happily ever after only happen in fairy tales

as told by Carly Benson

I was sixteen the year my parents died in a plane crash, I was sixteen and had never been out of the state of Florida, and now I was headed to Port Charles a small town in the state of New York my mom had a brother who lived there he was married and had two daughter Alexis was two years older than me and was in college the other daughter Sam was two years younger than me, and she and I would be sharing a room.

I could tell the moment that I met the girls that they weren't gonna like me.

"Carly how was your trip?"Aunt Sarah asked as she wrapped me in a warm embrace.

Alexis and Sam stood back with fake smile plastered to their faces.

"It was okay"I said returning her hug. I glance over at the two who was now glaring at me.

"I would like to go to my room now" I said quietly to Aunt Sarah

"Of course dear how rude of me, you must be tired after that long trip, Samantha will show you to your room dear"

Samantha or Sam as everyone else calls her walk me up the stairs to the room we would be sharing.

She turned around and stared at me her black eyes cold and unfeeling. "Lets get one thing straight my sister and I we don't want you here, but mom and dad think they have to do the right thing and take care of you because you're family, but that doesn't mean that we have to like you. and another thing this is my room. So everything belong to me, that little corner over there with that tacky be covering is yours" she laughed as she turn and left the room.

I walked over to the small bed and curl up into a ball, I couldn't stop myself the tears just started flowing and before I knew it I had cried myself to sleep.

Aunt Sarah came up later to wake me to come down to dinner,she said her best friend and her daughter would be stopping by after dinner. I really didn't wanna meet anyone especially if they were friends of Sam and Alexis.

Alexis and Sam dash out of the house as soon as dinner was over, I wonder to myself *How rude, they have a friend coming on over and they aren't even staying to see her* from what I understood Florence Campbell and her daughter Gia had been out of the country for almost two months.

The doorbell rang signaling that our guest had arrived I stood back not really knowing how these people would accept me.

"Florence!" Sarah shouted and threw her arms around the woman at the door

"Sarah!" the woman shouted back as she threw her arms around my aunt.

The girl standing behind Florence looked bored and look as though she wanted to be anywhere but here.

"Florence,Gia this is Carly she Vivian and Frank's daughter from Florida"

"I was sorry to here about your parents"Florence said as she wrapped me into a warm comforting embrace.

Gia step forward and hug me also, and also said she was sorry about my parents.

Florence and Aunt Sarah link arm and went off toward the family room giggling and talking like school girls.

Gia look at me and asked "Where Broom Hilda and Witchiepoo?"

"I thought you guys were friends" I said laughing for the first time in days

"Oh please girl, they can't stand me!" Gia laughed and I knew at that moment I had just made my first friend in Port Charles.