Chapter 13

"May I speak to a Justus Ward?"

"Um, well he’s at physical therapy right now."

"Well may I have a moment of your time?"

"Um…yeah sure, come in." Keesha stood to the side and let the officer walk into the penthouse. "Can I get you anything?"

"No thank you."

"So what do you want with Justus?"

"Its about his accident."

"His accident?"

"Yes, we had your cousins car towed away from the location of the accident and we had reason to believe that it wasn’t the rain that caused the accident but cut brakes."

"Cut brakes?! You mean someone deliberately did that?"

"Yes, we really need to speak to your cousin to get some kind of clue of who might have done that to him, do you have any ideas of who might have it out for your cousin?"

"Get out." Keesha and the officer turned around to face Jason standing in the doorway.

"Jason…" Keesha said standing up from the couch. "This is…"

"I know who he is and I want him out of here."

"Mr. Morgan, I am here to speak to Mr. Justus Ward…"

"Well he’s not here, leave." The officer looked at Jason with the same stoic look Jason was giving him. He looked back over to Keesha with a smile.

"Good day ma’am." Jason slammed the door behind him and walked over to the bar cooler to grab himself a beer.

"Ok, want to explain that?"

"I don’t like cops."

"Well for obvious reasons."

"Especially that one."

"Why him particular?"

"He’s uh, he’s the man Courtney left me for." Keesha sighed, she had no clue who the guy was. He just came to the door, stating he was an officer wanting to speak to Justus.

"Oh no, I’m sorry Jason, I had no clue who he was, I just figured…"

"You have to be careful with the PCPD, they will take your words and twist them, if a cop comes to this door, wait for me. Don’t talk to them."

"Justus’ brakes were cut."


"That’s why he was here, his brakes were the reason the accident happened, not the rain, who would do such a think Jason?"

"I don’t know, maybe someone he’s put in jail? Has he told you of any big cases he’s had?"

"No…but I’ll ask."

"No, its ok, me and sonny will get right on it."

"Wait Jason, let the police handle it."

"The PCPD don’t know their asses from the elbows, Sonny and I will found out who it was, don’t worry." Keesha placed her hand on Jason’s forearm and eased him into the couch. "Tell me about that guy, the officer."


"Yeah Brian." Jason sighed and placed his beer back on the table, returning back to his spot on the couch.

"Courtney met Brian in another town, not long after Morgan was born. Everything was so confusing after the shooting. She was staying at the place his wife and child used to stay. I guess they got close while she was away, I don’t know, but then out of nowhere he moved here. Some miraculously way he got a job here and its like he slithered his way into her life. She left me, told me that my life was too much for her and that Brian was a better choice. That she made a mistake ever falling for me."

"Oh Jason, I’m sorry to hear that."

"No she was right, I’m starting to see more and more that we weren’t meant to be."

"You are?"

"Yeah because I’m seeing more and more that we are." Jason reached over and stroked down her jawbone before giving her a tantalizing kiss.

"Jason" she murmured.

"That’s my name."

"Jason don’t say anything like that because you think that’s what I want to here."

"What are you talking about? it’s the truth, being with you has opened my eyes, from mistakes of the past, to happiness in the future with you."

"Oh Jason that is so sweet." Suddenly a ringer in the kitchen went off. "I’ll be right back, I have some muffins in the stove." Keesha jumped from the couch and ran into the kitchen.

"Damn you Brian."


"Look Justus, I just think--"

"I just think that it would be fine for you to stay here. I’m doing better, my arm and legs have completely healed and besides I’m going to have company over soon. Who’s going to resist a handsome, yet crippled man? Women are going want to take care of me."

"Tsk, you wish."

"A guy can dream right? Besides, you and Jason are getting close, closer than close actually."


"Hear me out lil’ bit, Jason might be different but his heart is the same and his heart is in love with you. You’ve wanted this for a long time, don’t turn your back on everything now." Keesha sighed, everything her cousin was saying was right. These past 5 months had been wonderful. Jason was nothing more but kind and loving and being with her cousin again shed a light on her other wise dim life, but she just couldn’t shake the fact that everything was happening so quickly. Was she falling in love to quickly? Was he? Jason often thought that as well. Sitting back in his grandmother’s room with Charity, he had to know if everything that was happening was right.

"I understand you worries Jason but things are fine, really."

"Are you sure? I mean we aren’t rushing things are we?"

"No" Charity laughed, "but there is something I wanted to run past you, another premonition."

"Let’s hear it."

