Chapter 2

"Look youíve been here for hours, you need some sleep and something to eat."

"Iím ok Emily, I really am, thanks."

"Iím not taking no for an answer. Let me take you to Kellyís and get you something to eat and take you back to my place."

"Oh no, no, no, no, I am not going to the Quartermaine mansion."

"No, I have my own place."

Keesha looked down at Justus who was still laying still. Even though she wanted to stay, she was famished and exhausted. She wouldnít be any help to him if she was weak.

"Well I guess it wonít hurt to take a little break."

Keesha got up from the chair and joined the youngest Quartermaine to Kellyís. She was right, over time things had gotten different but not too much. Everything almost looked the same which brought back a flood of memories that wish she rather not have.

"So tell me, whatís been going on in your life Keesha, we havenít seen you in these parts lately."

"Well there really hasnít been a reason to come back." Emily looked a little down from her comment. "No I didnít mean you, I mean there wasnít really anything for me to come back for. Justus had moved and Ward House had new directors, it just wasnít really anything here for me. As you know I moved back to Philly to help take care of my father but he died 6 months after I got there. I couldnít stay there anymore. Everything reminded me of him, the house, the neighborhood, it hurt too much. So I moved to Springfield to help this guy, Danny Santos straighten up this bad neighborhood, 5th street. I helped form another Ward House there for children and teens."

"Wow thatís great Keesha! Iím so proud of you, Iím sure it helped a lot of people."

"It did."

"So what about that time we saw each other in California? You were getting ready to go to some gala with your husband? Is he here?"

"Um, no, we got a divorce."

"Iím so sorry to hear that, who was the guy?"

"Alan Spaulding."

"The Alan Spaulding? You were married to him?"

Keesha began to blush, whenever she told someone that they were shell shocked. Even she was surprised that she was married to him sometimes.

"Yup the one and only, but it was a bad choice. I think sometimes I only married him because he reminded me so much of my father and thatís another thing, the age difference was pretty interesting."

"Well I would think so, heís like in his 50ís isnít he?"

"Yeah, but thatís all done and over with, what about you, how have things been?"

"Well I got married."

"To who?!"

"This guy, Zander Smith, you donít know him, but I was married for awhile but we also got a divorce because I was in love with someone else, Nikolas Cassadine."

"Well I canít blame you on that one" she laughed.

"Yeah I know, well weíre still together. Heís away on business right now, so itíll just be me and you at the cottage."

"Oh thank you so much, its so kind of you to invite me to stay with you."

"Itís the least I can do." Emily contemplated on whether or not she wanted to ask this question but she just had to know. "So umÖhave you seen Jason?"

Keeshaís heart stopped when she heard his name. She was waiting for Emily to ask something about Jason but not so soon.

"I actually I havenít, Iíve been in Justusí room since I got here so I havenít seen anyone besides you."

"Do you want to see him?"

"Honestly not really."

"Heís really a changed man since you left."

"Heís still working for Sonny Corinthos?"


"Doesnít sound like much change to me."

"I know, but trust me, he has. Heís not this angry and confused person anymore. Iím sure if he saw you he wouldnít--"

"Emily I hate to say this because heís your brother and all but Iíd rather walked through hell with a gasoline drenched dress than to lay eyes on your brother again."


"Iíve gotten over him and just being in the same room with him might make me sick so Iíd rather not. Why has he asked about me?"

"No he hasnít."

"Ok, good, well if he happens to mention me or if you see him around me, please make sure he doesnít come my way. I donít really need all of that right now at this time."

Emily was hurt that Keesha felt that way. She had every right to though. Jason treated her like gun on the bottom on his shoe and never once did he apologize for his actions but if Keesha could only see the type of man he had now become maybe she wouldnít have those same feelings towards him. After dinner at Kellyís, Emily took Keesha back to her cottage and set her up in the guest room. Tonight was going to be a long night for Keesha. Justus still hadnít come to and now thoughts of Jason plagued her mind.

"Jason, tah" she scoffed.

Present day Jason wasnít the Jason she knew. He wasnít the sweet, warm hearted, kind, funny guy whoíd give his all just to help another person Jason. No, he was the ruthless, cold hearted, malicious Jason, íthe robotí as she liked to call him that did anything and everything Sonny told him to. She didnít want to know him and didnít care about him anymore. If you asked her 4 years ago if she still had love for him regardless of his change sheíd say yes, but now she wouldnít give him the time of day.


It was a new day in Port Charles. The sun was shinning bright and the birds were chirping but no matter how beautiful it was outside, inside was still dark and gloomy. Justus for the 5th day now still hadnít woken from his coma. Alan and Monica continuously gave Keesha kind words and hope that he might wake up soon but something inside her told her that it might not be true. Look at Jason, he woke up and everything wasnít fine.


"Thanks a lot Emily for putting that thought in my head."

"Keesha, weíre going to have to get in here for a second." Keesha looked back to Alan and gave him a smile.

