"Strings Attached"
Evangeline and John

John: Hey.

Evangeline: Hey.

John: Thanks for coming.

Evangeline: So you said there was something important that you wanted to talk to me about.

John: First off, I have something for you.

Evangeline: What's the occasion?

John: We'll get to that. Later. Can I see your hand?

(He drops a string into her hand.)

Evangeline: You're giving me a piece of string? Thanks. I guess? Is this some sort of new fashion trend I'm not aware of.

John: Yeah, I'm going Kabbalah. It's very popular with the young kids on the West Coast. No, um, you said you weren't comfortable with no strings attached anymore.

Evangeline: My phone message.

John: You said you wanted at least a few strings for us. Here's one.

Evangeline: Let me get this straight. Are you telling me that you're ready for a relationship? Strings and all?

John: (He ties the string around her wrist and reveals the string already tied around his wrist.) Strings and all. (as she looks at the string tied around her wrist) How does it feel?

Evangeline: It feels pretty amazing. I'm not sure exactly what it means. What strings are we agreeing on here?

John: The ones we want. It's up to us.

Evangeline: So what are you saying? We're going steady now? Are you gonna give me the honor of wearing your varsity jacket?

John: Oh, boy, you're making this tough.

(They laugh.)

John: Nah, I was never good at high school sports. What do you say? We say that we're taking a step forward.

Evangeline: Forward. I really like the way that sounds.

John: Yeah?

Evangeline: Yeah.

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