Chapter 7

"Carly how many times do tell you not just barge in here?"

"Its about Keesha." Jason turned his full attention to the blond making her way into his penthouse.

"What about her?"

"Lorenzo Alcazar is trying to get on her good graces to get you back."

"What? How do you know this?"

"I saw them talking at Kellyís, when I confronted him, I mean he basically told me he wanted to see how youíd look after he turns her into a ho." Jasonís eyes got wide after hearing about Lorenzoís plans for Keesha.

"I wonít let that happen."

"I might not be crazy about her but I donít want that to happen either, so get over there, pick up the phone and invite her to dinner."


"You heard me, Iím not going to sit back and watch someone get destroyed by Lorenzo again even if it means her."

Though he didnít show it on the outside, he was smiling on the inside. Carly didnít want to see her hurt? Yeah she had changed.

"Fine Iíll call her." Carly left out shaking her head, what was she getting herself into? Jason walked over to his phone and began to press the seven digits. He hadnít been this nervous calling a girl before in his life, or the life that he now knew of.





"Whatís up?"

"Uh, nothing."

"So you called for nothing."

"Well no, I called to talk to you."

"OkÖ." Keesha turned the water in the sink and returned to her bedroom.

"Were you getting ready for bed?"

"Yeah, but Iím not sleepy yet. What did you want to talk about?"

"Are you busy tomorrow night?"

"Why do you want to know?"

"Well Sonny and Carly wanted to know if you wanted to come over for dinner. Sonny is a great cook."

"I donít knowÖ"

"Keesha, Iíll be honest with you. Thereís guards and thereís guns, but Sonny isnít in the game anymore. He gave it up for his family."

"What about you?" Jason didnít really know how to respond. Yeah he was still involved with the mob but he would never let anything happen to her, if only she knew that.

"Iím not going to lie and say Iím not, because I am. But its just dinner."

"Just dinner" she repeated.

"Nothing more nothing less."

Keesha thought for a moment. She had already told herself that she wasnít going to get close to Jason for no reason but while they were at that park alone something over came her. This feeling that maybe Jason Morgan had indeed changed over he years and became more human. She was taught never to hold a grudge but she also wasnít a fool either. Walking in the crossfire, hanging around those type of people that lived on the edge as if it was a normal life, if something was to happen to her she would be asking for it.

"Well can I at least think about and call you before tomorrow night?"

"Yeah sure."

"Alright, well goodnight Jason."

"Goodnight." Keesha hung up her cell phone and just sat in silence. What was going on? She couldnít get anything sorted out. Justus calling for her broke her thoughts which was welcomed because she didnít want to think anymore about Jason.


"Could you do me a favor?"

"Thatís what Iím here for."

"Could you get me a glass of water? My ankle is acting up, thank god for pain pills."

"Yeah sure." Keesha soon returned with Justusí water.

"Whatís wrong squirt?"


"I said whatís wrong and if you donĎt think I donĎt know then youĎre deluding yourself. I know when somethingĎs up so go ahead and tell me." Damn their closeness. She wouldíve just gave him his glass of water and left but he saw it written all over her face.

"Its Jason isnít it?"

"Yeah, he invited me to dinner."

"Good, you should go, Iím sick of looking at your mug around here."


"I mean it, you need to get out. I appreciate you taking care of me, but I donít want you to be all bored and lonely either."

"Even if that means me spending time with Jason Morgan?"

"Quit referring to him like heís like some mythical character. Heís as human as you and I."

"But Justus, I donít know if Iím ready to go out with him or anyone for that matter."

"Whereíd he ask you for dinner?"

"Sonny and Carlyís and you know how crazy I am for them."

"Just about as crazy as a heart attack. Look Iíve been over there numerous times, theyíre good people now. She has her kids, Sonnyís out of the business, things are kosher for them and it shows in their attitude, but you wouldnít know that if you didn't give them a chance. You canít judge them on what they used to be Keesha. And as for Jason, even youíve had to admit heís different now than what he used to be plus its only dinner at the Corinthosí its not like heís taking you to the Whitney or something. Itíll probably just be a friendly dinner with the four of you, so why not."

She hated it when he cousin was right, it reminded her of their younger days when sheís try everything to be right, even when she knew she was wrong.

"Youíre right" she groaned.

"Iím what?"

"Right! I said youíre right" she laughed.

"I know I am."

"All those years in law school helped with arguments."

"You know it."

"Alright, well let me know if you need anything."

"That I will."

"Good night cous."

