Chapter 11

Keesha came galloping down the steps to the knocking of the door. Justus just sat back and watched in wonder. Though his cousin didn’t want to admit she was falling back in love with him, it was written all over his face. He never thought that she’d have those feelings for him, in fact neither did she.

"Hey" Jason looked up at Keesha. She had curled her hair again like she did the night she went out with Lorenzo. But unlike that date she was more casual, wearing a blue jean jacket with faux fur trim, black pants that perfectly showed each curve and stiletto boots that gave her small 5’3 frame three extra inches.

"Hey," Jason looked around Keesha to Justus, "Hey Justus."

"Hey man."

"How’s that leg coming along?"

"Good, I get my cast off my foot and ankle tomorrow, can’t wait. This thing is itchy."

"Um, yeah, I’m ready are you?"


"Alright, well I’ll be back later Justus."

"I won’t wait up." Keesha gave Justus a look that made his bones rattle. Jason tried as hard as he could to keep his face still so he wouldn’t laugh.

"So where are we going?"

"You’ll see." Jason passed Keesha a helmet and made sure she put it on right. "Hold on tight ok?"


Keesha wrapped her arms around his waist tightly as she could without making him uncomfortable. He had to let out a gasp, reacting to her touch. Jason tried not to go too fast but her hands on his waist were driving him insane. Thank goodness the small Louisiana style restaurant was not far by. Dinner was great, but the night wasn’t over.

"There’s a great movie theater down the street, if you don’t care about going."

"Yeah, sure, lets go."

"I figured we could walk since it feels nice out."

"Yeah, I’d like that."

Jason and Keesha walked with each other down the street just letting everything soak in. They were actually having a good time with each other, but the next action stunned Jason. As they walked along the sidewalk, Keesha held her hand out for Jason to hold, which he happily obliged. Her hand was so soft to the touch that it was unbelievable. She just looked up him with those big brown eyes and life as he knew it was just different, from that moment on.

"Here we are." Keesha looked up at the theater with confusion. It didn’t look like a regular movie theater that she had been to.

"It’s a theater that shows old movies." Keesha smiled, she loved old movies. She didn’t know Jason did as well.

"What are we seeing?"

"A street car named desire."

"Good choice."

"Let’s go in." Still holding hands, Jason and Keesha walked into the relatively empty theater. They found a good spot in the middle and sat down.

"This is great."

Jason just looked over to her and smiled. They stayed that way for a minute before paying attention to the movie. Almost an hour into the movie Keesha got up to go to the bathroom. As she was coming out another girl was at the mirror putting on her lip gloss. She stopped upon seeing Keesha and turned around to face her.

"I know you."

Keesha had never seen the girl before in her life. Maybe she was one of the kids from Ward House but it had been so long she wouldn’t have been that young. She figured that she might have helped her at some time, but wouldn’t she have remembered her face?

"You do?"

"Yes, you’re Keesha."

"That I am" she nervously laughed.

"Its good to see you, really it is" she smiled before leaving out of the bathroom.

"That was weird" she thought. She had no memory of ever seeing that girl before but she knew her. Keesha shrugged and walked back to her seat in the theater.

"Everything ok?"

"Um, yeah, I met someone in the bathroom that I guess I haven’t seen in a while." Jason died to grab hold of her hand again but chose against it, not wanting to scare her. Soon the movie ended and Jason and Keesha gathered their things to leave.

"Jason!" Jason turned around to the young woman running toward him.

"Hi Charity."

"Charity?" Keesha thought, "That was her name? That was the girl in the bathroom, how’d she know Jason?"

"How are you?"

"Good how are you?"

"Good, good, I see Keesha’s here" she smiled.

"Yes she is." Keesha remained silent trying to gather up everything that was going on.

"Are you back in town for…?"

"Yeah, well I’m going to visit your grandma see how she’s doing."

"She’d like that."

"Well its good to see you both."

"Same here, bye Charity."

"Bye Jason, bye Keesha." Charity joined her boyfriend Miguel and left the two alone.


"You’re probably wondering how she knows you."

"Yeah definitely."

"I told her about you."

"You did?"

"She would visit Lila when she was deathly ill. While she’d visit her, her company made her feel better. Sometimes I think that she made Lila better."

"I can’t believe Lila was that sick."

"I know, while she was there, Lila told her about you and how kind you were. She showed her a picture of you and I told her about you and how I wanted to make amends."

"Ok." Keesha grabbed Jason’s hand and held it tight. Soon they got on the bike and made it back to the apartment. Jason loved holding her hand. He wanted to hold it all the time, he wanted to hold her. They walked up to the door and stopped. "Well I had fun tonight."

"So did I, we’ll have to do it again sometime." Jason held his breath as Keesha looked away, but when a smile came across her face all his fears were eased.

"Yeah, I’d like that." Jason looked down and ached to touch her. Refraining from her was the hardest thing he ever had to do. "Well um, good night."

"Good night."

