Chapter 1

Skye sat in the park across from the harbor view apartment ,she kept going over her talk with Jax, if you could even call it that. She kept running it through her mind. She felt stupid for even caring what he thought.


Jax came into the bungalow that He and Skye shared. Skye was sitting on the sofa looking through some papers. she looked up from what she was doing when he entered the room.

"We need to talk." he said without preamble

"Sure, whats up?" Skye asked as she walk over and gave him a small welcome home kiss" "I don't wanna hurt you, and there is no easy way to say this,So I guess the best thing to do is to just say it." "Jax,what are you trying to say?" " I've decided that I still love Brenda and I wanna be with her." "You said that you were over Brenda, You said that you had moved on!"

"I thought that I had,I thought that I was ready to start a new relationship." "I was only kidding myself, Brenda is and always will be the only onre for me."

"So you have been lying to me this whole time, about caring about me."

"Thats not entirely true,I do care about you its just that Brenda is that one true love, I hope that someday you will find that man, that will love you like you should be loved."Jax said as he reach out to hug Skye.

Skye step away from his touch. "Don't touch me!" she said. "You know its really laughable,because just recently my first love came back into my life, but I was so caught up in this so-called romance with you that I just let him slip away, good-bye Jax, I'll send someone for my stuff."

And with that said Skye turned and left the cottage.

End of flash back

"Help! Help!" a woman voice called out in desperation pulling Skye back from her daydream.

She looked up to see a young african-american woman running toward her, she was being chased by two well-dressed men.

"Help!" She called out again running straight to Skye.

"Don't let them take me back, I don't wanna go back!"

At first Skye thought that the woman might have escaped from a mental ward, or maybe she was running from the police, but one look at the emaculate way the lady was dress and giving that the guys had stop and was standing back as if to see what Skye would do.

"When I say run, I want you to turn and run as fast as you can toward the Harbor View apartment"

The two men slowly edge there way toward the two women.

"Run!" Skye yelled.

Both women took off running across the streets and into the Towers apartment building.

Max and Andrew two of Sonny Cornithos men were playing cards just inside the lobby. They jump to their feets when the ladies ran into the building.

"We could use a little help guys, theres two very toughing looking guys chasing after us can you see what they want" Skye said hurryily as she pushed the young woman toward the elevator.

Inside PH4

Carly Corinthos sat on the couch with husband he was trying to look over some legal brief, but Carly wanted to play, she took her shoe off and ran her for along his outside leg, Sonny turned and smile at her those dimples turning Carly on more than she already was.

"Im trying to work here" Sonny said but Carly could tell that he wasn't really upset.

She scooted up next to him, she kissed his neck,she fiddle with the buttons on his shirt.

Sonny tried acting as though she wasn't bothering him, but it was obvious that she was getting to him.

Carly leaned over and ran her tongue alone his ear, then she whisper something into that very ear.

"Oh really," Sonny said his smile making his dimples appear he put the papers aside and went to take her into his arms

"Nah,Just kidding. I think the mood has pass"Carly said pretending to get up

Sonny grabbed her and beginning tickling her.

"I give! I give! Carly said between giggles.

Just as Sonny lended over to kiss her the doorbell begin to ring frantically.

"Why don't I go into the libary and finish up this little business matter and I will meet you upstairs once you get rid of your friend." he said placing a kiss on her lips.

"What makes you think that,thats Skye on the other side of the door"

"Carly! Carly! open up!!"Skye called as she bam on the door.

Sonny gave Carly a look that say I told you so. She just smile and waved him away.

Carly open the door to see Skye, and behind her was Johnny carrying someone in his arms.

"Who is she?," she asked as she moved out the door to let her friends into the apartment.

"I don't know,I help her in the park some tough looking guys were chasing her." Skye answered.

Carly motion for Johnny to put the woman on the sofa.

"Oh my God,it can't be," Carly cried out when she saw the woman face.

"What?,who is it?!," Skye asked when she saw the look of panic on her friend's face.

"Sonny! Sonny! get in here" Carly called to her husband.

[Okay,thats the end of Chapter one. Who do you think the mystry woman is? and who is the love of Skye life . Tune in tomorrow. for answers to these exciting questions.]