? I thought that happened because you broke in."

"I wouldn't call it breaking in. Technically, I just walked in. The door was unlocked."

"Let's not argue semantics, the fact is you weren't invited."

"True, but what about now?"

"The verdict's still out for the time being."

"Fair enough."

"Delancy, I need to know something."


"Why is it you're not afraid of me? The name Lorenzo Alcazar usually strikes fear in the hearts of most men."

"Well, as you can see," Delancy said as she spun around in a little circle. "I'm not most men."

You got that right Lorenzo thought to himself. As he took in her simple, yet beautiful outfit of a black silk looking tank top and a form fitted long black skirt, with a slit running up her left thigh. Topped off by a short leather jacket and black leather boots.

Delancy next words brought Lorenzo out of his thoughts.

"From the first time I heard your name, and then later when I saw your picture in the paper I knew there was more to you besides the hype. Nothing about you scared me. And I have to say, meeting you in person has only fascinated me more. Lorenzo, you are on one hand ruthless, cunning, deadly, and single minded in your pursuits, but on the other hand you are gentle, caring, and kind. You give a whole new meaning to the word, complex. I know you would never harm me."

"Are you sure about that?"

Delancy did what she had wanted to do since first laying eyes on Lorenzo, she reached out her hand and gently stroked his face. "Positive."

Feeling her soft fingers on his face calmed Lorenzo. He didn't think he would ever tire of her touch. The more her hand caressed his face, the more he welcomed it. Lorenzo's thoughts unnerved him. Delancy Michaels was becoming more dangerous to him, than any enemy ever could. He was dropping his guard around her and the more she was around, the more he wanted her to be.

Delancy could tell she surprised Lorenzo when her fingers left his face and she took his hands in hers, placing them around her waist. She then raised her arms and wrapped them around the base of his neck, playing with the soft hair at his nape. They stayed that way for a few minutes, eyes locked neither of them moving. A groan escaped Lorenzo's lips as her fingers slid deeper into his hair and she angled his head, slowly covering his mouth with her own. Delancy sighed in pure pleasure at finally tasting Lorenzo. He tasted better than she had ever imagined. She sucked on his lower lip begging for entrance, and he readily complied opening his mouth wider deepening the kiss.

Their tongues mating and dueling as the kiss became more intense. Delancy felt as though she was being consumed and she loved it. Her body drawing even closer to Lorenzo's. She wondered if he felt it too. She didn't have to wait long for the answer to that question as she felt Lorenzo's arms tighten, pulling her deeper into his embrace. But just as quickly as the kiss had started, it ended.

The second Lorenzo felt Delancy's lips moving under his, he knew he was a goner. All the control he usually had flew out the window. She was awakening things in him he hadn't felt in years. Every time her soft lips stroked his he lost all sense of reason. This was madness, there was no other word for it. And he had to put a stop to it. He thought breaking their embrace would do it. But now looking at Delancy, her lips swollen from his kisses and her hair all mused from where he had dragged his hands through it, Lorenzo wasn't so sure.

"Hey," Delancy said breaking Lorenzo out of his thoughts. "If you need me to leave I will."

Lorenzo realized that was the last thing he wanted. Bridging the distance between them, he drew Delancy back into the circle of his arms. "Stay with me."

"Your wish is my command," she whispered as she began undoing the buttons on Lorenzo's white silk shirt. Delancy's breath catching in her throat as his chest was revealed to her. She felt him shudder as her fingers stroked his chest hair.

"You are so beautiful," Delancy breathed as she slid the shirt completely off his body and dropped it in a puddle at their feet.

Lorenzo laughed. "Men can't be beautiful. "

Shaking her head and looking at Lorenzo in nothing but black dress pants, Delancy definitely had to disagree. "Oh, believe me," Delancy said as her hands caressed his chest, "You are definitely what they had in mind when the word beautiful was invented."


"Shhhh," Delancy whispered as she embraced Lorenzo once again, and started kissing her way down his neck. "I think the time for talking is over." She purred as her lips closed over his nipple and gently began to suck, her other hand massaging its twin.

"Oh god," Lorenzo moaned, his eyes closing in ecstasy.

Delancy smiled. "Feel, Lorenzo, just feel." She breathed her mouth releasing him as her lips traveled further down.

And Lorenzo did so many emotions coming over him, as Delancy's mouth did delicious things to his body. He didn't know how much more of this he could take. The only thing he really wanted right now was to lose himself inside her and never surface. Lorenzo groaned as she rid him of his pants, his socks, and his shoes. He gazed down at her still kneeling and held his hand out helping her back up.

"Thank you." Delancy said, as she slipped off her leather jacket, dropping it into the nearest chair and then removing her black silk tee, revealing to Lorenzo a lacy black bra.

Lorenzo could barely breathe as he watched Delancy doing her little strip tease for him. His hands ached to touch her smooth looking skin. He wondered if it was as soft as it looked. Lorenzo didn't have to wonder long, it was as if his hands had a mind of their own. Because the next thing he knew they were all over her, and yes her skin was as soft as he thought. It felt like pure silk.

"Oh Lorenzo," Delancy moaned. "What are you doing to me?"

"What you wanted. What needs to be done." Lorenzo said as he slowly slid down the zipper of her black skirt, letting it fall in a pool at her feet. He then tenderly took her boots off, making her tremble at his gentleness. The trembling soon increased causing the special place between her legs to ache and throb as Lorenzo masterfully placed little kisses slowly up her thigh.

