Coming Together

Saturday afternoon, during Michael's naptime, Eliana and Carly went shopping in town. They strolled the colorful streets of the shopping area, and had an entirely enjoyable shopping spree. The car was already full of packages, when Carly insisted on stopping in a lingerie boutique. She saw something in the window that she had to try on.

"I don't know when I've had so much fun." Eliana admitted as they came out of a jewelry store. She had let Carly convince her into buying a pair of crystal drop earrings and matching bracelets, set in heavy, almost barbaric heavy gold, that were magnificent.

"All work and no shopping makes a girl bored." Carly replied wickedly. She smiled at Eliana, impulsively linking her arm in the other woman's. "It's really been great having you around. You know that Sonny is so glad that you two found each other, even if he doesn't say much about it. Family means a lot to him. Him and Mike, well they have their issues, even though they care about each other. Me, Jason, Michael and you, we're the only real family he's got."

"Are you sure you're ready to have a sister-in-law?" Eliana asked wryly.

"I can if it's you. Are you sure you can deal with the Spencers' as extended family?" Carly countered. "It's like the Cosa Nostra. Once you're in, you're in for life."

Eliana had heard stories about Carly's Uncle Luke. "The thought boggles the mind." Both women grinned.

A window display caught Carly's eye. Eliana took a look at the provocative lingerie in the window and just as quickly, looked away. Carly laughed and pulled her inside. "C'mon, live dangerously." Carly teased. She began going through the racks of filmy clothing. "Sonny should be coming down tonight, and I want to have a present for him." She held up a deep blue peignoir against herself. She twirled around in it. "What do you think?"
Eliana admitted that it looked good against her skin.

"I have got to go try this on." Carly said as she headed for the dressing rooms "Be right back."

Eliana idly rummaged through he clothing racks. Something cool, white with a hint of sparkle and the cool sheen of silk caught her eye. She pulled it out. It was a two-piece confection of silk and chiffon, a sleeveless ankle length nightgown of heavy silk, cut in a way that would reveal and hide your body all at once. It came with a sheer duster lightly embroidered with tiny sparkles and tiny diamante buttons at the throat and cuffs.

She wandered over to one of the mirrors and held it up against herself. It set off her dark beauty perfectly. At night, a gown like this would seem to glow, she thought. Unbidden, the thought of Jason's reaction if he were to see her in this came into her mind. She smiled to herself. Then she began to think of how he would get her out of it…

"Oohhh!" Carly exclaimed, startling Eliana out of her reverie. She'd come back without her noticing it. "That is nice, very very nice. That is the gown for you! Got anybody in mind for that?"

Eliana was a little embarrassed at Carly's praise and hurriedly put it back on the rack. "No, I was just killing time, looking at this and that until you were done. You're the one with the husband on the way down here. Did yours fit well?" she asked, changing the subject.

"Perfectly. Oh yeah, Sonny is just going to love this little number." Carly joked that their car was already full of bags so she'd better have these last few packages delivered to the villa.

"Not from me." Eliana said.

"Oh no, you didn't buy anything what was that… three or four outfits? And jewelry and perfume."

"Stuff like that is always a bargain in the islands. And compared to how many you picked up, you're counting mine?"

They continued with their laughing and teasing all the way back to the villa. The sun was just beginning to set as they arrived back at the villa. Deep gold and crimson splashed across the sky in broad washes of color as they emerged from the car.

"I can't believe how vibrant the colors are here." Eliana said. She stopped, breathing in the fresh ocean air. "The sounds of the ocean, everything is just incredible."

"It's the best place to relax and get yourself together." Carly said. "I know how I felt when I first started coming here. And every time I come back, I fall in love with the place all over again. It's a great place for making romantic memories."
The two of them walked into the foyer. "Speaking of romantic memories, I can't wait until Sonny sees me in that new lingerie."

"Now would that be a present for me, or a present for yourself?" His sultry voice came from the living room, a moment before Sonny appeared in the doorway. Carly ran to his arms.

"Sonny, you made it down after all!" She threw her arms around him.

"Like I could stay away." Sonny brushing his lips against hers, but he was pleased enough. He looked over to his sister. "Hey Eliana, Cómo usted es?"

"Just fine. This place is absolutely wonderful." She watched indulgently while Carly whispered in Sonny's ear and he laughed, nodding, then whispered his reply. "Enough you two…" she teased them. Together, they all walked back into the living room. Eliana noticed Carly looking at Sonny in a peculiar way, a little smile hovering on her lips. Before she could question it, another voice came from behind her and turned her around.

"Sonny, it looks like the place is secure…"

Eliana turned quickly to see Jason coming in the room. Seeing him gave her an unexpected jolt of pleasure and she felt herself suddenly grinning like an idiot. Jason smiled back. Carly was looking uncommonly pleased with herself and Sonny simply stood there and smiled at them all.

"Reynaldo is on top of it, like I told you. He's the point man on security here. You are here on vacation, man. R & R…rest and relaxation. So relax." Sonny said, and laughed.

"Hi Jase, you settled into your room okay?" Carly asked.

"Hi Eliana," he spoke to her first. Then, "Yeah, Carly, everything is fine."

Just then Eliana remembered. Carly said that Jason used the jade suite when he was on the island. The one right next to hers with the shared balcony. She turned to Carly and met her overly innocent sweet smile.