Chapter Three


"Nobody knows what she means to me"Sonny yelled at Taggert

"Exactly what does she mean to you?,"Carly asked standing with both hands on her hips.

Taggert looked at Sonny,who look at him then back to his wife.

"Sweetheart its not what you're thinking,theres really a simple exclaimation." he said as he walked toward her.

"And exactly what am I thinking?"

"You're thinking that Gia and I have some kinda of affair going on."Sonny said as he rub his forehead.

"Right on the first try, and tell the man what he won Don Pardo"Carly said Saracistically

"And on that note I think I'll go check on my sister,where is she?" Taggert said

"Upstairs, third door on the left"Carly said not taking her eyes off Sonny.

Taggert turned and left the living room, laughing to himself it was good to see the mob king sweat for once.

Taggert founded his sister sitting indian style in the middle of a king size bed,She was talking to someone he couldn't see from the door.

Gia looked up to see him standing there "Marcus!," she cried out and leap off the bed and into her brother arms.

Skye who was sitting in an oversize chair looked up when she heard Gia call out.

*Marcus?,couldn't be the same person* Skye thought to herself.

"Oh, Skye..This is my brother Marcus Taggert."

"Yes, I know Detective Taggert"Skye replied.

Skye couldn't help herself,but she let her eyes roam over the man standing in front of her, his chiseled face, his well toned body,his skin the color of a double mocha cappucino, and she was ready to quench her thrist.

She shook her head what was she thinking,this man was here to check on his sister and here she was undressing him with her eyes.

Taggert watched Skye over his sister head, Her eyes sparkle like emerald when the light bounce off them. Her Skin look as delicate as porcliean,but he knew that to be a lie. The woman was as tough as nail, and never let you forget that either.

BackDown Stairs.

Sonny took Carly hands and lead her to the couch.

"You're really reading to much into this."

"What would you think?, I mean the moment you saw who she was,you became upset, and you been sending people running left and right.. You call your own worst enemy to come into your house."Carly said her voice getting a little loud.

"Okay.What Im about to tell you go no farther then this room, just the two of us."

Carly looked at Sonny her eyes widen...

Sonny sighed and started his story.. "Taggert and I were best friends when we were kids,we were inseperable,If I wasn't at his house he was at mines., Gia followed us around all the time..I mean she was like a kid sister to me.. when I saw her laying there things just came back."

"You're telling me that your worst enemy was once your best friend."

Sonny nodded.

" Omigod!, wait until I tell Skye." Carly laughed jumping up from the couch heading upstair.

"You can't tell Skye, this has to stay right here.. noone can know,until we find out whats up with Gia." Sonny said grabbing his wife before she could get to the stairs.

Meanwhile upstairs.

"Gia, Who were those guys that were chasing you?"Taggert asked.

"I really don't know, and I don't wanna talk about it right now."

Skye sensing that a arguement might persue this spoke up, "Hey Sonny and Carly have a great selection of DVD downstairs,why don't we go down and watch a couple and we're talk about this when everyone is more relaxed."

Gia agree right away,but Taggert was a bit hesitant.

"You can't be serious,you expect me to go downstairs and sit and watch tv with a criminal and act like we're one big happy family.?,"Taggert asked looking at Skye as if she had grew an extra head.

"I think that it would be good for Gia."

After much discussion the trio decide to go downstairs and watch TV.


Carly is sitting on Sonny laps running her finger through his darks locks, dropping little butterfly kisses alone his temple.. She moved off his laps when she heard the footsteps coming down the steps.

"We thought we could all watch some movies, Gia still seem to a bit upset from her ordeal earlier." Skye said

After a couple minute of arguing Guys againest the Girls, the girls won and they watch Sleepless in seattle.

Skye looked up a couple of time to see Taggert staring at her, she blushed turning almost as red as her hair.She was hoping Carly hadn't noticed the looks passing between her and The Detective, but her prayer went unanswered.. and she knew this when Carly suggested that she help her make some popcorn to eat while looking at the movies.

"So whats all these looks passing between you and Taggert about?,"Carly asked as soon as they reach the kitchen.

"I don't know what you're talking about."Skye replied.

"Oh come on its enough electricty passing between you two to light up brooklyn"

"I think your imagination is running away from you dear"

"Well if not Brooklyn, Lower Manhattan"

"Lets go back to the movie."Skye said as she grab a bowl of popcorn.


"Well I think its time for us to leave" Taggert said as he stood and stretch. "Come on Gia lets go"

There was no answer from his sis, when they look down on the floor she was sound asleep.

"Why don't you let her stay here tonight and I'll have Johnny drop her off at your place tomorrow" Sonny stated.

Taggert thought for a moment than agreed.

"Well don't leave her on the floor, pick her up and put her in one of the room upstairs" Carly ordered.

"Let Me.," Sonny said as Taggert moved to pick up Gia.

"I Guess, I should be leaving then" Taggert said and headed for the door.

"Detective Taggert, you mind if I catch a ride?,Skye asked.

"It would be my pleasure Ms. Jaxs."

They say their good byes and leave.

At Taggert Apartment.

