Part Four

Do you know my Father?

A/N: This Chapter take place in Paris, France.. A week after Skye and Jax parted.. Oh Yeah I own nothing, all characters are owned by ABC,, with the exception of Toni and her brother( and I know something I want tell, I want tell, I want t-ell)

Le petit Bistro

Jax and Brenda are sitting at the little outdoor cafe, enjoying a

bit of wine and cheese. Jax saw someone that seem familiar, He got up and followed the person, but lost her in a crowd, she must have went into one of the shops.. Maybe it was just his mind playing tricks on him, so he return back to the table and Brenda.

"Where you go?"Brenda asked when he sat back down at the table..

"I thought I saw someone I knew, I guess it was just my mind playing tricks on me."

"Oh , while you were gone, I found out that there is gonna be a great party tonight at this club called The French Connection."Brenda said excited

"I take it you wanna go."Jax said laughingly

At The Club Scene (A store two shop down from the bistro)

Jacinda Jensen dragged her best friend Antonia Raye into the shop.

"Why can't I wear what I got on?," Toni said questionally

"Jeans and a T-shirt?!, I don't think so,We're going to The French Connection,girl we gotta look fly"Jacinda replied.

The two friends went through the racks of the shop trying on and discarding outfits for hours.

Racks after racks of clothes, the clothes they reject piled up on top of the return counter . When Toni came out wearing this body fitting micro-mini dress with a number on the front .

"Oh ,thats the dress!" Jacinda cheered standing in front of the mirror admiring herself. in a two-piece mini skirt set with rips in the skirt and top.

That night at the Club.

Jacinda had talk Toni into putting on make-up, but she couldn't get her to let her style her hair, instead opting for a baseball cap, which looked pretty good with her outfit. The two of them walk into the club turning the heads of all the male patrons.

Jacinda was ready for the dance floor,and spotting someone from one of her classes she walk over and pulled him onto the dance floor. a few minutes later she was joined by Toni who had found a dance partner, The girls were enjoying themselves as they let the music take control of there body, everything was going find until......

"Hey Toni, that blonde hunk over there keep staring at you" Jacinda said pointing to the table where Jax and Brenda sat drinking white wine spritzers

Toni begin to dance sexily as she kept her eyes on Jax,She even beckon for him to come join her. Jax look behind him and seeing no one point to himself. Toni nodded giving him a large smile and a wink. When Jax started to get up Brenda put her hands on his arm keeping him at the table.

Toni and Jacinda seeing this decide to have some fun. Jacinda went to the Dj and ask him to play Aayilah "If your girl only knew"

When The song started playing they moved to the edge of the dance floor so that they could be closer to Jax's table.

If your girl only knew That you was trying to get with me (what would she do)

If your girl only knew That you was dissin' her to talk to me

She would probably leave you alone

She would probably curse you out and unplug her phone

I bet she'd be glad that he was gone

And then she wouldn't have to worry*

If your girl only knew That I would want to kick it with you (if she knew)

And if your girl could only see How you be calling me, getting fresh with me

She would probably leave you alone

She would probably curse you out and unplug her phone

I bet she'd be glad that he was gone

And then she wouldn't have to worry

She's crazy to put up with you

Oh boy I won't be no fool

Let you like what you see

It ain't easy to get with me

But it's dumb to put up with you

I won't be no fool

Let you like what you see

It ain't easy to get with me

She would probably leave you alone

She would probably curse you out and unplug her phone

I bet she'd be glad that he was gone

And then she wouldn't have to worry

She would probably leave you alone


If your girl only knew

(what you saying, what you saying, what you saying, huh?)

By the time the music had stopped Brenda was really mad, she got up from the table and headed towards the two girls.

"Brenda come back here,they're just kids having fun"

"Well they can have fun with someone else man"Brenda said angrily.

"Look, you two little skank, I want you to keep your eyes off my man" Brenda said as she pushed Toni.

"Oh, no she did not push me!" Toni said as she went to hit Brenda.

But Jacinda grabbed her arm.

"Bump that girl," Jacinda said.."She called me a skank,she don't know me like that." she swung around and hit Brenda with her fist, sending her tumbling over one of the tables.

Brenda got up from the floor and charged at Jacinda, she wasn't watching Toni and tripped over Toni outstrecthed foot.

"Look, you two aren't fighting fair,"Jax said as he grabbed Jacinda who was still angry.

Jacinda slammed her elbow into Jax's midsection causing him to crumble to the floor.

While the girls and the couple were fighting, none of them noticed that the cops had been called on them until they were all grabbed and handcuffed and lead from the club.

