Chapter 4

"Keesha what are you doing here at this time?"

"I need to ask you something?" Keesha pulled up a chair next Justus bed.

"Alright, shoot."

"Did you ask Jason to apologize to me?" Justus sat up in his bed in surprise of what he just heard.

"Come again?"

"Oh come on Justus you heard me."

"Jason apologized to you? When?"

"Today, 2 hours ago."

"Wow, thatís some news, but honestly I didnít mention anything to him. He stopped by a few days ago and thatís the last Iíve seen of him."

"So you didnít say anything?"

"No not at all."

"Keesha? What are you doing here?" Keesha turned around to face Alan who had entered Justusí room.

"Um I had to ask him something important."

"You couldnít ask him over the phone? Its not so good for a young lady to be out walking around this late by herself."

"I can handle myself Dr. Quartermaine, plus I drove."


"Dr. Quartermaine--"

"Please, call me Alan, thereís no need to be formal, we were almost family after all."

"Yeah about that, have you talked to Jason lately."

"A few days ago when he came to visit Justus."

"Well what I mean have you two had any like long sit down talks?"

"Where is all this coming from?" Alan laughed.

"He came and apologized to me earlier this evening and I was wondering--"

"HE WHAT?!" His reaction made it official. Jason mustíve meant it.

"He apologized to me about the way he treated me, believe me Iím just as shocked as you are."

Without saying one more word, Keesha left out of the hospital room leaving Justus and Alan most confused. Keesha made her way to the elevators making sure she was in the safe zone to use her cell phone.

"Hello Emily, can you give me Jasonís address?"


"Mr. Morgan you have a visitor." Jason looked up from the partial picture from Keeshaís photo album that he slipped in his pocket.

"Who is it?"

"Ms. Ward sir."

"Send her in."

Jason stood from the couch as Keesha slowly entered his penthouse. Max closed the door behind him and quiet filled the room. They just sort of stayed that way for awhile looking at one another. He was still handsome, Keesha thought. He had a nice body, nice hair cut, nice clothes but he just wasnít that Jason. Jason looked at her noticed the differences as well. He hair was much longer and straightened from the curls she used to wear when he last saw her. Gone were the sundress or preppy looking clothes, instead she wore a tight white tank top with tight blue jeans and pink high heel boots to match her pink silk bomber jacket. He couldnít help but notice that she was beautiful.

"So you meant ever word you said?"

"That I did."

"And Justus, Emily or no one from your family persuaded you to do it?"

"No, no one at all." Keesha nodded. "You donít have to stand so far, its not like Iím going to bite or anything" he laughed. Keesha withdrew the breath she held and walked over to his couch and sat down.

"Well um, this is a nice place, did you decorate it yourself?"

"No, my um, ex-wife did."

"So youíve been married?"

"Yeah, as you can see it didnĎt work out" he said nervously.

"I understand, neither did mine."

"You were married too?"

"Yeah for almost 3 years, but it didnít work either."

"Iím sorry to hear that."

"Same here."

Suddenly Jasonís door popped open and Michael came running in. Keesha couldnít believe her eyes. The last she spoke to A.J. he was born and now he was up walking around a full grown boy.

"Hey buddy."

"Hey Uncle Jason, mommy said if it was ok with you did you want to come over for dinner?"

"Yeah sure." Just then Michael realized Keesha was in the room.

"Iím sorry I didnít know that you had a friend over."

"No its ok, this is Keesha, Keesha this is Michael."

"Very nice to meet you Michael, boy you sure have grown."

"Youíve met me before?"

"No but Iíve heard good things about you." Jason looked up at Keesha in confusion.

"A.J." she motioned with her lips quietly.

"Iím glad youíre here to keep Uncle Jason company because he stays really bored by himself."

"Oh well sweetie I wonít be here long, I donít live in this city."

"Where do you live?"

"I live in Springfield."

"Where is that?" Keesha was about to open her mouth when Jason interjected.

"Keesha will be over another time to answer all your questions but its late and you have to go get ready for dinner. Tell your mother Iíll be over soon."

"Alright, bye Keesha, I hope to see you again sometime." Keesha looked to Jason then back to Michael.

"Same here little guy."

She could see A.J. written all over him, it was a shame that he didnít get to spend time with his real father, but nevertheless Sonny and Carly, regardless of who they were, raised him to be very polite. Michael left out of the penthouse.

"Well Iím going to jet."

"You donít have to leave, I can go over there and tell Carly Iíll come over another time. Maybe we can get a bowl of chili down at Kellyís or something."

"Jason just because here doesnít mean weíre going to be instant buddies. I just came over to find out if you meant what you said and to tell you that I accept your apology."

"I understand."

Keesha got up from the couch and headed out of Jasonís penthouse. Just then she came across Carly who was standing outside of Jasonís penthouse.

"So the rumors are true, youíre back in town."

"That would be correct."

"And let me guess, youíre back to see if Jason is the same man that you hoped and prayed to come back?"

"I know for certain that heís not the same Jason that I knew and if you had half a brain cell, youíd know that Iím not here in town for Jason Iím here because my cousin was in a accident."