"You didn't have to come in Ms Jaxs"

"Yes, I did because I think this sudden stop to pick up "official files" were to get me to stop asking questions". Skye said as she walk up behind Taggert letting her hand wonder across his broad shoulders.

"Oh, You think so" He replied as he turned and lean againest the desk he was rummaging through.

Skye walk up too him letting her hand run across his sexily shaved head to his neck,than she pulled him to her for a kiss.

His arm slipped around her waist and pulled her closer to him..his weight being supported by the desk. Skye nibbled on his bottom lips, taking his tongue into her mouth she deepen the kiss, a deep moan escape Marcus lips .

Taggert lifted Skye off the floor,she wrapped her legs around his waist. He carried her to the sofa where he gentlely laid her down on the overstuff sofa. Then quickly join her there never once breaking their kiss.

"Oh My I have wanted to do that all night"Skye said as she finally pulled her kiss swollen lips from his.

"So have I" Taggert replied....

"Wait right here.", he said as he disappeared into his bedroom. He come back out carrying a chocolate colored comforter. He spread it out on the floor in front of the fireplace. He again goes into his room and return this time carrying four pillow covered in the same chocolate color that adorn the comforter.. He placed them onto the comforter..

Taggert took Skye hands and pulled her up and into his arms placing a simple kiss onto her forehead. then he gentlely lowered her down to the comforter.But he didn't join her right away.

Before leaving the living room he lit the fireplace, then he lit the chocolate scented Candles that sat atop the mantel of the fireplace and coffee table. He than took the remote control and turn off the lights and also turned on the stereo.

Going into the kitchen he return a few mintues later, carrying a bowl of strawberry,a bottle of sparkling Cider and two champange flute.

"I'm an Alcholic, I Can't have champange," Skye said as Taggert handed her a glass.

"I know,this isn't champange its sparkling cider."

"I think you forgot something.," Skye said getting up off the Comforter and going into Taggerts kitchen

When she return she was carrying a bowl with chocolate sauce in it.

She return to her postion next to Taggert on the comforter in front of the fireplace. Taken a strawberry from the bowl,she dipped it into the chocolate and place it againest Taggerts lips.

Skye used the tip of her tongue to lick the chocolate that lingered on his lips causing his heart to race, and a shaft of heat to course through his body.

Taggert pulled her closer to him, and he undid the ties to her Allen Schwartz wrap dress,underneath she wore a sheer white chemise. Taking a strawberry he dipped it into the chocolate sauce,then placed the strawberry into the cleveage of her bosom, he then lean over and used his tongue to extract the strawberry from its hiding places. his warm tongue brushed againest her skin causing her to shiver with expectation.

Skye couldn't wait another moment, she flip her legs onto his waist and push him onto his back.. She grab his shirt and rip it open causing buttons to fly across the room.She then return the favor.. she took the chocolate sauce and poured it onto his chest using her tongue as a towel she begin to lick the sauce from his powerful chest.

Taggert body had taken all that it could take,he flipped Skye over onto her back. A telltale sign of desire ran down Skye body setting fire in the lower part of her body. Overwhelming desire overtook them both, and it was if the rest of the cloth keeping them a part magically disappeared. Taggert shifted so that his body was laying atop her, he uses his knee to part her legs .. His mouth never leaving her face, he kiss her lips,her eyelids, his tongue dot in and out of her ears.. Skye body burn with fire, she was sure if he didn't take her right then and there she was was going to burst.

Just when she tought she couldn't take anymore, Taggert lifted his hips and with a gentle thrust entered her. Skye lifted her hips to meet his thrust, her body soared her nails dug into his back.. They rode the crest of fire and desire, exploding at the same time, Taggert body collasped onto skye.

"You were amazing!" Taggert exclaimed as he rolled over onto his side, pulling Skye with him.

"So were you" She smiled cuddling up next to him they fell asleep.

The light from the sun woke Skye from the best sleep she had in months, She strecth and found herself asleep on the floor, looking around her, she didn't recognize anything in this house, but than it all came back to her, She and Taggert had made love last night, she smile to herself as she remember last night,how they had made love over and over until they were to exhausted to move.

Skye looked around for Taggert,but he wasn't in sight she called out getting no reply. Then she saw the note on the sofa laying ontop of a black t-shirt..

Skye I had to go to the station,Mac called earlier this morning , and ask me to come inI can't tell you what is going on,just that I will turn soon. Please stay here I will return as soon as I can get away. I made some breaksfast its in the mircowave.Eat up, youre going to need your strength. Marcus

Skye put on the black T-shirt with the letters PCPD emblazon across the front of them... She had just finished eating the breakfast Taggert had left her.. after washing the plate. she headed for the living room to straighten up.. At that moment the door open thinking it was Taggert returning she just lounge sexily across the couch until she heard a loud gasp.. jumping up she saw Gia standing just in the door way.

"Gia! Gia Whats the matter?" Carly voice said behind her.

Carly push Gia into the room and came into the room herself stopping at the sight before her..

"Look guys its not what you think." Skye exclaimed..

The other two women just looked at her smiling the older one wore more of a smirk..

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