Chapter 36

The Difference (Part 3)

~*~…Slow dancing on the boulevard…In the quiet moments while the city’s still dark…~*~

"This is crazy."

AJ let Keesha's doubts drift into the wind. She was entitled. His plans were top secret, a last minute, late night display of his love for her. Another way to prove the difference between the man he used to be with the man he now was.

Very few of Port Charles' citizens ventured on foot in the wee hours. AJ was glad of the solitude as he squeezed Keesha's hand and led her toward the docks. While he wanted to scream to the world of his undying love for this woman, it wasn't in her or JE's best interest to do so. But every once in a while, they needed to break the rules. Tension oozed from her pores lately. A moment of romance was overdue for both of them.


"We're almost there." He slipped his arm around her waist, hugging her close and loving the feel of her soft curves against him. "Trust me."

"I do, but it's three in the morning. I should be at home."

"Marisa's there," he said. "She knows to call me if she needs us."

"So Marisa is on this," Keesha said, her voice matching the rhythm of their footsteps on the sidewalk. "Who else is a part of this conspiracy?"

He smiled at her playful tone. The tough veneer was cracking a little bit. His mission could very well be accomplished. "We've all been sworn to secrecy."

They reached the steps leading down onto the dock. AJ moved aside. His gaze never wavered from her face as they descended the staircase. To his joy, he witnessed the sheen of surprise in her eyes and whispery, soft gasp that came from her lips. Her fingers dug into his side as she stepped onto the platform and edged closer to the dreamy setting.

A trio of flaming torches glowed through the light fog drifting in from Spoon Lake. Music flowed from hidden speakers. Keesha's heart leapt to her throat. She pressed her hand to her chest and met AJ's stare in awe. "How did you do this?"

"Like you guessed," he murmured, "I had help. Do you like it?"

"It's beautiful. It's like we've been carried away to a private oasis." She laughed softly and turned into his arms. "We're lucky a fire hasn't started."

He took her hand and pressed it to over his heart. "A fire already has. I love you. This is my way of showing it."

"I'm the luckiest woman in the whole, wide world." She stood on tiptoe, crossing her hands behind his neck. "I'm sorry for the way things are. We should have been married by now. Soon, this will be over. I promise."

"Sweetheart, I'd wait for you forever."

"I love you, AJ. I love you so much."

He bent forward. Just before his mouth touched hers, he said, "I know."


Morgan heard whispers and footsteps. People moved quietly in the house. The noise and movement interrupted his rest. He rolled from the bed and crept to the door. Carefully, he eased it open. Through the crack, he saw Marisa and George in the hallway. Holding himself still, he listened to their hushed conversation.

"Did she love it?" Marisa asked, her arms folded tightly around her middle.

George nodded. A huge grin marked his face. "Mom couldn't believe it. I almost didn't get out of there before she saw me. Thank God a fog was rolling in."

"How many torches did you light?"

"Three. I wanted to do more, but I ran out of time." George shrugged. "How is everything here?"

"It's fine. Everyone's asleep," she said. "You didn't need to stop by. I have it covered."

"Yeah, I know. You're Miss In Control. I'll leave."

She grabbed his arm. "Don't go. Besides, I wanna talk to you."

"What about?" he asked as she led him own the hall.

"Love, peace and happiness." She laughed softly. "What else is there?"

"Not much."

Morgan waited until the siblings reached their destination and closed the door. Then, he quickly dressed and disappeared into the night. Finding Keesha and AJ wasn't his first reason for leaving. He told himself he needed air. Sitting on the back of his Harley with the air blowing in his face…yeah, that's what he needed.

Then, disturbing images flashed before his eyes. AJ holding Keesha. Kissing her. Claiming her. Bringing her to release. Morgan didn't like the thought of that at all. He fired the engine, roaring into the dark of night to find them.

The three torches and a rolling fog provided his only clues. As if on instinct, Morgan headed toward the dock. He saw AJ's car and his gut clenched. After parking the bike, he hurried. Would he confront them? He really didn't know. His hands rolled into fists. Maybe he would get at least one punch on his so-called older brother. Knocking the man flat on his ass and then taking Keesha away--

His chest constricted. Take Keesha away? Morgan frowned. That's not what he wanted. He didn't want her.

Or did he?

His boots were silent as he made his way down the few steps. The fog was just hazy enough for the torchlight to shine through. The couple swayed together to the sound of music. Morgan's fingers dug into his palms as he watched AJ's hands roam and squeeze. Keesha melted against the other man. Morgan felt the heat of her passion even from where he stood in the shadows. Envy and need burned inside him. He decided then that things would never be the same again between them.

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