Happily Ever After Only Happen In Fairy Tales

Part 2

A/N I don't own any of the characters all characters are trademarks of ABC and Disney, but I have taken the liberty of rewriting history as they say.

Gia and had made plans to meet at a place called Kellys the next day.

Aunt Sarah dropped me off as she was heading to work. I walk in and found Gia

talking with a young couple who seem to be very close to her.

"Carly!" Gia called waving me over.

"Carly, these are my best friend. Jason Quartmaine and Keesha Ward"

"Keesha,Jason this is Carly Benson,poor thing is related to Sam and Alexis"

"That has gotta be the worst thing in the world, to be related to those two"Jason said as he shook my hand.

Keesha smiled and told me not to pay Jason any attention,Jason reach over and begin tickling Keesha.

"Stop! Stop!: Keesha laughed "You know I don't like to be tickled"

"I'll stop for a kiss"Jason said with an devilish smile on his face

As Keesha and Jason locked lips in a passionate kiss I realize where I had seen him, his picture was on Sam nightstand

" Sam would have a cow if she knew her boyfriend was kissing someone else." I whispered to Gia.

"What boyfriend?!"


Gia eyes flew open wide and she dash across the cafe. "Keesha, Girlfriend we gotta talk"

"It seems that Jason hasn't been faithful to you, It seems that hes been dating Sam also"

"Sam's who?"Jason asked

"Samantha Davis, does that ring a bell?,"Gia asked her hands on her hip.

"I am not,and where did you hear that?"


"Girl, I don't even know you!, so why are you spreading lies on me?"He asked his eyes turning an icy blue.

"I'm not spreading lies, Sam has a picture of you on her nightstand and, when I ask who you were she said that you were her boyfriend."

"Oh, see she done went to far, I've gotta handle this"

"Yeah, girl you gotta handle this, we aren't diva-styling tomorrow

blue-jeans, tennis and hair in a pony-tail"

Just as I went to ask what diva -styling was the door to Kelly's opening admitting two ratherly handsome men

Gia and Keesha looked up at about the same time I did

"Marcus!" they both screamed and ran toward the men Keesha got there first in jump into the arms of the tall black male.

Gia stood with her hands on her hips

"Excuse me!" she said tapping Keesha on the shoulder. "baby sister" she said pointing to herself.

Keesha laughed and move away from the guy as Gia jump into his arms,he pick her up and swung her around.

"Hey, angel" he said placing her back on her feet.

The Latino male standing next to the guy they called Marcus held his arms out to Gia, but Gia tossed he head in the air and went "hmprh"

"Did she just hmprh me?' he asked no one is particular

everyone in the cafe nodded their heads yeah

"well I guess, i'll take my cookies back to the dorm since i merit an hmprh"

"Cookies!" Keesha head shot up

"Cookies! Where Cookies?" Gia ask looking around.

The guy held his arms out again this time both Gia and Keehsa hug him he then gave Gia a set of Car keys and she rushed out of Kellys

"All of this for cookies?" I asked Jason

"Not just any Cookies dear, Sonny makes the best cookies in the world."

"I don't like to brag, but the boy is right my cookies are the best"

Gia and Keesha returned carrying a decorated box

"I designed the box myself "Sonny boasted

"yeah, hes our own little Martha Stewart" Marcus joked

My first taste of Sonny's cookies can only be described as pure unadulterated bliss.

As we sat around the table consuming the cookies Jason finally spoke up and ask.

"What are you guys doing in Port Charles today?

"Well since tomorrow is the first day of school, we thought we come down and take the Brat to Coney Island?"

"What?" I asked as everyone around the table laughed

"He's talking about me, he and Sonny dubbed me the brat when I was six year old" Gia explained

"Go ahead ask her how many girlfriends she's ran off since she was six year old"Sonny said his dimpled smile causing my breath to catch.

"Yeah, but there's one I haven't been able to run off yet" Gia exclaimed as she stared at Sonny.