Jason reluctantly withdrew his hands from hers and waited for her to go back into the apartment. Justus had to be sleep because the whole apartment was pretty dim. She just stood against the door and held her stomach. Something wasn’t right, this feeling that came over her. This fluttering within her stomach. She tried to rub it but it wasn’t hurting, it made her feel like she was flying and that the whole was so new. Quickly she ran out of the door and looked over to the elevator. If she was fast enough maybe she could catch him by going down the steps. Once she got downstairs the elevator cab was empty. No! Keesha’s eyes caught the back of Jason’s black leather jacket and bolted out the door.

"Jason!" Jason turned around and saw Keesha coming out the door.

"Did you forget something?"

"Yeah this"

Keesha grabbed Jason’s shirt and roughly pulled him up to her. His lips descended on hers, and time stood still. Her mouth opened and his tongue swept in, savoring the sweetness within. He had dreamt of this moment so long and now that it was happening he didn’t want it to stop. Jason placed his hands on the side of her face, keeping her lips right where he wanted them. Keesha wrapped hers around his waist pushing closer to him. It was like they never could get enough. Finally the need for air came and Keesha removed her lips from Jason’s. Jason looked down at her who was staring up at him.

"Why did I do that?" she laughed.

"Because you wanted to, just like I did."

Both began to laugh a little at what had just happened. Keesha loosened her grip from around Jason’s waist and began to walk away. She looked back at him one last time before heading back into the apartment complex.

"Whoa" Jason said to himself. Must’ve been something in that Springfield water that totally changed her from preppy to hot sex kitten and boy he couldn’t wait for more.


Jason was still was cloud 9 from the kiss that he experienced the other night with Keesha. Never in a million year the woman that he pushed away when he woke up from him coma would be the woman that he’d fall back in love with again. Everything was full circle……


Jason looked down at his grandmother. He had never seen her so sick before in his life. All the color was drained from her face. Her hands were cold to the touch, it made him so nervous. But just like himself, his grandmother was a fighter. She wasn’t giving up. She still talked as if nothing bad was happening to her.

"Jason, its so good to see you" she groaned.


"No, no, I will be ok."

"How do you know?"

"Because this young woman here has told me." Jason turned around to face the teenager standing on the other side of the room. "Her name is Charity Standish, she’s here from Harmony."

"Hi nice to meet you Jason." Jason looked back at Lila confused.

"She knows about you, about me, about everything. She has premonitions."


"That’s why she’s here, she had a premonition that I’d get sick and that I’d get better." Jason couldn’t understand how is grandmother believed in that sort of thing. Premonitions? Was she serious? "Jason there’s a reason why I called you here."


"She knows your future."

"My future?" Charity walked over to Jason and stood next to him.

"Yes I know your future…..its about the woman you’ll spend the rest of your life with."

"The woman I’ll spend the rest of my life with? Me and Courtney aren’t together anymore, she divorced me."

"No she’s not talking about Courtney dear."

"Well who are you talking about? Elizabeth?"

"No, she’s um, she’s your first love."

"My first love?" Charity closed her eyes and focused on the blurred vision of the woman she was talking about.

"She has black curly hair, brown eyes, she’s short, I see a big house…" Jason jumped from his seat and began to pace the room in disbelief.

"No, no, no, no, no, it can’t be."

"But Jason is it."

"No, I haven’t seen her in years."


"NO!" Charity and Lila grew quiet from Jason’s outburst. Charity looked over to Lila for permission to continue with her prediction.

"Jason, she’s the one who truly has your heart. You might not remember her but with time your heart will."

"I don’t believe you, she tried to change me…"

"No she tried to love you and you didn’t want it because you didn’t understand what love was, not the love she was trying to offer. But now that you have a hold on things, you’ll fall head over heels for her."

"How am I supposed to believe that?"

Lila reached over to the drawer and passed him an old picture. No, this couldn’t be true, it just couldn’t be. But when the wind felt like it was knocked out of him and his knees turned to jelly something overcame him. Something that he didn’t understand. He knew then she was right. Tears began to spew from his eyes as he looked back and forth between Lila and Charity.

"Jason, she’s the only woman you’ll be happy with, she the only woman who will bear your children." Jason’s eyes shot up to hers. "That’s why Courtney didn’t have your baby, because she’s not the one." Jason began to sob. It was such a power feeling that came over him.


"It just is."

"Jason that’s not the only thing Courtney has to tell you." Jason turned around to hear the rest of the startling news.

"If you are with her for more than 3 hours, 3 times, you will fall madly in love with her. The moment you kiss, you’ll want to be with her for the rest of your life." It was all so much for Jason to let simmer in. He wanted to ask Charity again if she was sure about all of this but he felt it, he knew she was right. What was he going to do….. {{FLASHBACK ENDS}}

He had to be with her, night and day. He couldn’t stop thinking of her. Charity was right, just something as simple as her kiss made him crazy for her. If he was to ask her to move in with him, she’d say no for sure. He’d go insane if he wasn’t with her.