Chapter Two

(who would've thunk it)

Sonny rush into the living room he saw Skye and Johnny standing near the sofa. something was wrong if Johnny had left his post. His men knew that at no time were they to leave the door unaguarded.

"What's going on here?" he asked as he walked to where the trio stood.

Then he saw the woman lying on the couch, he couldn't tell who she was from where he was standing so he walk around to the front to get a better look at her face.

"My God its Gia!" he exclaimed dropping to his knees near the sofa.

Carly and Skye looked at him strangely.

*Why was Sonny so upset about Taggert's sister*Carly thought to herself.

*who was this woman,and why are Sonny and Carly so upset over her*Skye wondered

"Gia, Come on sweetie open your eyes" Sonny pleaded

Gia's eye fluttered open. When she sees Sonny Corinthos staring back at her, she scurry to the end of the couch huddled there like a frighten rabbit.

"Gia?" Carly said questionly

Gia turn to see Carly standing just behind Sonny, she scooted off the sofa and ran to stand near her.

"Sonny isn't gonna hurt you," Carly said trying to comfort the young woman.

"He doesn't like my brother, what if he try to do something to me to get back at Marcus, thats how mob guys operate.

"Yes, its true that Taggert and I don't like each other, but I would never take any of my haterd of him out on you.

Gia was not convinced instead she moved even closer to Carly.

You could almost see the hurt in Sonny eyes,but instead of saying anything he moved away from the ladies taking Johnny with him.

"Go next door and let Jason know whats going on,tell him i want him on the streets like yesterday, and for him not to come back here until he has something to tell me"

After Johnny left Sonny went out to the balcony to call the one person he hated most in the world.

PCPD Taggert's office

The police department was all a buzz Roy Delucca was admitted to General Hospital, He was beaten very badly, he was suffering from a concussion and broken ribs. Head nurse Bobbie Spencer said that he was lucky to be alive.

"Bring in Corinthos and Morgan"Taggert order.

Just as he was about to hand over the arrest warrant he had gotten from Mac his phone rung.


"I need to see you at my apartment right away"Sonny said without preamble.

"What are you gonna confess to having Angerboy beat up Delucca."Taggert goaded.

"Shut-up you balded-headed jerk, I'm calling to tell you that Gia is at my place."

"What!, What is she doing there? You haven't went back on your words and told her about you?"

Sonny didn't reply to Taggert accusation,he understood why he would feel threaten

"Skye Quatermaine rescue her in the park this afternoon she was being chased by two guys we're not sure why they were chasing her and she too upset to tell us."

" I'm on my way!" Taggert said slamming down the phone and rushing out of the office

Before leaving he told the officers that he was sending to Sonny to hold off on the arrest until tomorrow.

Inside PH 4

Sonny walk back into the living room ,Carly was missing,and Gia and Skye was sitting on the sofa.

The moment Gia saw him she moved closer to Skye. He wish he could convince her that he would never harm her,but he had made a proimse to stay away from her.

"Wheres Carly?" he asked Skye

"She went upstairs, she wanted to get Gia something to wear"

Sonny took in Gia's appearance her shirt was torn, her jeans dirty. His anger began to boil over,whoever had did this to her would pay and pay dearly.

Carly return a few mintues later.

"Gia, come with me sweetie, I've made you a nice bubble bath,and I found some of Sonnys t-shirts they make nice Sleep-shirts."Carly smiled as she help the girl upstairs.

"Did you make me a nice bubble-bath too?"Skye asked as she followed her friend upstairs.

"I'm not reginald and this is not the quartermaine manson you are not a guest, so draw your own bubble-bath"

The two friends laughed as they went upstairs followed by a much quieter Gia Campbell.

The penthouse door open and Johnny let Taggert into the apartment.

"Whats going on here Corinthos why was my sister attacked"

"I'm not sure ,I have Jason out checking on something,I told him not to come back until he knows something."

"You were suppose to protect her,why wasn't she being guarded."

"She was with Cassidine, he has his own bodyguard,and I can't believe that this would have anything to do with me. Noone knows about us, Noone knows what she mean to me."

Sorry this was short, but I thought this was a great place to end. I love cliffhangers.