Simple Kind of Life by Kristina


"I can’t wait until this baby is out!"

"I know how you feel, I love Morgan and Michael but after awhile you want those kids out of you!"

"Ugh! Tell me about it! It keeps me up all night kicking and moving around, I just want to scream at it and tell it to cut it out!"

Carly couldn’t help but laugh at her pain. She knew exactly how she felt. Morgan was the same way, poor Keesha. Boy who would’ve thought that they’d be talking like good friends after the history they had? Now they were trading pregnancy stories over a cup of tea and warm milk.

"Christmas was the worst, all that food, the baby was just haywire. I could’ve swore it was going to cut my stomach open and just walk out from all the movement."

"That’s hilarious, well look at it like this, all in 2 months you’re going to be smaller holding your child, pounds lighter and minus the swollen feet."

"I can’t wait" she sighed.

Jason walked along the pier after a meeting down at the warehouse about a new shipment of coffee that next morning. He hated the winter, snow, ice, anytime he couldn’t ride his bike was a time he hated the most.

"This shipment should arrive around 9 a.m. and it--" Jason’s phone interrupted the man.

"Hold on a sec, Morgan."


"Charity, how’d you get--"

"You need to get home."


"You need to get home, its Keesha."

"What about her?"

"She’s going into labor."

"But she hasn’t called me."

"Because her water hasn’t broke."

"So why are you calling if her water hasn’t broke?"

"Because its about to in 4 minutes."

"4 minutes?" Just then Charity hung up the phone leaving Jason very confused.

Carly finished with the last dish in Keesha’s sink. It was the least she could do since she was so uncomfortable. She felt a little bad for her. The baby was kicking up a storm and she couldn’t relax. She tried laying back, sitting up, a hot water bottle, nothing worked.

"Keesha everything ok in there?"

"No." That didn’t sound too good to Carly. Just as she walked out of the kitchen she found Keesha bowled over, holding onto the end of the couch.

"Keesha what is it?"

"My water just broke."

"Oh my gosh, ok, ok, I’m uh, going to go get your clothes and everything ok?"

"Alright" she moaned.

"Uh, Jason, Jason, gotta call Jason." Carly ran to the phone and dialed up Jason’s phone.


"Jason you gotta get here, its Keesha."

"Her water broke?"


"I’m almost there."

"Good, hurry." As soon as Jason got the warning he headed back to the penthouse. When he entered the room he found Keesha curled up on the end of the couch.

"Keesha, Keesha?"


"Its hurting?"

"Yes" she cried.

"Ok, we’re going to get you to the hospital ok? I got Max downstairs, he has the car ready, Carly is getting some stuff together, ok?"


Jason joined Carly upstairs getting all her things and helped her downstairs to the hospital. Keesha felt more at ease with a little help called medicine.

"So is this going to happen soon?"

"Jason this isn’t like on television, some births take longer than others."

"How can you be so calm?"

"Well the medicine your mother gave me helps."

"Maybe I should ask her to give me some." Keesha took Jason’s hand and gently stroked it.

"Jason, I’ll be ok, really, look can you call Justus and Emily for me?"

"Sure, sure." Jason got up and kissed Keesha on the forehead before leaving out the room to call his sister and his cousin. As soon as Justus got Jason’s call, he rushed to the hospital.

"How far along is she?" Justus asked limping into the hospital. Even though he healed from his accident, he still required physical therapy to get his walking back in order.

"Monica says maybe within the next hour or so?"

"I can’t believe this, my lil’ bit having a lil’ bit."


"You know Jason, I was meaning to tell you thin a while ago but uh, I want to thank you."

"Thank me?"

"Yeah, I haven’t seen Keesha this happy actually probably since she was with you before everything. She was crushed when you didn’t remember but I think your love has healed all wounds. Thank you for making her happy."

"She makes me happy too. She loves me, she’s the mother of my child, I love her more than life itself." Justus was so proud for his cousins, their love brought them back to each other and it was wonderful. Justus pulled his cousin in and gave his cousin a hug and a pat on the back.

