Chapter 10

Keeshaís eyes adjusted to the new surrounding. Where was she? What happened? The last thing she remembered was dancing with Jason.

"Oh no!" she thought. What had she done? She jumped up from the bed and looked around. Jason wasnít in the room and she was fully dressed from last night, so howíd she end up there? Keesha grabbed her shoes and slid them on. She was more than confused. She didnít see Jason anywhere and boy was she hoping that she wouldnít. She eased out of the bedroom. The room across from the one she was in was locked, so maybe he was sleeping. Each step was carefully stepped on so she wouldnít wake him. Still not in sight she made it to the bottom of the steps.

"Want some breakfast?" Keesha couldíve literally jumped out of her skin when Jason approached her from the kitchen door.


"If youíre wondering no, we didnít sleep with each other." Keesha let out a sigh of relief walking away from the steps. "You fell off to sleep while we were dancing, I wasnít going to send you home with a driver because I didnít want you to freak out, now do you want some eggs, hash browns or both?" Keesha just laughed. She couldnít come out with any words, super big killer man and here he was offering up breakfast. "What?"

"I might regret saying this one day, but Jason Morgan isnít so bad after all."

Keesha walked passed Jason to the kitchen to get ready for breakfast. The morning wasnít so bad, they talked to each other like they were old friends. Talking about Michael and Morgan, Justus, Springfield, Courtney, Brian, AlanÖ.everything. "Oh my gosh look at the time, Iím sure Justus is flipping his wig."

"So he wears wigs you say?"

"Ha,ha, I didnít say that."

"Donít worry Iíve already called him. But if youíre ready to go I can trail you, I was going over there anyways to pay him a visit."

"Alright." Keesha grabbed her things and followed Jason out of the Harbor View towers.

"Iím going to have to stop by and see her."

"Lila would love that."

"I actually did miss her while I was away, she was so kind to me, Edward was another story."

"Iím still shocked that the old man is still living and breathing to reek havoc on everyone." Keesha playful hit Jasonís arms with a laugh.

"You are bad." Suddenly Jasonís phone began to ring.

"Hold on for a sec."


"Yeah?" Keesha watched as Jasonís demeanor changed. "AlrightÖyeah Iíll be there."


"Yeah" he sighed. He didnít want to leave Keesha, not yet while they were getting along.

"Um, it might be too much to ask but are you doing anything tomorrow night? I mean it doesnít have to be anything major, just you know something to eat or something.."


"Iím sure Sonny and Carly get sick of seeing me all the time andÖ"

"JASON!" she laughed. "Are you going to give me a chance to say yes?"



"Alright, see you tomorrow, 7?"


For the first time since his brain damage and now, Keesha saw Jason smile. His smiled made her heart skip a beat. He had a cute smile.

"Ok, well Iíll tell Justus you said hi."

"Alright." Keesha smiled at him once more before entering the apartment to a waiting Justus.


"Take that stupid grin off your face."

"What?" he laughed.

"You know what."

"I donít what I mean, I mean you stay out all night, then I get a call from Jason at 12 saying that youíre staying the night. What could I possibly gather from that?"

"Nothing and I mean nothing happened. I fell off to sleep and thatís it."

"Thatís it."

"Thatís it."

"I trust."

"Anyways" she said rolling her eyes, "I picked up some change of address forms from the post office, that is if youíll have me."

"So you want to make it permanently?!"


"Alright Lilí Bit, you donít know how happy that makes me. Iím glad that youíll be staying here."


"Iím sure Jason will be happy too."



"Like I was saying thereís nothing back in Springfield for me. I mean I will miss the Bauerís and the Boudreauís, the Santosí but I can always visit, youíre all I have left and I must bask in the annoyance that Iíll provide for you and vice versa."

"Shucks cuz." Keesha got up from the couch and gave her cousin a hug.



"Jason! How are you sweetheart?"

"Iím good and you?"

"I am fantastic, you sound happy."

"I am Lila, its about Keesha, tomorrow weíre going on a date tomorrow."

"Will it be your third time together?"

"Yes, she came to dinner with me over Sonnyís a week ago, she was over my place last night and weíre going out tomorrow night."

"Dear thatís lovely, after your third meeting you know what happens right."

"Yes I do Lila, yes I do, I can tell already now that she was telling the truth about everything."