"In 6 more months, something monumental will happen."

"Something monumental? Like what?"

"I’m not sure what but it will happen on a night where you life could be at danger."

"I’m going to die?"

"No, no, you’re not going to die, but you will receive a phone call…..


"The five families need to meet up, in regard of Pier 51 and who will seize control."

"When you receive this phone call, look at Keesha…."Jason hung up the phone and turned to Keesha who sat not too far by reading.

"Rub her right arm, look her square in the eye and tell her everything is going to be alright."

"I have to talk to you for a minute."

Keesha looked up from her book to Jason, who obviously looked like something was wrong. She had gotten used to hearing on the phone with these men that had no face. She couldn’t believe she had been that type of person who was with someone in the mob. Never in a million years would she have imagined that she would associate herself with someone associated with crime. Not only had she proved herself wrong with Tony, she definitely proved herself wrong with Jason who was into the organization more deeply than Tony. Jason moved closer to Keesha, who was now standing.

"Jason what is it?"

"I have to go out" he said looking directly in her eyes. Her big brown eyes that seemed the saturate in confusion and worry.


"I don’t know when I’ll be back, so don’t wait up." Keesha took in a deep breath and looked into Jason’s eyes.

"Only if you promise me that you’ll be careful."

"I promise." Jason began to gently rub Keesha’s right arm noticing how it calmed her. Jason leaned in and gently kissed her on the lips. "I love you."

"I love you too."

"Alright." Jason walked over to his drawer and grabbed two guns. He glanced back at Keesha once more before heading out the door and down to his limo. Keesha tried everything she could to not be worried, she tried finishing her book, she tried eating but her stomach was in knots. Something about that phone called unsettled her and deep down inside it unsettled Jason as well. He never looked that way upon receiving a phone call from the five families, so why now?

"Look at yourself, involving yourself with a well known criminal! What would your mother and father say? What would Granny Mae?! ‘Look at her, dating a thug! Why couldn’t she have gotten a nice young doctor or lawyer? Maybe someone who cared for the kids like we did?’ I just had to love him! I just had to love him with all my heart and soul huh?" Keesha threw the pillow sitting beside her across the room, almost hitting Carly.

"Well that’s one way to pass the time, but I have a better idea, how about I keep you company?"


"Yes me, I’ve been in the same boat you’ve been in for years now, I know how it is. You’re wondering if he’s going to be ok, if he’s coming back, will he be harmed. Do you trust Jason?"

"With all my heart."

"Well he’d better because how many times are we going to get along?"

"I don’t know, we’ve been on a roll now."

"Yeah we haven’t ripped each other’s throats out yet." The two women laughed.

"Carly can I ask you a question?"


"Does it get any easier? I mean the waiting and wondering?"

"Honestly….no. You’ll sit and you’ll wonder and all types of things will come to mind. Will he be hurt, will he be ok? Will he be shot? Will something bad just happen period, but trust is what eases the thoughts. If you trust him and all the love he has for you and you for him, you’ll trust that he’ll cover every precaution to keep himself safe so he can come back to you, does that make any sense?" Keesha nodded. "Then trust that he’ll be extra careful, that he’ll come back to you unharmed."

"More than you know Carly."

"Good, you know maybe time does heal all wounds."

"What do you mean?"

"You’ve been gone for like 5 years and you and Jason love each other and me, you and Sonny are getting along, this probably wouldn’t have happened back a while ago."

"Very true."

"I’ve hurt you and you’ve hurt me, to an extent, but we’re doing fine right now."

"Is that an apology Carly?"

"No…its….a white flag."

"Ok…ok, I’ll take that" she laughed. "Well since we’re waiting, I’m sure there’s a DVD Justus left behind around here."

"Sure, I swear you’re a good one, until now Jason didn’t watch television."

"He still doesn’t, he’s just grasping the concept of the internet." Hours passed as Carly and Keesha watched the Mr. Deeds DVD. Neither would have ever believed that they’d be in the same room, less than 2 feet apart watching and laughing along to a DVD together but it was happening. After the movie went off, Keesha went to go fix some tea while Carly flipped the stations.

"Use your better judgment, there’s someone you don’t trust, so don’t that night will prove why you don‘t trust this person…."

Jason listened to Charity’s words. Never where they so true until that night. Waiting for this feeling that he was told that he would feel when everything would happen, filled his body. Jason slowly looked around his surrounding. ‘Behind you’ screamed his gut.

"Get down!"