"Um, Jason, its time." Jason turned around to face his mother who had a pair of scrubs in her hands.

"Its time" he laughed. Jason followed Monica to the delivery room and dressed up in his scrubs. Alan and a few others were getting ready for the delivery when Jason walked in. He walked over to Keesha who already looked worn out. "How ya feeling?"

"Like a truck hit me."

"Hmm, what kind of truck?"

"Ha ha, I can’t wait to get this baby out of me."

"Well its happening soon, ok?"


"Here hold my hand." Keesha held onto Jason’s hand as Alan finished up.

"Ok Keesha, looks like you’re ready, I want you to push." Keesha did as told, following Alan’s commands. Soon it was getting too much, draining Keesha’s energy.

"Come on, baby you can do this."

"Jason I’m tired."

"Keesha please, you wanted this baby out of you, a few more pushes will do that, come on."

"Actually two more, you can do this Keesha." Keesha took a deep breath and gave a push.

"One more hon."

"Ok, ok" she whined, with all her might she pushed once more.

"Here we go! Hello, welcome to the world baby Morgan." The small baby’s tears filled the hospital room. Keesha was relieved that it was all over. "Daddy would you like to do the honors?" Jason walked over and cut the umbilical cord. "Keesha would you like to say hello to your baby girl?" Keesha slowly sat up in the bed. She had a girl. She was so happy, you couldn’t wipe the smile off her and Jason’s face. She was so tiny and astonishing, she was just too perfect. And too loud. "Looks like she didn’t want to come out."

"I don’t know about that, she’s 2 months early."

"Touché" Alan laughed. "Well hon, we’re going to clean her up and take you to a room ok?"

"Ok." After Keesha was settled in, baby Morgan was cleaned up and brought back to the room. They couldn’t tear their eyes away from her. She was just so precious and beautiful.

"I love her so much already."

"Me too, 10 little fingers, 10 little toes. So much for the brown eyed rule."

"The brown eyed rule?"

"She’s supposed to have brown eyes."


"Well if one parent has brown eyes, the baby is supposed to have brown eyes, but she has your eyes and your hair color…"

"But she has your beautiful skin and your cute little nose."

"She looks just like us" Keesha smiled looking up at Jason.

"Yeah, we’re a team and there’s no I in team."

"But there’s one in time, and time has brought us together and I couldn’t be any happier." Keesha lovingly kissed Jason.

"Alright, alright, cut that all out, where’s my baby cousin."

"Hey Justus, she’s right over here." Justus came over and eyed the small baby adoringly.

"Oh look at her, looking just like her daddy."


"Well she looks like you too, a little."


"I bet Granny Mae and David are just smiling in heaven."

"Yeah, I bet they are."

"Can we come in too?" Sonny, Carly, Alan and Monica stuck their heads in the door.

"Sure come on in."

"Now this is against hospital policy to have this many people in your room at one time but since we’re ecstatic grandparents, we’ll bend the rules a little" Monica laughed.

"Why thank you, but I also want to thank you for delivering her."

"It was my pleasure Keesha, you have a very beautiful baby."

"And you’re not just saying that because you’re being partial because its your grandchild?"

"Hmm ok, yes."

Sonny smiled down at the sweet little girl. He loved children, especially babies. She was so adorable, she reminded him of Morgan when he was born.

"Koochy, koochy coo." The whole room grew silent from Sonny’s playful chatter with baby Morgan. "What I like babies."

"Right…..anyways does she have a name?" Carly asked.

"Uh…" Jason looked down at Keesha, "I’m leaving it to her."

"To me? What happened to there’s not I in team?"

"Well you were the one that had to carry her for the past 7 months and you were the one who delivered her."

"Gotcha, well…." Keesha looked down to her daughter who was now sleeping. "I thought Kevyn was a pretty name, it means beautiful. Kevyn Joy Morgan."

"Well everyone this is Kevyn Joy Morgan."