"The Soul Mate Kind"
Evangeline and Cristian

Evangeline: Lucky me. I get to cross-examine John today.

Cristian: Ooh, I'd love to have a front row seat for that. You deserve so much better.

Evangeline: I know what you're gonna say, but you don't know John.

Cristian: Stop saying that! I hate when you say that. You deserve to be in love with a guy that's crazy about you.

Evangeline: Thanks.

Cristian: I don't mean McBain even if it would be convenient for me to have him out of the picture.

Evangeline: Not an option, Cris.

Cristian: Like I said, you deserve better. Real love. And I'm talking the soul mate kind. The kind that can't live without you. No matter what you think, John is not gonna give you that. You deserve the best guy in the world, Evangeline.

Evangeline: I do, don't I?

Cristian: Yes! You do. And you'll find him someday. Life isn't that unfair.

(He pulls her into his arms and hugs her close.)

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