Chapter 1

Something just wasnít right. She could feel it in her bones, she wasnít sure what it was but this feeling overcame her entire body. Something bad had happened, what she wasnít sure. Slowly she pulled herself out of the bathtub and wrapped the cotton white towel around her waist.

"Keesha get a hold of yourself, it canít be anything serious right?"

Keesha took a deep breath. She kept trying to reassure herself that things were ok, that nothing was wrong that it was all in her imagination, right? So why couldnít she shake the feeling? The feeling that something horrible had happened. It had been so long since she felt it, not since her father died 3 years ago. If only she had some clue.

"Boy is this like reliving that hell all over again?"

"Yes." Alan and Monica looked down at the young man that laid before them. The two Quartermaine doctors stood in silence as the beeps of the machines filled the room.

"I want to see him this instant!" Alan could hear his father from far away at the front desk.

"Father, father calm down."

"I will not calm down!"

"Father getting out of control will not help him." As Alan and Edward went back and forth Emily and A.J. stepped off the elevator and walked in the lobby of GH.

"We got here as fast as we could."

"What exactly happened?" Emily asked.

"There was a major car accident on Martin Ave. Because of the rain storm a couple cars went out of control. He was on the freeway and when he tried to stop his car skidded and flipped over. The car behind him couldnít stop as fast and hit him." Emily and A.Jís eyes grew large. How could someone survive that?

"Oh my gosh" she gasped.

"How is he doing now?"

"Heís in a coma, his body is in shock and its trying to repair everything."

"Well can we see him?"

"Only for a little bit, but donít stay too long heís had a rough night."

"Alright." Alan led Edward, A.J. and Emily to the hospital room before heading off to help with other patients from the accident. All three Quartermaineís couldnít tear their eyes away, how could this happen? Not again! Emily tried to muffle her tears but after seeing all the cords and wires she couldnít help but let out a sob. A.J. wrapped his arm around her and carried her outside of the room.

"Its ok Em, heíll be alright."

"I know, I know, heís strong."

"Youíre right."

"KeeshaÖKeesha has to know." A.J. took a deep breath. It had been years since he heard that name. He often thought about her from her and there but he never really went out of his way to find her.

"Yeah youíre right."

"Iím aÖIím going to call her."

"Alright." Emily pulled out her cell phone and walked to around the corner to talk in privacy. She and Keesha hadnít talked in awhile. She had miraculously ran into her one day while skipping class at Stanford some years ago. She didnít have a lot of time to talk since she was getting a fitting for some fancy dress for a party later that night but they managed to talk to one another briefly and exchange numbers.

The shrill of the phone broke Keeshaís concentration as she rubbed the silky lotion on her legs. It wasnít exactly late but usually no one called around this time. Keesha looked over to the phone. She let it ring four times before heading over to pick it up.


"Keesha?" Keesha stood in her tracks, she hadnít heard that voice in so long.


"Yeah?" she sighed.

"Oh my, I havenít talked to you in a long time! How are you?"

"Iím good so far."

"So far? Whatís wrong?" Keesha made her way back to the bed and sat on the end, listening to the young woman on the other end of the phone and the country.

"Um, I donít know how to say this, so Iím just going to blurt it out. Itís Justus."

"What about him?"

"UhÖheís been in a car accident and heís in a coma." She could hear Keesha crying over the phone. "I just thought I should call--"

"Iíll be on my way." For the first time in five years sheíd be on her way back to Port Charles. She was too clouded about what exactly happened to her cousin to even think what she was also returning to. She was returning to her long lost love.


"Oh my Keesha, I havenít seen you in years!" Keesha tried to smile at Bobbie but even she could tell it was nothing more than a fake.

"Hi Bobbie, how are you?"

"Iím great, Iím so sorry to hear about your cousin. Heíll be so glad to know youíre here."

"One can only hope, is ok if I see him?"

