Chapter 9

"You know the PCPD could consider this stalking" Keesha opened the door to Jason that afternoon.

"Jase, what’s up man."

"Hey, how you feeling?"

"Good man, getting this cast off my ankle tomorrow, can’t wait, this thing is itchy."

"Yeah I bet."

"Lil’ Bit where are you going?" Keesha slid on her pink bombed and pulled her hair from out of the collar.

"I am heading to the post office."

"The post office?"

"Yeah I’ll save that for later" she said looking over to Jason. "I’ll be back in a few hours."

"Alright, see you later."

Keesha picked her purse up and walked out of the door heading to the elevator but something out of the corner of her eye stopped her. She walked over to one of Justus neighbors whose newspaper was sitting outside of their door.

"What the hell?!" Angrily Keesha walked back to Justus apartment and stormed in. Startled, Jason and Justus turned to face an obviously mad Keesha. "Did you do this?" she screamed holding up the paper. Jason stood up from the couch and walked over to the paper clutched in her hand.


"What? No, I had nothing to do with this."

"How am I supposed to believe that? You were royally pissed that I went out with him and now out of nowhere he’s missing after all this time he’s been in the city?"

"Keesha you are accusing Jason of something pretty major here, the way Lorenzo Alcazar lived his life this was a possibility."

"How big of a possibility?" she asked folding her arms.

"Keesha he’s a big drug importer, his brother was an arms dealer, this sort of thing was bound to happen, maybe he ran around the wrong people, I mean Faith Rosco could’ve done this."

"But not him or not Sonny."

"You saw for yourself that Sonny has changed, he wouldn’t involve himself with something like that, believe me."

"This is what I get" she laughed to herself. "This is what I get for getting involved again with the likes of you." Keesha stormed out of the apartment. She was just so mad that she couldn’t see the hurt written all over Jason’s face.

"Look Jason I’m sorry man about that, she didn’t mean it."

"Yes she did."

"She’s just mad, I hate to say this but this is the best thing to happen to this city. Alcazar brought nothing but trouble to this city and now that he’s gone it just might be a little safer. At least he won’t be chasing after her anymore."

"Yeah." Jason hung his head as he listened to Justus’ words.

"Jason….did you? Did you really do this? You can tell me, I won’t tell Keesha."

Jason looked up at Justus. He knew that he could trust telling him. Jason took a deep breath and looked his cousin square in the eye. "No."


"This is what I get for getting involved again with the likes of you." That one sentence placed over and over in Keesha’s mind. It was pretty harsh of her to say that to Jason. She didn’t really mean it, she was just pissed. It didn’t register until she was way in the post office line that was saddened by her words. He finally displayed an emotion besides anger in front of her and there she was ripping out his heart. She shook her head at herself. Boy what would Granny Mae think, what would her father think? She didn’t know how she ended up there, maybe subconsciously. But there sitting in front of the Harbor View towers for the past 10 minutes had to have meant something. That she was there to confront Jason head on like a grown woman should.

"Mr. Morgan you have a visitor."

"I don’t want to see anyone" he said looking down at the Port Charles skyline.

"No visitors" Max told her.

"Um, alright, well can you relay a message to Jason for me?"

"Send her in" he mumbled. Max looked at Jason and back to his visitor.

"You can go in."

Keesha slowly walked into the dim penthouse. Jason’s back was turned to her, looking out of the window. She wasn’t sure if she should go closer to him or stay where she was.


"Yeah" he replied just above a whisper. Keesha opted to move in closer, standing right behind him. She placed her hand on his shoulder and looked over to him, still staring out the window. Jason was trying to maintain composure from her touch. It was so warm and soothing. She’d be startled is he just snatched her up by her waist and just kissed her like he wanted to. Instead he kept his head down.

"I’m sorry." Jason just nodded. "I shouldn’t have said what I said, I didn’t mean that. I know you and Sonny have changed, its just taking some getting used to."

"What is?"

"You…..back in my life, friend or not."

Jason turned around and reached around her back. He was so nervous to touch her but he couldn’t resist any longer. When Keesha hugged him back he was more than shocked. Jason pulled back and looked at her.

"Um, are you hungry? I have some dinner left over from Sonny’s."

"I’m good, I had dinner already but thanks."

"Well don’t leave just yet."


"Do you want anything? Tea, coffee? Water?"

"Um, water would be good."


Keesha sighed looking around his penthouse. It didn’t have Sonny’s darkness. As she waited for Jason to retrieve her water she walked over to his stereo and checked out his collection of music. Sure was taking Jason a long time just to get something simple as water.

"Here you go" he said holding the water above her.

"Thanks." Keesha opened the water and let the cool drink slide down her throat.

"So…Speakerboxx/the love below huh? Did know you were a rap fan."

"What did you think I listened to?"

"I don’t know I expected something like Black Sabbath or Van Halen."

"They’re on the left side."

"Ah." Jason took the cd from Keesha and placed it in the stereo. "Do you um, like this cd?"

"Yeah I have it home."

"Oh ok." Jason held his hand out and lifted her from the floor. "Do you know how to play pool?"

"A little."

"I can show you."

"What so you can feel me up?" Jason began to blush, now with attractiveness she was a mind reader?


"I was just joking, don’t get your boxers in a bunch" she laughed taking a few gulps of the water.

"Too late" he thought to himself. "Uh, come on over here I’ll show you." Keesha walked over to his pool table and watched as he set up.

"You’re the only person I know with a pool table in their living room."

"Well it beats going to Jake’s all the time." Jason watched as she finished off the water he gave her. Taking it away and replacing it with the stick, Jason began his lesson as She lives in my lap played on. "You’re not so bad."

"Thanks, but I’m not a pro like you, I mean you’re sinking the ball every time you touch it."

"Well I try" he smirked. Suddenly tiredness consumed her. "Sleepy?"

"Just a little, I got up a little early." Jason showed Keesha a few more tricks of the pool table as the cd played. "I love this song" she said with a sigh as Take off your cool came on.

"Uh yeah me too."

Jason walked around the table and held his hand out. Keesha slowly put her hand into his, leading her to the clear space of his living.

"I uh, am not much of a dancer." Keesha smiled. He might not have been much of a dancer but he was doing pretty well right there. Keesha laid her head on Jason’s chest as they swayed back and forth to the music. Jason’s warm hand on her lower back soothed her, making her eyes heavy. Jason noticed the slowly down in her steps and caught a glimpse of her eyes closed. "Keesha? Keesha?" Jason called out for her but he got no response. She was sleep. Jason got his signal. Jason gently scooped her up and carried her upstairs to the guest room across from his. With one hand free he managed to pull the sheet back and laid her upon the bed. Slowly he pulled her shoes off and pulled the cover over her. Jason bent over and kissed her on the temple of her forehead. A kiss was still a kiss, even if it was a stolen one.