"Good night. I hope you think about what I said." Keesha smiled and walked away from Justus room and back upstairs.


"I hope Iím not calling too late."

"No not at all." Jason sat up in his bed as the sound of Keeshaís voice woke him. He crossed his fingers that she had crossed her mind.

"Well count me in for tomorrow." "Youíre coming?"


"I can send someone to come get you at 7."

"No I can make it on my own."

"Alright, see you tomorrow."

"Yeah." Jason hung up his phone and laid his hand behind his head. She had to be right, so far she had. Lila was feeling better and these feelings that he couldnít explain plagued his body. Tomorrow would be the first meeting, after that two more would make her his, he was just hoping that she was right and that with some heavy duty convincing Lorenzo Alcazar would be nothing but a chance meeting.


"Hello Keesha."

"Hello Sonny."

"Please come in."

Sonny stood off to the side to let Keesha enter the lavish penthouse apartment. She looked around at all the exquisite Italian dťcor.

"You have a beautiful place Sonny."

"Thank you." Keesha couldnít believe that friendliness she was exuding towards Sonny. She wasnít sure what it was, maybe it was the knowledge of him not being in the mob anymore, she couldnít explain it. "Jason should be over soon."


"Sonny, do you--" Carly stopped upon the sight of Keesha. If she didnít hate Alcazar so much this wouldnít be happening. "Hello Keesha."

"Hello Carly."

Each greeting sounded more forced than welcoming. They all sort of stood there in awkwardness, not making another sound. Suddenly the door opened and Jason walked in.

"I thought you were coming over to my place before heading over here?"

"Well I didnít really see the need of going over there first just for us to come over here."

"Ah, um, Sonny, can I speak to you for a minute?"

"Yeah sure, Keesha can you help Carly set up there table?"

"I can do myself actually."

"I donít mind." Keesha grinned, taking the silverware out of Carlyís hands. Anyway to piss her off on the sly tip was more than self pleasing. As Sonny and Jason talked to one another in the living room, Carly and Keesha placed the silverware and dishes on the table without making a peep.

"SoÖ..I hear Justus is doing better."

"Yeah he is, heís slowly returning to that annoying cousin that I grew up with." The sound of footsteps coming down the steps called for Keesha and Carlyís attention. Michael, Morgan and their babysitter came down the steps.

"You all ready for grandmaís?"

"Yup! Hi Keesha."

"Hi Michael how are you?"

"Iím fine and you?"

"Well thank you for asking, Iím good. Such the little gentleman."

"Youíve met Keesha?"

"Yes at Jasonís."

"Oh ok."

"Keesha this is my little brother Morgan."

Keesha looked over to Jason who the child was obviously named after and back at the baby.

"Wow" she whispered to herself. "Heís so adorable." Morgan reached out for Keeshaís finger and held onto it. "Nice to meet you little Morgan."

"Well weíre going to head out to Bobbieís."

"Alright thanks Leticia, be good for you grandma" Carly said walking over kissing both of her boys.

"Aw mom." The three left out of the penthouse after another goodbye from the two men in the front.

"You have two sweet little boys."

"Thanks, I love them so much."

"How could you not, Morgan is so adorable and Michael is too."

"Yeah, you know I never thought Iíd have another child after that fall. Morgan was such a blessing after so many--" Carly stopped and looked away. Even though it had been years later, the thought of her and Sonnyís other child still haunted her.

"I understand." Carly looked up and Keesha who also had that look. That look that she often saw in the reflection of the mirror when sheíd think about the baby in the morning. Thatís how she knew.

"Well its good that Justus is getting better."

"Um, yeah." Carly looked up to the living room at Jason and Sonny talking.

"Look at him, heís in there just a talking when just a few minutes ago he was about to flip a lip because he couldnít find the oregano."

"Sonny cooked?"

"Honey I donít even know how to open a can of soup correctly." Keesha couldnít help but laugh, was it really that bad. "Oh my gosh, did you hear that?"


"We just laughed, together, bonkers huh?"

"Yeah, letís not stretch it."

"Alright" Carly laughed. After everything was set up, the women called the boys in the back to get ready for dinner.

"Iím glad you decided to come" Jason said looking down at her. She looked so beautiful. Something about Springfield, he wasnít sure, spruced her up. He never denied that she wasnít beautiful when he came out of the coma, but she still maintained her beauty and innocence. He wasnít going to let Lorenzo messed that up for him or for herself in that matter. He wasnít going to let him destroy something so kind, so pure that was Keesha Ward. Sonny came in from the kitchen and placed each plate of food down in front of each diner.

