Simple Kind of Life by Kristina

Chapter 14

Jason slid upon his back from atop Keesha after another of their very heated and passionate love making sessions. After each gather their breath, Jason pulled Keesha into his arms. He could feel her breath on his bare chest, as he began to ease off into a slumber like state. But something wasn’t right. He could feel the stiffness in Keesha.

"Keesha what’s wrong?"

"What?" she said, sounding a million miles away.

"What’s wrong?"

"Nothing’s wrong."

"I can tell when something’s wrong with you. You can tell me anything you know."

How was she going to tell him this when she couldn’t eve grasp everything herself? She was pregnant and not married. A child out of wedlock. She had a mix of emotions, happy, ashamed, nervous, confused, how was she going to tell Jason? Would he be happy? Would he be upset?

"Keesha? Was it something I didn’t do right or…"

"No, no, you were amazing as always, its not that." Keesha sat up in the bed and looked over to Jason who moved up as well.

"What is it?"

"Um, Jason do you love me?"

Jason couldn’t believe what he was hearing. Why would she ask a question like that? Jason gently held Keesha’s chin and turned her to face him.

"Of course I love you, where is this coming from?"

"Well, will you love me if I get fat?"

"If you get fat, of course" he laughed, "but with your eating habits, are you sure that’s going to happen?"

"I’m sure it will over the course of the next 9 months." Jason sat still, now that was the bombshell. Was he hearing right?

"Uh…are you? Are we?"

"Yeah." Suddenly a wide smile graced Jason’s face.

"Oh my gosh" Jason grabbed Keesha and kissed her. His mind was soaring, he was having a child, a child with the most beautiful loving person in the world. This was all too surreal. Charity was right, all this time he thought that this psychic stuff was crap and here it was all coming true.

"I love you" he whispered looking into her eyes.

"I love you too."


"Jason, Keesha, what are you two doing here?" Jason looked over to Keesha before giving his mother and father the good news.

"Well um, Keesha’s having a baby." Monica’s face lit up like a mega watt light bulb. She was going to be a grandmother. Regardless if Jason didn’t remember her as being his mother she was still going to love him and her future grandchild.

"That’s terrific news son."


"We’re so happy for you two" Monica said.

"Thank Mr. And Mrs. Quartermaine."

"Please, Alan and Monica, you’re carrying out future grandchild, there’s no need to be formal."

"Grandchild?!" Jason and Keesha wondered how Edward could possibly have the hearing that he did at that age but he could hear a pin drop 17 miles away. "You mean young lady are pregnant with my great grandchild?"

"Yes I am Edward."

"Oh that is just terrific!!!" Edward grabbed Keesha and hugged her tight.

"Edward, you’re going to mush the baby."

"Oh well we wouldn’t want that dear now would we?"

"No." Jason grabbed Keesha’s hand and pulled her around back of him to get her away from Edward. "So do I hear a wedding in the works? We could get the mansion all spruced up in no time…"

"Oh father…"

"Now I’m just saying, how wonderful would not only it be for the boy to get married before the child is born."

"Edward you are just full of it, Jason and Keesha--" Monica noticed that Keesha and Jason were no longer standing behind Edward.

"Ugh, he is a force to be reckoned with."

"Uh, yeah." Jason put his head down and looked away from Keesha.

"Jason, don’t let him get to you."

"I don’t plan to."

"Then don’t." Keesha rubbed the back of Jason’s hand to help loosen him up some. He knew she meant well but Edward unfortunately made sense. That’s why Keesha worried about telling him about the baby, because they weren’t married. He was going to fix that.


Jason walked into the jewelry store on pins and needles. What if he picked the wrong ring? What if she didn’t like it? Maybe he should have gave in and asked Carly to come with him.

"Sir can I help you with something?"

"I am looking for a ring, a wedding ring."

"That is terrific, well let me show you a few."

"Ok." Jason walked the case with the salesperson filled with beautiful rings.

"Now what exactly are you looking for in the ring?"

"I uh, I don’t know, I’m not good at this thing."

"Well describe the beautiful lady."

"She’s gorgeous, smart, kind hearted, um, loving…"

"An all around great gal?"


"And you want to get her something special right?"


"Ok, how about this one?" The salesperson pulled out a few rings to show him. "This is ˝ ct. colorless round diamond solitaire engagement ring in platinum." Jason held the small ring in his hand.