At The Police Station

Jacinda,Toni and Brenda are all put into the same cell,while Jax was put in one next to them.

"Im a dead woman.," Jacinda kept mumbling to herself shaking her head.

"Why?" Toni asked

"They call my mom and stepfather, my mom is Assistant D.A. and my stepfather is Chief of Police, Get the picture."

"You're a dead Woman" Toni laughed..

"You said that your mother is Assistant D.A., and your Step-father is Chief of Police.. and I heard the officer call you Miss Jensen earlier... tell me are your parent from The States?."

"Yes, They live in this town call Port Charles"

"Dara and Mac are your parents!"Brenda Exclaimed

"You know my mom and dad?" Jacinda ask

"Actually Mac and I are old friends"Jax replied.

Jacinda was waking from a deep sleep when she heard voice coming toward the cell.

"Right this way 'Mr.Scorpio" One of the guards was saying.

"Mac!," Jacinda shouted as she jump off the cot and gave her step-father a hug.

"Jacinda Michelle Jensen, what are you wearing!"

"Its club wear."

"Its going to be hospital wear when your mother sees that outfit young lady."

Their arguing voice woke up the other three occupant of the cells, the movement caught Mac's eyes.

"Brenda!, Jax!" he called out when he recognize who they were. The old friends was still catching up when Dara came down to the cell followed by a guard.

Back at Jacinda and Toni apartment.

"You can start packing your clothes missy, we will be leaving for the states first thing in the morning." Dara said to her daughter.

"I can't leave,I have classes tomorrow,and besides if I leave Toni wont have anyplace to stay,she doesn't have any family here". Jacinda cried

"Well,Im Sorry about Toni, we will pay the rent up for this month and that will give her time to make some other arrangement,but as for you Miss Thang, Im taking you back to Port Charles , I think its time your father start dealing with you".

"Why would Mac deal with me if you're in the same house?"

"I didn't mean Mac, I meant your real father"

"You said that you didn't know how to get in touch with my real father."

"Ive always known where your father was I just didn't want you mixed up in the life he chose to live."

"I don't believe you!,You kept me away from my father for your own selfish reasoning."Jacinda said as she ran from the room and slammed the door to her bedroom.

"Oh No she didn't" Dara said as she went to follow her daughter.

"Wait! let me talk to her,if you go in there the two of you will just end up fighting." Mac said putting his hand on Dara arm.

Dara nodded and turned and went to the kitchen to get a soda.

Mac walked into Jacinda room to find her laying on her bed crying.

"Jacinda." he called out quietly

"I don't wanna talk about it Mac, she has been lying to me for my entire life,I have a father and she hasn't let me get to know him"

"Its not as simple as it seem, your father business is very dangerous,and plus at the time you were born both your parents were to young to be responsible for a kid."

"yeah, I know the story of my parents high school sweethearts, she was a teen pregnancy and was sent to live with relatives,until she had me."

"Well that part of it your mother never saw your father again after she was sent away, they were both adult when they ran into each other again."

Jacinda raise up to sit on the bed pulling her legs under her indian-style.

"Do You know my father?" She asked looking at her stepfather.

"Yes, I know who he is, but Im not gonna tell you,its not my place to do it, when your mother think the time is right she will introduce the two of you."

Jacinda wiped her eyes and stood and hugged Mac

"Guess I should start packing to go home" she said going to the closet and started filling suitcases.

Mac went back into the living room Dara who was sitting talking to Toni stood up.

"She packing to go home, but I think you should still give her sometime to think things over why don't you and I go get some take out" he said as he pick up her purse off the chair.

As soon as the two adults had left the apartment ,Toni went in to talk to her best friend.

"So, did your stepfather tell you anything about your real dad?"

"No, he said that my mom would tell me when she felt the time was right".

Outside the Apartment

"when are you planning on telling him about his daugther"

"Probably at the same time I'm telling her about him"

"I hope you know what you're doing" Mac said as he pulled his wife into his arm and kissed her on the forehead.

"You know, I just really thought about something, did you noticed how much Toni resembles Gia" Mac said as they got into their rental car.

"Yeah, but even stranger, I know she looks like Gia,but something about her screams Taggert, Nah.Im probably just tripping."

Back with Jax and Brenda

"If you wouldn't have been staring at those weird girls we never would have had to spend the night in jail"Brenda said angrily

"It wasn't what you think the reason I was staring is that Toni, looks just like Gia, the spitting image of her."

"Gia, you mean Taggert little sister Gia!"

"Yeah, and for some reason. looking at her I thought about Skye, I mean something about her made me think of Skye, I don't know maybe it was just guilt"

*Song Credit* If your girl only knew. by Aayliah