"Alright, Iíll be downstairs if you know anything happens." Keesha grabbed her purse and got on the elevator heading to the church chapel. Just her luck it was empty. After lighting a candle she sat down on one of the pews. She peered around once more making she alone before saying anything aloud.

"Hey God its me, again. I know youíre probably getting sick of me asking you to do things for me and honestly I canít blame you. Here I am once again asking you to help another person that I love. Its Justus, but Iím sure you know who Iím talking about. Heís in a coma. I just canít get used to seeing him like that. Its like 6 years all over again. Heís the last person I have Lord. Please donít take him away from me." Keesha couldnít finish with her prayer for all the tears that streamed down her face.

Meanwhile upstairs Jason stepped off the elevator and headed to his cousinís room. The scent that stayed surrounding him since he was last there clouded the small area around Justus room once again.

"Can I come in?" Alan turned around and almost turned white from looking at his youngest son.

"Uh, yeah sure, weíre just finishing up with him."

"How is he doing?"


"But heís still in a coma."

"He could be dead." Jason nodded. Alan looked away from his son and back to his nephew. Just a few years ago he was in the same predicament. Thatís what made all of this hurt even more. "Iíll leave you two be."


Alan rushed to the front desk and call Keeshaís cell phone. He had to keep her from coming upstairs running into Jason. She had personally asked him that if Jason was around to warn her and she would stay clear away. After receiving the call Keesha stayed in the chapel until Alan called her back and told her that he was leaving the hospital. She made her way back up to the elevator that let off on Justus floor when she realized that she left her purse downstairs in the chapel.

"Iím not a very religious man, but I know if anyone can make things better its you. My cousin is upstairs in a tight spot God. Seeing him like that, I donít know, it makes me sadÖ.angryÖconfused. Why him? Someone that has everything right in this world? I know you canít answer my questions but can you at least just take care of him? Help him out?" Jason got up from the pew and light a candle in front of him. As he was heading out he noticed a small black purse on the floor. Someone mustíve left it by accident. Before he left he would drop it off at the front desk.

"If I didnít have my head attached to my shoulders" she laughed to herself. As Keesha walked into the chapel a chill went through her body. She paid no mind to it and walked on in. Someone was in the chapel now, in the same spot she was in 20 minutes ago.

"Excuse me sir, is there a purse down there under the pew?" Jason stood stillÖthat voice. Slowly he got up and turned to face her. Neither said a sound as they looked at one another. There standing before her eyes, the first time in 5 years was Jason. She couldnít pinpoint what emotion was flowing through her body as she looked at him. She knew for sure that it wasnít happiness. Quickly she moved to him and snatched the purse out of his hands. Jason understood her reaction, even he had to admit that the way he treated her was crappy. The one thing that made him feel relived was that when she looked at him she only saw Jason Morgan which was a far better than all those other times she looked at him wanting and waiting Jason Quartermaine to come back. Keesha looked at him once more before walking out but was stopped by Jasonís grasp.

"Wait." Jasonís touch scorched her wrist. Swiftly she jerked it away from him, almost knocking herself over.

"Donít touch me." Jason opened him mouth but Keesha raised her hand for him to stop.

"Save it, if you see me, donít bother saying one word to me, not one. Keep walking and pretend like Iím a stranger like you have been doing for all these years because thereís not a damn thing you have to say to me that I want to hear." Keesha turned on her heels and stormed out of the chapel leaving Jason all alone.

"Even if its sorry?" he said to himself. That wasnít good enough for him. He was going to tell her, straight to her face. Jason pulled himself from the pew and headed for the floor where Justus was on. Just as he was making his way to his room, Alan stepped in his way.

"Get out of my way Alan."


"Alan, get out of the way, I have to go to Justus room."

"I know why you have to go to Justus room and its not to check on him. Youíve hurt that girl more than enough, so the answer is no, Iím not getting out of the way."


"NO." Alan noticed that that Jasonís eye glanced behind him. Alan turned around and saw a teary eyed Keesha standing a few feet away.

"This isnít over, weíre going to talk and youíre going to listen."

"Who are you to demand anything from me, I told you that you have nothing I want to hear."

"Are you so sure about that?"


"Weíll see." Jason looked from Keesha, to his father and then left. Keesha let out a sigh of relief from Jasonís departure.

"Are you alright?"

"Iím alright Dr. Quartermaine, thank you. Now Iím going to have somewhere new to stay."

"You can stay with our family if you like, Jason doesnít come to mansion."

"Thanks but I donít want to have to deal with Edward."


"Alan, Alan, come quick!" Bobbie yelled outside of Justus door. Both Alan and Keesha ran to Justus room to find him awake. Keesha could jump for joy.

"Lilí bit, what are you doing here?"

Normally she would roll her eyes to Justus calling her that nickname but she couldnít help but smile and laugh. He could call her fartface for all she cared, he was out of his coma and that was all that mattered. As everyone celebrated Justus return to the living world, Jason stood from afar and looked in. oh yeah, they were definitely going to talk.