"A Raw Day"
Evangeline and Kevin

Evangeline: I hope they use a condiment...for their appetizers.

Kevin: (looks at her and grins.)

Evangeline: Martini dry, three olives and make it dirty.

Kevin: Uh, how're you doing? I'm Kevin Buchanan. (He extends his hand.) I could swear you look exactly like an attorney that lives right here in Llanview. I'm pretty sure.

Evangeline: I've had a raw day, Kevin, and I'd do anything to forget it.

Kevin: (His eyes gleam with interest. He looks at the bartender while pointing at Evangeline's drink.) Put that on my tab. (He gives Evangeline his undivided attention.) You can get the next round.

Evangeline: I can live with that.

Kevin: (He watches her bite into an olive and lusts openly.)

They discuss John and Natalie.

Evangeline: She's got him now. If you ask me, they deserve each other.

Kevin: So you're done with him, huh?

Evangeline: Stick a fork in me.

Kevin: I'd like to.

Evangeline: I mean what do I need him for anyway, right? I'm successful. I'm charming. I'm funny.

Kevin: Don't forget beautiful.

Evangeline: (blushing) Thanks.

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