Chapter 12

Things the past few nights after Keesha and Jasonís date were truly special. Jason came over again and had dinner with Keesha and Justus and they talked almost every night. Plus those goodnight kisses werenít so bad, but deep down it wasnít enough for Keesha nor Jason. They wanted to be with each other every day and every night, but she knew better. She didnít want to jump head first into a relationship with Jason Morgan but then again the heart wants what it wants. She had to stick with her original plan and that was to see thing through and let things happen, not just jump right into it.

"Jason its late go to bed."

"Are you getting ready for bed right now?"

"Wouldnít you like to know."

"I would, thatís why Iím asking."

"Yes I am, I always put lotion on before I lay down."

"Lucky lotion."


"Alright, alright, Iím hanging up, have a goodnight."

"You too."

Keesha hung up the phone and shook her head. Oh course there were contrasts and comparisons with Morgan and Quartermaine. Morgan was more laid back and quiet. Appreciated the small things and wonders of the world, while Quartermaine was energetic, full of life. He couldnít sit for more than 10 minutes and was excited about everything. She couldnít necessarily say which she liked better because personally she liked both, though she would forever love and miss Jason Quartermaine, regardless her feelings for Morgan. But no longer she looked at him hoping that her Jason would come back. Instead she looked at him the way she did anyone she dated. She looked at him the same way she looked at the same way she looked at Edmund Winslow and Tony Santos during their short relationships and the same looked at Alan. Jason Morgan was another man, another man that she was falling for. After she finished her nightly routine, Keesha said her prayers and got ready for bed. Three big sounds from downstairs startled Keesha. After awhile there was no sound.

"Justus?! Justus?!" She waited for Justus to reply but still nothing. "He is never going to get used to that wheelchair." she said to herself. "Justus?! Are you alright?"

"Iím not sure about Justus, but I know Iíll be alright in a few minutes."

Keesha turned to face the stranger now standing in her doorway. Keesha tried to barge her way through the door but he grabbed her up faster than she anticipated. She tried to fight him, throwing several blows to his chest but there was no way she could take him out. He was way bigger than she was but she wasnít going to let that stop her. She continued to fight him he threw her against the bed.

"Go for the eyeballs" she thought to herself

"Quit fightiní, this is gonna be good for the both of us, youíll see."

Keesha did just as she thought poking him well in his eyes, blinding him temporary but not long enough. She made it off the bed but his big arm wrapped around her waist, throwing her back to the bed. He pushed all his weight on her, making her scream from all the pressure. The man was getting frustrated with her clawing against his face. With all his might he punched her, causing her movements to slow down but nonetheless she kept fighting. Again he hit her, instead with his left hand, partially knocked her out. She was completely out because he could still hear her moaning from the pain of his blows.

"See thatís a good girl, mmmm and no panties. Open up for daddy."

Keesha could feel his hands spread her legs apart but then suddenly he fell completely on top of her. Keeshaís eyes settled on Jason now standing above her. He yanked the man off of Keesha and threw him to the floor.

"Keesha are you ok?"

"Yeah" said holding onto her swollen jaw. Jason then turned his attention to the man on the floor.

"You like forcing people against there will huh?"

"Mr. MorganÖ."

"You want to rape someone, huh? Youíre gonna get a taste of your own medicine, MAX!"

"No! please!" Max came up the stairs and joined Jason, Keesha and her assailant.

"You know where to take him." Max walked over and lifted the man up by his shirt.

"Theyíre really going to like him boss."

"Yeah I know, see now youíre going to know how it feels to be forced into doing something you wouldnít want."

The man screamed as Max carried him out of the room. Jason ran over to Keeshaí bed and held her. "Are you sure youíre ok?"

"Yes my face hurtsÖ.oh my gosh, Justus!!! I have to--"

"Heís ok, he was chloroformed."

"Oh my gosh!"

"Heíll be ok, I had Johnny take him back to the penthouse."

Jason jumped up from the bed and over to the drawer to grab Keesha a pair of pants, socks and a shirt. She was so knocked out he put the clothes on for her, making sure he didnít see what he didnít need to see. Carefully he lifted her into his arms and carried her out of the apartment and back to his penthouse. Justus had finally came to and with the help of Max he carried him up to the guest room and laid him in the bed. Jason made his way back downstairs and laid Keesha who was now sleeping on the couch in his bed.

"Jason where are you going?" she whispered. He thought she was sleeping but apparently she wasnít.

"Iím going to sleep on the couch."

"No, please donít leave me. I donít want to be alone."

"Are you sure?"



Jason crawled into the bed and laid next to her. Unexpectedly she snuggled in close and laid against Jasonís chest. It was now determined, she was never leaving.


"Jason this is most unnecessary."

"I want to make sure your safe."

"Well the door is fixed, everything ok, really."

"Keesha, it took you a week to get over everything, what makes you think Iíd be comfortable for you to go back there?"

"Jason I am a big girl, weíre not having this argument anymore."

"Youíre right because youíre staying here."

"So is this the possessive side of Jason Morgan I have yet to see?"

"Yes because if your phone hadnít fully hung up you wouldíve been raped. I wonít know what to do with myself if you go back there with the threat of something possibly happening to you."

"Well canít you just let me borrow one of guards or something?"

"Iíd feel more comfortable with my watchful eye over you, ok? Iím only doing this because I care about you."

Jason could see the change in Keesha after admitting that he cared for her. Keesha sighed and ran her hands through her hair.

"What about Justus, Iím not going to leave him there."

"Heíll stay here too and Iíll hire a at home nurse to check on him."

"But he wonít need a at home nurse if Iím here."

"He will if heís in another penthouse."

"Why would he be in another penthouse?"

"IÖuh, just figured if youíd want a rest."

"Well thatís the reason why Iím here in Port Charles, to help take care of him."

"Thatís the only reason?"

"Well amongst other things of course."

"Do you plan to go back to Springfield?"

"No." Jason walked around the table and squatted into front of Keesha.

"Are you staying partly for me?" Keesha tried to look away but Jason cupped her face and placed it to look at him. "Are you?"

"Yes" she whispered.

Jason sat up and kissed her slowly. Jason was one of the reasons why she was staying as well as Justus. Damn it she hated to admit that.

"Look, if you want to help take care of Justus, then he can stay here but I want you to stay here."

"Alright Jason, Iíll stay." Jason hugged Keesha after she accepted his proposal to stay with him.


"Well look, if Iím moving in, I have to get some of my things from the apartment."

"Alright, take Max with you."

"Hmm, ok, I like Max, heís cute."

"In that case, take Johnny, I donít want you to run off with Max."

"Iím just kidding, I mean Max is hot but thereís only one guy I have my eye on."

"Really?" Jason said wrapping his arms around her waist.


"And who might that be?"


"Tah." Keesha laughed before kissing Jason.

"Iíll be back in a little bit alright."


Keesha grabbed her purse and left out of the kitchen. Jason didnít know he could be so happy. He could only think if he hadnít pushed her away all those years ago how terrific his life wouldíve been. They might have been married by now, maybe with a family. But he couldnít think of the past. He could only think of the future, a future with Keesha.