Delancy could feel herself becoming wet, her head falling backwards. "Oh Lorenzo, you don't have to do this." Delancy breathed as she watched him getting closer and stopping when he got to the very heart of her.

Lorenzo breathed in her essence as he held her in place, hands cupping her lace covered bottom. He then slipped a finger inside and smiled encountering wetness and being humbled at how much she wanted him, and then said, "Believe me Delancy, I know I don't have to do anything. It's more of me needing to. I've wanted to taste you almost from the moment our eyes met."

"Umm, Lorenzo," Delancy moaned as he removed her underwear and slid his tongue deep inside her, tasting, sucking, and loving her like he couldn't get enough. Delancy's hands losing themselves in his dark brown locks. "Please... " She begged her breath hitching as his talented tongue hit her spot, making her fall completely over the edge.

Lorenzo loved feeling Delancy coming apart passionately in his arms. She held nothing back. He knew everything she was showing him was real. It was a heady feeling knowing he could make another person experience so much pleasure. As Delancy slowly recovered, now smoothing hands through Lorenzo's hair slowly, he took the opportunity to pick her up and make the last steps to his bed. Delancy practically purred as her back connected with the black silk sheets adorning Lorenzo's bed.

She smiled as she heard his intake of breath, as she stretched like a cat on the bedding. Lorenzo's body heated almost going into overdrive as he took in all of Delancy's honey skinned beauty. He had never wanted someone so much in his life and it scared him to admit that to himself. But the truth was, never had a woman looked so right lying in his bed, her long hair flowing across his pillows looking like she belonged there.

As Delancy raised her passion-filled eyes staring at Lorenzo like he was her everything, he completely lost it. Lorenzo joined her crawling his way across the vast bed, loving how Delancy met him half way so that they were brought back together in the very middle.

Lorenzo shuddered as Delancy ran her hands up his chest, loving the way his skin felt underneath her fingers. She then wrapped her arms around his neck, bringing their bodies close, both moaning as her breasts flattened themselves across his broad chest.

Delancy loved the skin to skin contact and she knew by the darkening of Lorenzo's eyes that he did too. "Taste me, Lorenzo," she breathed as she got lost in his eyes. "With pleasure," Lorenzo uttered as he covered his mouth with hers, losing his hands in her hair as he drank from her lips. Tongues mating together mimicking the actions of lovemaking.

Lorenzo moaned as he felt Delancy's hands moving down his body till they encountered the waistband of his boxers, and gently began to lower them. She reluctantly broke their kiss as she removed the last obstacle to them being together. Lorenzo's eyes shut in pleasure as Delancy's soft hand closed around his hard and throbbing sex. He groaned his satisfaction as her hand stroked him in an upward motion. "You're so hard Lorenzo, you need to be inside me don't you."

"More than anything." He breathed.

Delancy's whole body ached at the thought of finally being his, even if it was only for one night. "Then have me Lorenzo." She said as she positioned his thick erection against her center and slowly slid him inside.

"Ooh bella," Lorenzo groaned in ecstasy as Delancy's hot, wet walls welcomed him like a lover coming home.

Delancy smiled inwardly at the term of endearment that unconsciously slipped pass his lips. Bella. She could definitely get use to being called that. "Lorenzo," Delancy whispered taking charge and maneuvering it so she was on top. "Before the night is over I'm going to make you come in every way imaginable."

"Hmmm, baby," was all Lorenzo uttered as Delancy set the pace of their lovemaking.

The pace soon changing as their movements intensified, their bodies moving in a perfect symmetry to reach that ultimate heaven together. Lorenzo holding on to Delancy's hips tightly as he moved her up and down onto his shaft, both crying out as pleasure invaded every part of their bodies. Neither said a word, both overcome by what had just happened. After a few minutes passed Lorenzo eased out of Delancy and gently took her in his arms, making sure her head was in the pocket of his shoulder as they let sleep overtake them.

The next morning........

Delancy couldn't believe the night she had. She knew it would end with her and Lorenzo making love in his sin-induced king sized bed, with the deliciously soft, black silk sheets. But she never would have guessed they would make love so many times that she lost count. Delancy knew she would leave Lorenzo in the early morning, but she never anticipated that early would turn into late. Everytime she tried to leave the bed, Lorenzo would somehow sense her movements and instantly awaken, pulling her back into his embrace and nudging her legs apart claiming her once again. It was like they were addicted to each other now.

The more Lorenzo slid inside of Delancy, the more she never wanted him to leave and that was dangerous. Delancy knew when she came to him last tonight, it was for the sole purpose of giving him more pleasure than he's ever known. She didn't foresee that she would start to care for him. Be fascinated, yes. Be sexually attracted to him, hell yes! But this....this was madness. Delancy knew she needed to get out of here and go home..clear her head.

She was finally able to slide out of bed without waking him. Delancy quickly dressed and then crept over to the bed to make sure Lorenzo was still sleeping. He was. Her heart contracted as she took in his handsome features completely relaxed in slumber. She wanted nothing more than to climb back into bed with him and never leave. And that was exactly why she had to go now, before she did something foolish and embarrassed the hell out of herself. "Goodbye, Lorenzo," Delancy softly whispered as she closed his bedroom door and left the penthouse, making sure the front door was locked.

As soon as his bedroom door closed, Lorenzo opened his eyes. He had been awake the whole time Delancy was getting dressed, his body instinctively knowing when she wasn't in his arms anymore. It had been difficult for him to let her leave, but there was no way this was over. "Not goodbye, Delancy, because we will be seeing each other again in the future." Lorenzo vowed.