"Yeah sure is, follow me." Bobbie lead Keesha down the unfamiliar halls of GH. Things had changed so much that it surprised her. Had Port Charles completely changed while she was gone? She would soon find out because she wasnít going anywhere until her cousin opened his eyes. Bobbie gave Keesha and gentle stroke on her back before opening the door to Justusí room. On sight Keesha began to cry looking at him. There were so many wires and so many beeps, it was so overwhelming.

"You can go over there" Bobbie whispered. Keesha looked back at the kind nurse and nodded. She walked over to the side of his bed and reached out to his limp hand. This wasnít real, this was a nightmare, it had to be. She automatically expected him to grab back but nothing, nothing at all.

"What happened?" she said just above a whisper.

"He was in a car accident on Martin Ave. It was during rush hour, his car flipped over and he was hit by another car. He has six broken bones, broken ribs and he just came out of surgery not long ago to remove the shreds of glass from his chest. Keesha I know that all sounds horrible but be strong. Your strength will help him through this." Keesha smiled and nodded, wiping the tears from her eyes. Bobbie was right, she had to be strong for her cousin. If her Granny Mae was around sheíd be just as strong knowing that itíd help him. Keesha heard the door close behind her as Bobbie left out of the room.

Bobbie returned to the front desk saying a silent prayer to herself for Keesha and Justus. The pain written all over her face even made her sad. The chime of the elevator car broke Bobbie out of her thoughts. Jason Morgan came across her vision sending her on high alert. She knew things hadnít ended well with the two and she knew exactly where he was headed.

"Jason! Jason!" Bobbie continued to call out for him but her calls fell on death ears.

"CODE BLUE! COD BLUE!" It had to come at the right time huh? Bobbie stomped her foot in frustration, making her way to the room of the patient. She could only hope that Keesha and Jason would be able to see each other after all these years.

Jason looked up at the small blue light in the hospital hall that continuously blinked. He recognized that light because he had been at GH so many times in the past year it wasnít funny.

"Room 320" Jason said to himself. He had been told from Sonny that his cousin and one time lawyer Justus had been in a car accident that left him unconscious. The least he could do was stop by and see how he was but as he made his way to Room 320 this scent, this euphoric scent overtook him. What was about it that aroma that triggered his senses? Just as he reached for the doorknob of the room a spark was sent from the metal handle to his hand making him jump back.

"What the?" Jason wasnít sure what it was but he couldnít go in there, he just couldnít. Something was on the other side of that door that he just couldnít explain and neither could Keesha who once again had a feeling come over her that she couldnít understand. The hair on the back of her neck stood atop and her whole body tingled. What was the meaning of that. Was it Justus? Was he waking up? She looked over to him for some response, but found none. Thatís when she noticed that feeling wasnít coming from her Justusí way but the hospital door. Slowly she removed her hand away from Justusí and walked over to the door. She opened the door but no one was there. She looked down each side of the hall but no one. What was going on?

Jason made it back to his penthouse after immediately leaving GH. He couldnít shake that thoughts of confusion that circled his mind while he was there. Jason made his way to the tan couch that sat in his living room. The penthouse was so quiet now, now that she was gone. Out of the corner of his eye, her photo caught his attention. He looked over it over and over again before throwing it in the fireplace behind him. Sonny walked in and saw his best friend standing over his fireplace. He knew why he was so sad and he hated seeing him like that. He tried to mask it when he was around but he knew.

"I signed the divorce papers" he sighed.

"I know, Max got everything finalized last night down in the Dominican Republic. How are you holding up?"

"Iím alright." Jason was lying to himself. It wasnít that he was hurting because Courtney decided that she loved Brian more than she loved him. He was hurting because once again he drove another woman away. "It was all for the best."

"Yeah I guess you could say that" Sonny said. He walked over to his friend patted him on the back. Sonny left him alone with his thoughts. Maybe he was right, he didnít want his sister with someone in the organization and now that she wasnít. It wasnít that he didnít love Jason but this was his sister they were talking about.

"This has to work" Jason said to himself, "It just has to."