Chapter three

Carly's accepted into the group

As I sat on my bed looking at the picture we had taken at Coney Island. I begin to think back at all the fun we had had that day.


When we walk through the gates at Coney Island I can only descibe my feeling as one of awe.

:Lets go on the Dungeon Drop"Sonny suggested once we had gotten our tickets.

"No way, No How" Gia Replied

"Whats the Dungeon Drop?" I asked

Sonny and Marcus said that it was this super cool ride Gia was like"Hmmph, I dont think so, The Dungeon drop is this fifteen story building, you go inside and you're place in this box that looks like a crane elevator,of course you're strapped in, anyway you're taken to the top of the building, the lights goes out and you;re drop to the bottom in total darkness at about sixty miles.

when I agree with Gia that we weren't riding that ride, Marcus and Sonny looked at each other given each other these devilish smile before lifting Me and Gia onto their shoulder abd carrying us to the ride.

The ride was much scarier than it sounded, when the lights went out and the car dropped I scream and attached myself to sonny, even though we were strapped down in seats it felt as though we were dropping into thin air, when the car finally came to rest at the bottom of the build sonny literally had to pry me off him..

End of Flashback

The picture I held in my hand was taken right after we had gotten off the ride, So I was still standing real close to Sonny, his arm was around my waist holding me up. We were all smiling cause even though the ride was scary we had fun.

"What are you looking at?" Sam asked as she yanked the picture from my hand.

"Oh, my goodness, ALEXIS! ALEXIS!, come here quick" she yelled for her sister.

Alexis eneter the room "Whats all the yelling about?" she asked not even acknowledging that I was in the room.

Sam handed her the picture. Alexis look down at the picture, look over at me, then she ripped it into pieces.

"Tell you little friend Gia that its not gonna work. I wont be run off like the others, and if you think you're Sonnys type well..", she look at me once more started laughing and turn and walk out the room.

Sam followed after her she too was laughing. I grabbed the phone off Sam's night stand and called Gia.

"Hello" Gia voice said on the other end. I started crying and told her about what had happen and what had been said.

"Don't worry about it,Sams day is coming, and Alexis she better enjoy Sonny while she can,because like all the other she to will be a passing memory."

"All the others?" I asked

"Yeah, there have been others who have thought that they were more important to Sonny then I am, remind me to tell you about them some day. I was just about to call you when the phne rang,and it was you. Calling to tell you what we're wearing tomorrow".

The next morning when I got ready for school, I got dress in my jeans,red shirt, pulled my hair up in a ponytail using a red scrunchie. I slipped into my nike tennis,grabbed my backpack and headed downstairs.

"Aunt Sarah, is it okay if I ride to school with Keesha and Jason?, Gia going to ride with them also." I asked hopefuly.

"Sure, sweetheart you go ahead, Im really hjappy that you're making friends"

I watched as Sam faced dropped, you see her parents was still making her ride with them, and here I was my first day of school and I was getting to ride to school with my friends.

Jason car pulled up in the drive not long after that.

When we stop at Gia, Gia came out the house followed by another girl. Keesha jump out of the car and ran toward the girl, Jason followed.

"Casey!" When did you get back?"Keesha asked as she hug the girl.

"Last night, Mom and Dad are still there they sent Nik and I back so we could go to school"

" Let me guess Nik is at my house picking up my sister"Jason said almost disgustingly.

"Jason doesn't like Nichloas?" I asked Gia in a whisper.

"He doesn't like his sister,shes a royal pain and shes a friend of Sam, so Sam is always at their house.

I later found out that Casey was the adopted daughter of Carrie and Stefan Cassidine, the

Cassidine name was huge in Port Charles. Nichloas was Stefan nephew but He and Casey were being raise as siblings.

After the girls help me check into school we went to the girls bathroom on the second floor, I was just coming out of the stall when Sam and her friends enter.

"Umph,"Sam said.. "Elizabeth, I wonder what it is about some girl who stands in front of mirrors looking at themselves even though they're not that pretty"

Keesha truned to look at a smirking Sam.

"You know Gia, I was wondering what it was about some girls, that would make them walk into a bathroom and insult a person that can so easily kick their butt"

"I'd like to see you try" Sam mouthed off

Before anyone could say anything else Keesha flew across the room and grabbed Sam by her hair dragging her into one of the stall, the next thing we heard was a flushing and sound and Sam yelp for help.

The girl that Sam had called Liz and the other girl with them made a move to go help Sam, but Gia and Joy grabbed them and pulled them away from the door just as a another flush sound came from the stall.

The door to the stall open and Sam stumbled out her mascara was running all over her face,her perfectly corif hair clung to her skin her top was soak where her wet hair laid againest it.

Keesha came out of the stall laughing, "I guess next time you're think before you open your mouth and try to insult someone."

Gia and Joy let go of Liz and the other girl and the three of them ran from the bathroom as though they were being chased.

We finished checking our make-up and hair and headed to class. Three minutes after class had started someone came into the room handed the teacher a note and left.

Keesha, Carly you need to take your things and go down to the prinicpal office.

"Whats going on?"Jason asked

"I'll tell you about it later"