"So howíd you learn how to cook so good Sonny?" Keesha asked digging into her fettuccini alfredo.

"My mother, my mother was an excellent cook. I guess she passed her culinary skills down to me."

"Thatís great." Silence filled the air once more as each person finished off their dinner.

"So did you um, hear about Lorenzo Alcazar?" The name sent signals to Keeshaís ear. Howíd they know about Lorenzo?

"Yeah, incompetent PCPD, still canít bring charges against him."

"What kind of charges?" Keesha asked. Carlyís eyes flew to Jasonís and vice versa. Thatís when they knew their plan was working.

"Heís a big drug lord here in Port Charles. Cops canít never pin him down with anything. The other week he had a big shipment of illegal weapons come over and the cops caught him but still didnít do anything, its like the looked the other way or something." Keesha couldnít believe it. That well dressed, handsome man that she made a mistake and bumped into was nothing more than another one of Port Charles thugs? She just shook her head as Sonny continued with telling her about Lorenzoís misdeeds. "But thatís not the worst he did."

"What else could this man possibly do?"

"He um, kidnapped Carly here for a while." Keeshaís eyes flew over to Carly in shock.

"He what?!"

"Yeah, its true, while I was pregnant."

"With Morgan?"


"My goodnessÖ"

"And he caused Jasonís wife to have a miscarriage." Keesha had heard enough, this Lorenzo Alcazar was nothing but trouble.

"Wow I met him yesterday and he just didnít seem like that kind of person."

"Honey believe me he is."


"Well lets not talk anymore about Alcazar, Iím sick of him. So Keesha, howís life in Springfield?" Sonny steered the conversation to a new direction. Jason and Carly didnít mind because they filled all that they wanted in her head about Lorenzo Alcazar.

"Its great, I actually miss it somewhat."

"Jason told me that you opened a Ward House there?"

"Yeah but it recently closed." Jason began to shift uncomfortably in his chair, if she only knew....


"Something with the city owning the land some mumbo jumbo, cut the story short they want the land back and theyíre closing it."

"Have you done all you can to keep it open?"

"My co-chairperson has but thereís nothing he can do."

"Maybe if I get in contact with a few peopleÖ"

"Thanks Sonny but that wonít be necessary." Keesha looked up at the antique clock at the time. "Well Iíd better get going, Justus is going to start bitching about his medication or something so Iíd better head out."

"Does Justus need a live in nurse? Iíd be more than happy to help with anything he needs."

"Youíre on a roll tonight arenít you Sonny? Thanks but Iím doing ok, heís not much of a complainer until he needs something, tries to get it himself and forgets that heís really only working with one arm."

"Frustrating huh?"

"Yeah, well thank you all for dinner."

"My pleasure."

"See you around" Carly smiled.

"Hey, Iíll walk you to your car."

"You donít have to do that" Keesha said pulling on her jacket.

"I want to, will you at least let me do that?" Keesha sighed.

Maybe coming to dinner was a bad idea. It was giving Jason the idea that maybe she wanted a friendship with him when all she was really doing was being nice. Or at least thatís what she thought she was going.


Jason helped her with the rest of her coat before hoping on the elevator to the parking garage. Neither said anything to one another on the ride down. Keesha really didnít know what to say but Jason didnít say anything because he was too mesmerized by her scent. He recognized it as Angel, something Sonny had bought for Carly once for her birthday.

"I guess you could say that you were right."


"Sonny and Carly has changed a lot from when I was last here."

"Yeah they have."

"It only really makes me wonder one thing."

"And that is?"

"How much have you changed?"

"Well thereís only one way to find outÖ"

Jason looked over to Keesha. She couldnít help but melt as his blue eyes dawned up on her. No he wasnít Jason Quartermaine, sheíd be a fool to expect him to ever return or assume that this was the same man but something about him, she couldnít quite put her finger on it. It was sometimes just the way he looked at her. She was just digging a hole for herself, falling again for Jason. Keesha coughed and moved her attention away from Jasonís.

"I can make it from here."

"I can walk you."

"Iím fine really."


"Jason I understand that you want to make sure Iím ok but I can take care of myself. Iíve lived this long without a scratch nothingís going to happen now, alright?"


"Alright, thanks for inviting me to dinner. Tell Sonny and Carly thanks again."



Keesha smiled at Jason and started out for her car. Jason didnít move until he saw her get into her car and drive off. He was getting to her, he knew it, he could see it all in her eyes as they were in the elevator. All he had to do was move in for the kill.