Morgan ignored AJ and Keesha completely and focused solely on the small boy at his side. The child's eyes were as blue as his own, but the similarities didn't stop there. They also shared the same chiseled nose and high cheekbones. The boy's complexion was fair, but not as light as Morgan's. He could certainly see the woman's genes when it came to the shape of the boy's head and how he smiled. The child was open and attentive, and everything Morgan had been looking for but hadn't realized.

"My great-grandfather used to have polo games here," JE said. "Grandma Monica says that will never happen again. She says it's too dangerous and will ruin her yard. She doesn't mind us riding horses, though. Do you remember which one is yours?"

Morgan frowned as he looked at the many horses that filled the stable. He couldn't tell any of them apart and refused to believe that he once owned one. Shaking his head, he said, "No."

"I do," JE piped up. He jutted his chin toward the rear. "It's this one back here. Her name is Mahogany. George rides it to keep it in shape. He says that you taught him and Grace how to ride when they were little. Do you remember that?"

Morgan's jaw tightened. George and Grace were the Asian kids with attitude. They weren't his blood. "No. Do you have a horse?"

"Yes, sir. Mine is over here." JE went to his horse. It nudged the boy's hand and JE laughed. "I don't have any sugar today. Sorry, Super Mario. I'll bring some back to you later." JE turned and beckoned to Morgan with his hand. "Come over. You can pet him. Super Mario likes attention. Mama says he and I have that in common."

"I don't know much about horses," Morgan confided. "I've never been this close to one."

"You have," JE reminded him. "You just don't remember."

The hairs on the back of Morgan's neck suddenly stood on end. He knew without turning around that Keesha and AJ were near. His time with the boy had come to an end. It happened much too soon for his liking.

Squatting down so that they were eye level, Morgan said, "I want to see you again."

The little boy shrugged. "Okay."

A faint smile tugged at the corner of Morgan's mouth. Then, he remembered the woman and the man who was his biological brother and the smile faded. He stood and looked them both dead in the eyes. "I'll be seeing my son again." Then, he left.

~ The End ~

(Author's Note: Yeah, I know this seems like a weird way to end the story because it's obvious there's more to tell. The title doesn't fit what's to come. I thought this story would be lighter than the Dark Series. Well, I was wrong. Oops! Lol The saga will continue in the sequel, The Light Dims.)