"Can I see another one?"

"Sure." The salesperson reached for another ring and showed it to Jason. "Well we have this beautiful ring here, 1 ct. round diamond solitaire engagement ring in 14k gold." Jason looked at the ring and handed it back to him.

"Um, money is no object, got anything bigger?" The salesperson smiled, if money was no object then he’d just see about that.

"We this is the biggest we have here, this is 2 ct. solitaire engagement ring in platinum. The Gia color is H - I, its an eight sided stone…." The man continued to talk as Jason looked on at the ring, it was perfect.

"This one." The man stopped in his tracks of describing the ring and looked up at Jason.

"Sir this ring is 20,000.

"Good, I bought 50, wrap it up."

"Very well sir." After leaving the ring shop, Jason got his plan into action. Soon he called for Max to get Keesha and bring her to the park.

"Jason what is all of this?"

"A gift from me to you." Keesha looked at the elaborate set up for something as simple as he called it over the phone ‘a picnic’. "Come on, sit." Keesha walked over to the blanket and sat down next to Jason on the big red checkered cloth.

"Jason I know I’m eating for two, but this is more than enough food for the three of us."

"Well maybe I went a little overboard with that but, I wanted to make sure I had everything."

"Well that was sweet of you, what all do you have?" Jason reached over to the basket and pulled items out.

"Well I have grilled chicken breast, string beans, garlic mashed potatoes, strawberries and pumpkin pie and yes I got cool whip and cinnamon to sprinkle on top."

Everything Jason had was a pregnant woman’s dream, well at least her dream. He did get all her favorites. Her mouth watered just from the sight of the food.

"This is way too good Jason."

"Well I only wanted to get the best for you."

"Aw thank you" Keesha leaned in to give Jason a soft kiss.

"Well dig in."

"Will do" she laughed, "you are going to have yourself a healthy baby."

"With you as its mother I know I will." Jason moved to the basket and pulled out more food."

"What is all of that?"

"Cheeseburger, fries, unlike you, I like big fat juicy burgers." Keesha laughed as Jason chomped down into his as he called it big fat juicy burger. The picnic was more than wonderful for Keesha and Jason. They enjoyed each others company and the food on the warm August afternoon. "There’s one more thing."

"If its more food then you’re really outdoing yourself."

"No, no, its something better than food. Its this." Jason pulled out the small black jewelry box and opened it, displaying the contents inside to Keesha’s wide eyes.


"Keesha, will you marry me?"

Keesha sat for a minute with her mouth open. The ring was so big, but she wasn’t sure. Was he asking her to marry him because of what Edward said at the hospital a week ago? Was he asking her because she was pregnant? Or was he asking her to marry him because he wanted to truly be with her?

"I don’t know" she said turning away.

Now Jason was really confused. Charity that they’d be together, so why was she turning down his wedding proposal.

"You don’t know?"

"Are you only doing this because I’m pregnant? Or are you doing this because Edward said it was the right thing to do?" Jason was flabbergasted, how could she think something like that?


"You heard me Jason are you?"

"No! Not at all! I would never do anything Edward told me to do! Don’t you realize I despise that man? If I was dying and he told me he had the key to life I wouldn’t accept it."

"Jason that’s a little overboard."

"It is but I don’t know what else to say to prove to you that I would never take the advice of that old man and if you think I’m only asking because you’re pregnant, then I’ll be honest, that’s partly a reason. I want to be there for my child, 24/7, I don’t want to miss a minute and that means being married. Regardless of all this happening I had planned to ask you anyways way before you told me the good news."

Keesha listened to his words carefully. Everything sounded genuine. He spoke from his heart and mean every word. Jason’s stomach was in knots, would she say yes? Would she say no? She just sort of sat there. What did that mean?

"Keesha Morgan, that does have a ring to it."

"Keesha Mor--?"

"Yes Jason I will marry you." Jason happily kissed Keesha and slid the ring on her finger.

"Wow that is a huge ring."

"I though it was perfect for you."

"The only thing that’s perfect for me is you and our little bundle of joy, but I do have one request."


"I don’t want to get married until I have the baby."

"Keesha, that’s almost 7 months from now."

"I know but I don’t want to look like a blimp in my dress."

"You don’t look like a blimp, you look absolutely amazing."

"You are too sweet……after the baby is born."

"After the baby is born."