Chapter 8

"Now where are you going looking all fancy?"

"Iím getting ready for a date."

"A date huh? With who?"

"Um, Lorenzo Alcazar." Justus spit out his water after being told who Keesha was getting all ready for.


"Not you too."

"Not me too? Who else said something, wait let me guess Jason?"


"And you didnít heed to his advice?!"

"I donít heed to anyone whoís in the same boat as the person that heís pointing the fingers to."

"What did Jason tell you?"

"That he was bad news, drug dealer, yada, yada, yada."

"Yada, yada, yada?! Heís telling the truth Keesha! Heís nothing but trouble!"

"Ok, I heard you the first time."



"He kidnapped Carly and Courtney his ex-wife."

"Yes I know."

"Heís the reason Carly got shot in the head." Keesha stopped putting her makeup on and looked at her cousin in shock.


"While she was giving birth to Morgan, Sonny thought he was hurting her, shot him but the bullet went through him and into her head."

"Thatís awful."

"Its not too late to cancel."

"Well Iím not going to."


"Because Iím not Justus! I just went over to an ex-mobsterís house for dinner a few nights ago, and I surprisingly got along with Carmen Santos despite her reputation, so do you honestly think Iím going to judge this man that everyone keeps telling me not to go out with? I mean youíre basically pushing me towards him."

"Keesha I canít believe youíre doing this."

"Look Justus Iím not a fool, I know what Iím doing." The knock from door ended the conversation between her and Justus. "Iíve got it." Keesha made it to the door and opened it to awaiting Jason. Jasonís eyes almost popped out of his head. She looked stunning. The black halter style dress, slanted just above the knee showed off her beautiful mocha skin. The top gave a glimpse to her perfect round breast accentuated with gold shimmer. She curled her hair back the way he remembered her hair looking last time he saw her except with more inches. Basically she was stunning and he couldnít take his eyes off her.

"Hey Jason, here to see Justus?"

"UhÖ.yeahÖ" Jason walked into the apartment and closed the door behind him. Keesha walked away returning to her compact looking once more at her makeup. "Something special going on tonight?" Jason gasped as she turned her around showing her bare back. Her skin looked so smooth, he just wanted to touch.

"Lil bit here is going out."

"Oh, um whatís the occasion?"

"Iím going out on a date" she replied.

"Oh" he said flatly.

"With Lorenzo Alcazar" Justus groaned.

"WHAT?!" Jasonís voice clasped across the room, shocking both Keesha and Justus.

"Did you not hear what we told you at dinner?!"

"Yes I did."

"And youíre still going out with him?!"

"Yes I am."

"Oh my God" Jason sighed running his hands through his hair.

"If you havenít noticed or care to have forgotten, I am no longer with you, ok? You pushed me to the side years ago, Iím doing me for right now, ok?"

"So thatís what it is, you havenít really forgiven me for what happened?"

"Of course I have, but Iím not going to sit around and pretend like nothing happened because you finally said sorry."

Jasonís argument was cut short from the knock on the door. "Iíll get it" she moaned griming Jason and her cousin. "Alcazar."

"Ms. Ward."

"Ah, ah, ah."

"I mean Keesha, you look fantastic."

"As well as you." Lorenzoís eyes moved behind Keesha over to Jason and Justus. "Hello Mr. Ward, Mr. Morgan."

Neither men said anything to Lorenzo as he gave them this smirk that just didnít settle with either one of them. Keesha returned to the door with her coat stepping in between the anger that flowed between the three.

"Iím ready if you are."

"That I am."

"Iíll be back later Justus." With that Keesha and Lorenzo was gone. Jason was fuming mad, Alcazar was going to pay for that.

"This place is beautiful" Keesha sighed as Lorenzo poured her another glass of champagne.

"Iím glad you like it." Lorenzo took Keesha to a new French in downtown Port Charles.

"So tell me, this has been the longest youíve been in town in 5 years?"

"Yes, yes it is. Its all really amazing because though things are pretty much the same, thereís a lot of change."

"That can happen sometimes."

Keesha took a sip of her champagne before gathering all the courage to say what she had on her mind. "You know I was well advised not to come out to dinner with you."

"By who? Your cousin? Morgan?"

"Along with Sonny and Carly Corinthos."

Lorenzo began to fiddle in his chair. He chalked up Morgan being at the Wardís because the lawyer was his cousin but he didnít know Sonny and Carly had gotten to her first.

"Really?" he said taking a gulp of champagne.

"So is it all true?"

"Is what all true?"

"The things with Carly, the abduction? Courtney?" Lorenzo looked away.

"Yes" he mumbled.

"Look Iím not judging you, I just wanted to know if they werenít trying to sling your name through the mud."

"Well thanks for your concern. I know that hearing everything Iíve done in the past is a bit unsettling, but I am a changed man and Iím not just saying that to get in your good graces. Iíve changed my ways. I no longer associate myself with organized crime and--" Keesha held her hand up to stop Lorenzoís rambling.

"I gotcha" she smiled. "Now no more talk about all of that, letís finish dinner. After a great dinner and plenty of champagne, Lorenzo walked Keesha back to her door stumbling.

"IÖI had a wonderful time.."

"Are you shayin dat cuzí of the champagne?"

"NoÖIím shayin it becud I did." Keesha could help but laugh at his slurred words. Maybe those 2 bottles of champagne was a bit much. Lorenzo clasped her hands together.

"Yeah, yeah I did, did you?"

"JeahÖ"she sighed. "Prwobabwee the best time shense Iíve been here."

Lorenzo smiled, even though she was tipsy he knew she had a good time regardless. Lorenzo moved in and kissed Keesha on the cheek. Looking into her brown eyes he needed more. Lorenzo trailed his kisses from her cheek to her soft lips. He slipped his tongue inside of her mouth, his tongue taking what his body desired. Keesha felt a tingle go through her spine as Lorenzo kissed her. Lorenzo deepened the kiss, wrapping his hands in her hair pulling her closer. Lorenzo pulled away from the kiss and began to place kisses down the side of her neck. Keeshaís knees began to buckle as his lips and tongue grazed up her neck back up to her lips for one more kiss. Keesha smiled, opening her eyes upon his. Lorenzo sighed as her eyes blinked, batting her fluffy eyelashes.

"Goodnight" he sighed.

"Goodnight." Keesha turned around and walked into the apartment.

"Maybe this wonít be so hard, fucking her wouldnít be a hard task" he thought to himself. He enjoyed the minimal kissing, he couldnít imagine what else heíd enjoy. Lorenzo walked to the elevator surprisingly greeted by Jason Morgan and his 9mm.

"I ought to kill you right here, right now."

"Why? And not even give me the opportunity to give her a test ride? I mean if the rest of her body tastes as good as her lips then I canít wait to taste her pu--" Jason snatched Lorenzo up and pushed him with force against the wall of the elevator.

"Youíre going to regret saying that, this I promise you."

The doors of the elevator opened. Jason gave the man one more look before leaving. Jason headed out of the elevator and reached in for his cell phone.

"Meyer, round up Marco and Max, tonight is Lorenzo Alcazarís last night in Port Charles."