Without turning around Jason jumped to the ground along with Max. Bullets riddled the pier hitting two of the families members. Jason and Max crawled around to the back of the car. The feeling was still in Jason’s body.

"We’ve got to get away from this car" he told Max.


"Just do it!" Jason and Max quickly crawled away from the car to the side of the warehouse behind them. Still ducking, bullets filled the Port Charles dock. Jason and Max almost didn’t know where to move for bullets were everywhere. Minutes after Jason and Max moved from the car, it exploded. Shreds of glass and metal flung all over the place.

"A breaking news story, a car has exploded on Pier 51 after a major shoot out from what we believe was a gang war, we don’t have all the details now but it is to be believed also that there have been two victims…" Carly sat in disbelief, along with Keesha who stood in the kitchen doorway. "Keesha…" Keesha began to hyperventilate. What if Jason was one of those people shot? What if he was hurt? "Look Keesha I’m sure he’s ok."

"How do you know for sure?"

"Because Jason knows how to handle himself." Carly got off the couch and led Keesha to the couch. "What did we say about trust?"

"I know, I know."

"Alright, keep that in mind ok?"


"I’m going to go over my penthouse and see if Sonny has any information about what’s going on ok?"

"Alright, please let me know if you find anything."

"I will, I will."

Carly got up from the couch and left out of Jason’s penthouse. Keesha couldn’t help but be glued to the television set, waiting for more information about what was going on. She knew she had a bad feeling about everything that was happening and now it was just proving true right before her very eyes. The night grew longer and longer without any knowledge of what was going on with Jason. Hours passed so long she fell off to sleep in the window seat waiting for anything Jason. She looked so peaceful, angelic Jason thought as he entered the penthouse. He looked over to the clock which read 3:05 a.m. Gently he closed the door, trying not to wake Keesha. He would just pick her up and carry her upstairs but the slightest click of the door being locked woke her. There he was standing in pure form. The feeling of worry and nervousness left, replaced with joy. Keesha ran to Jason with arms open and held him for dear life.

"I was so worried."

"I know."

"Let me see you" Keesha pulled back and scanned Jason over and over. Keesha blew another sigh of relief.

"Faith Rosco, her men tried to take out the five families again."

"And the two guys?"

"One lived." Keesha looked away in sadness. She didn’t know the man but she was sure someone was just was worried as she was when he went out and now he wasn’t coming home. He wasn’t coming back period.

"I’m so glad you’re alright."

"I promised that I’d be ok, that I’d come back to you."

"You did" she smiled. Keesha pulled Jason in and planted on kiss on him that made his whole body turn to jelly. Boy what was he going to have to do to get more kisses like that? Keesha ran her fingers under Jason’s shirt, tracing her finger down each rock hard ab. Jason was getting hotter and hotter from her kisses and her touch. When she pulled back there was a look in her eyes that just screamed that she wanted him in the way he wanted her since the day he laid eyes on her when she returned. "Jason, I want you to take me upstairs and make love to me….." Just as Jason was going to say something, Keesha placed her finger across his lips. "Until the sunrises." Jason swallowed the lump in his throat. Just hearing that almost went over the edge after hearing that. He’d take extreme pleasure from being with Keesha all night. Swiftly he picked her up and carried her upstairs to where Jason fulfilled Keesha’s every wish and of his own.


"Well hello there Keesha" Edward smiled. Ugh, just his presence made her sick sometimes. She remembered when he and her granny tried to keep her and Jason away and here he was cheesing in her face.

"Hello Mr. Quartermaine, how are you?"

"Fine and yourself?"

"I am fine as well, I must say its very good to see you in town, with Jason no less."


"You know I never really liked that Courtney girl, she wasn’t too bright."

"Is that so?"

"Yes, always making irrational decisions here and there, but you, you were different."

"Different? How so?"

"Well you were always extremely smart and just very very beautiful, I’m glad Jason used the right side of his brain that works and decided to come into his life."

"That’s funny, I could’ve swore that you didn’t like me all that much Mr. Quartermaine."

"Please call me Edward, you know I would like nothing more but to see that pretty face of yours over for dinner with the family."

"And I could bring Jason too!"

"Exactly! See I knew you’d see things my way, we could discuss an impending marriage, perhaps young Quartermaine heirs to run around the mansion."

"Keep dreaming Edward." Keesha grabbed her purse and headed for the elevators. As soon as the door closed Keesha blew a sigh of relief. "There may not be any Quartermaine’s running around but there will be a Morgan" she whispered, rubbing her tummy.