Interlude: Part Two

The song that Carly had programmed filled the night air as Jason and Eliana stood at the deck railing. Both of them smiled self-consciously. But as the music began playing, Jason held out his hand to her. As she slipped her hand into his, he drew her to her feet and into his arms. She came into them as though it was the most natural thing in the world for her to do. They moved as one, to the slow, sensuous rhythm of the song.

Are you lonely for me?
(Are you lonely for me?)
You shouldn't try to hide the way you feel inside
Are you lonely for me?
(Are you lonely for me?)
Just let me make it right, and stay with me tonight
Are you lonely for me?
(Are you lonely for me?)

Jason closed his eyes as a thread of her perfume, deeply floral and sensual, came to him.

The song came to an end and Jason and Eliana were left with the sounds of the ocean and the soft night breezes. The silence between them was anything but quiet. It was filled with unspoken words, unrevealed emotions. Now that they were alone, neither of them really knew what to say to one another.

"How about a walk down the beach?" Jason stood, pulling off his shoes and socks. He smiled at Eliana. "Barefoot. That's the only way to walk by the ocean." He held out a hand to her. Eliana smiled and took it, using him to balance herself as she pulled off her heels.

They walked, hand in hand down by the shore, the sand cool beneath their feet, the ocean, a gentle roar echoing the beat of their hearts, thought they didn't yet recognize it in one another just yet. Overhead, the full moon poured down its cool blue-white light and the stars were a scattering of diamonds against the blue-black of the sky.

Once they were well away from the house, Jason slowed in his steps and then stopped; he turned to look out over the ocean, drawing Eliana to him in the same action so that she was leaning against him. His hands came around to clasp hers. Instinctively, she leaned back into him and he felt her head lean back into that perfect place where it fit, just against his collarbone. Together, they both watched the waves rolling in to the shore, still not talking, neither unwilling to break the silence of the island night, letting the magic of the moment hold them close.

Jason didn't want to think about anything at all just now, not the reasons he should be with Eliana, or all the reason he should not, all he wanted was to just enjoy her being with him in the here and now.

"It's a beautiful night." Her voice was low and husky. The sound of it sent a shiver of desire through him.

"No more beautiful than you." Jason said just as quietly. He knew that he was all too aware of her; the feel of her soft curves leaning in to him was wreaking havoc with his senses. His breath brushed against her ear and he felt an answering tremor pass through her, so that he knew that she was feeling everything he felt. He slid his hands up from her hands to her wrists to her shoulders, enjoying the satiny feel of her soft skin under his hands. His hands cupped her shoulders and he turned her around to face him. Her dark eyes gazed up at him in the moonlight; Jason felt himself being drawn into her gaze. He bent his head and captured her mouth in a long, deep kiss. Her eyes were shining star-bright when it ended.

"We don't have to wait." Eliana told him. "Not any more."

"I just want you to be sure." Jason said. Sure like Elizabeth had not been. He realized that he has not thought of Liz in that way for a very long time. And not once since Eliana had left Port Charles for the island. Where before he had relished the isolation and privacy of his penthouse, now it had seemed empty and bare without her there. And he'd found that he missed hers being the first voice he heard in the morning and the last face he saw at night. But Jason didn't know if he was ready to open himself up to such hurt again like Elizabeth had inflicted on him.

Eliana gazed up at him. Didn't he feel what she felt? Hadn't he missed her like she had missed him? He'd been in her dreams since she'd left Port Charles and in her thoughts more often than not. Suddenly confused, she turned and started back towards the house. His hand in hers stopped her and she turned around to face him.
"I told you. I want my life back. That means feeling what I feel, without what happened to me coloring it, making it scary or ugly. To love, if that's what this is, she thought to herself. "If I feel something for someone - no, correct that -- for you, then I should act on it. If I let Sorel take that from me, then he wins." And I lose more than even he planned for.

"You don't have to do this." Jason told her, mindful of Sonny's words. She didn't understand; he had no right to ask her to share his life. "Maybe it's still too soon for you."

"Too soon? Too soon after Sorel is what you mean."

"This can't be about him, Eliana." Jason said. She looked so damned desirable in the moonlight, but he was not going to let her rush into anything that she might regret later. "How can you be sure of what it is you want, and why?"

"This is not about him. This is about you and me. You want to know what I want? You -- you know that. And why? Why wouldn't I? You and I have known each other for almost two years now. So how can it be too soon? Aren't you feeling what I'm feeling?" she asked, bewilderment in her eyes and voice.

Torn between the desire to keep her safe and wanting to take her into his arms, Jason didn't answer.

Eliana misunderstood his silence. Her tone changed to an angry one. "Jason Morgan, answer me. Better yet, answer this, and tell me what it is I'm supposed to be waiting for!"

Before he can react, she reached up. Wrapping her arms around his neck, she pulled his mouth down to hers. Before he knew it, he was kissing her. It was an angry kiss, true, but there was no denying the passion that even this brief contact sparked. His arms came up of their own volition and caught her up close to him.

When she would have pulled away, she found Jason's hands holding her unrelentingly. He wouldn't let her move away. Instead, Jason jerked her back into his arms.

"Do you think you're the only one who's feeling anything here? Don't you think I want you too?" he demanded, his voice just as angry but also just as filled with desire as hers was. Before she could react, he kissed her this time. Jason slowly deepened the kiss, tangling one hand into her hair to hold her still, while his lips parted hers, his tongue thrusting boldly against hers, letting her feel his desire. Jason felt her reaction to him as well. Eliana shivered as his arms came up to hold her tightly. At the same time, his mouth gentled on hers; he felt her begin to melt against him, then suddenly she stiffened and tried to pull away from him again, but Jason held onto her, his hands on her upper arms as the two of them stared at one another. They were silent, except for the sound of their breathing.

"What are you doing, Eliana?" Jason spoke first. "What do you want?"

As dazzled as she might be by his kisses, Eliana knew that she was still angry. "I know what I want and I know who I want. I am not Elizabeth. Maybe you'd better remember that!" she flung at him. Without waiting for an answer, she jerked herself free from his grip, then turned and nearly ran to her room.

Jason stared after her for a long moment. Walking slowly across the now cool sand, back into his own suite, he didn't bother to turn on the lights. The moonlight streaming in from the terrace lit the space with its cool milky-white light. For once, he wasn't sure what he feeling. Jason splashed cool water over his face, trying to cool himself and his thoughts. It didn't work.
Pacing the length of the room, Jason veered away from the bed and sank down on one of the settees instead. The bed would do nothing but torture him now. All he would do is think about having her in it. He dropped his head into his hands. Thoughts of her flooded into his mind.

Yes, he was feeling everything she felt and he knew it. Jason knew that he wanted her, but not just for sex. Sex he could get anywhere, and from any number of women. He didn't know what exactly he did want, just that he wanted more. But how to tell her? Jason didn't want Eliana to be something she wasn't, just to please him. If she only knew how much he wanted her.

Suddenly, his senses awakened. Before his eyes and ears sensed it, he knew there was movement outside his room. Instinct brought him to his feet before his mind commanded it.

*Song: "Lonely" by Brian McKnight