"Oh yeah thatís right, my mistake I did hear about that. That makes sense that you are here to see him because it would be a pity to see you after all these year groveling at Jasonís ankles begging him to come back to you."

"Sorry Carly I donít stoop to those antics that youíre so used to. If you want to know, which I know you do from your carriage, Jason and I had a talk, nothing more nothing less, in fact I doubt Iíll even see him after tonight. I hope that helps you have a good nights rest tonight."

"No doubt it will, Jason has had enough of pushy whiny broads--"

"Pushy? Whiny? Excus--"

"What is going on out here?" Sonny stepped out of his penthouse to the two arguing women outside his best friends penthouse. He looked over to the young woman that he hadnít see in years. "Ms. Ward."

"Mr. Corinthos."

"I havenít seen you in years."

"Yes and vice versa." Keesha remained civil talking to the crime lord. She didnít have to like him not to be respectful to him, her Granny Mae taught her that.

"How have you been?"

"I could be better" she said looking directly at Carly. Carly squinted at her obvious dislike for the friendliness displayed between the two.

"I am sorry to hear about your cousin, if thereís anything you need--"

"I wonít" she said hastily, "but thank you anyways."

"Yeah, I was going to go by the hospital tomorrow to visit him."

"Heíd like that."

"Thatís good, are you hungry? Would you like something to eat? We have more than enough to eat."

"No thanks, I think Iím just going to head over to Justusí and get everything for to come him, heís being released Friday and I want everything to be in order."

"Alright, next time."

"Yeah next time" she said flatly. Keesha left the door and jumped on the elevator. As soon as the doors closed, Carly looked over to Sonny and raised her eyebrow.

"Do you know who you were just talking to? The woman who has hated your guts for the longest?"

"She doesnít anymore."

"Well she hates mine!"

"Carly youíve got to admit, you have given her a reason not to like you" he laughed.

"Plus sheís going through enough as it is, her cousin just got in a car accident and almost died, now heís all messed up and she has to take care of him, leave her be until sheís mentally strong enough to throw jabs back at ya."

"Seems like sheís strong enough to me."


"Fine, fine, Iíll be on my best behavior until she gives me a reason not to be."

"Well thatís something." Sonny gave his wife a kiss on the cheek before going back into the penthouse.


"Are you comfortable?"

"Very, you know Keesha, I canít thank you enough for helping me."

"Uh hello, we are family. How could I not help?" The ringing from Justus doorbell broke the conversation. "Be right back." Keesha walked out of Justusí room to the front door.


"Hey, can I come in?"

"Um, yeah I guess." Keesha stood off to the side and let Jason enter Justus apartment.

"Who is it lilí bit?"

"Its your cousin" she replied. "Are you here to see Justus?"

"Along with you, yes."



"Thereís no need to see me."

"Why not?"

"Because Iíve already told you that thereís no need to see me."

"Even if I want to see you?"

"Even if you want to see me." Jason put his head down and slid his hands in his pockets. Itíd take a little more the get in her good graces.

"Well can I at least see Justus?"

"Heís in the room next to the kitchen we couldnít get him up the stairs with the broken ankle and leg."

"Alright." Jason made his way to Justus room and Keesha walked upstairs to hers.

"Hey man."

"Hey." Jason sat down in the chair next to Justusí bed.

"How ya doing?"

"Shouldnít I be asking you that?"

"Well Iím good as good can be. Iím not lying in a 6 foot grave so I should be thankful for that and my cousin is back pampering me which is interestingÖ..she told me a few days ago that you apologized to her?"

"Um, yeah I did."

"Thatís great man, really it is."

"But weíre still not on good terms."

"Just give her some time, sheíll turn around. Youíre a good guy, she stubborn but sheíll see that youíre not who you used to be."

"I can only hope, but I here about you, is everything ok? Do you need anything?"

"No, no Iím fine Keeshaís taking care of me but if I need anything Iíll be sure to give you a call."


"I am so sick of being short. The scientist can grow back hair, correct vision and cure cancers but they canít do anything about human growth?"

Keesha tried her best to lift her shoe box on the top shelf but it just wasnít working. As soon as his hand graced hers, tingles danced throughout her body. Jason stood behind her a pushed the box in the spot she wanted. Keesha took a deep breath as he stood so close. She could feel the material of his blue jeans against her rear.

"Thanks" she choked.

"Are you staying permanently?"

"Just until Justus gets better." They stayed in that position for a minute. The feeling of his warm breath was so soothing that she closed her eyes to reel in the feeling. Jason wasnít sure how to explain it but just being there felt so right. He wanted to reach out and touch her but he knew sheíd just flee so he kept his hands to himself. Keesha then turned around and walked away from Jason to her drawer. "You and Michael are close."

"Yeah, heís a great kid."

"That I can see. Seeing you together, I guess shows me that thereís still some good in you." Jason looked up at her. She stood so far away but if she would grow to accept him she wouldnít stay far away too long.

"Well it good to know that you think that."

"I said some" she smiled placing her shirt in the drawer.

"Iíll take that, maybe Iíll see you around?"


"Alright." Jason took his leave. Keesha couldnít help but shake her head. What was going on? He cousin miraculously woke from his coma, Jason apologized for his behavior all those years ago and now he was popping up out of nowhere.