PART TWO – "Ridin’ The Storm Out" by Stunna2300

He cut her off mid-sentence by planting an incredible lust-filled kiss on her mouth. They reacquainted themselves, exploring, as their tongues collided, demanding more from each other. John hurriedly kicked off his shoes while Evangeline helped him out of his t-shirt and jeans.

She loved admiring her dazzling Irishman. He had such a strong build. A beautifully sculpted, hairless chest. Those hard as steel biceps that held her so many nights. Gorgeous hands that soothed her as she let him have his way with her. An ass so firm and tight, she could hardly resist the urge to pinch or slap it whenever he walked away from her. And those sexy as hell tattoos on either arm. Her man was an Adonis!

Evangeline went to his boxers in hopes of removing them. John stopped her, placing his hand on hers.

He flashed her a carnal smile that spoke volumes. "Not yet, baby. There’s so much more I want to do first."

John desperately wanted to dwell inside of her warm moisture, but he knew that his manhood had mind of it’s own. He wanted to love Evangeline tenderly and slowly, savoring every minute. His member had missed it’s home so much that he knew if he got rid of the boxers, there wasn’t anyway he’d could be around her naked without diving inside.

He lowered his head down to kiss and then suckle on one of Evangeline’s breasts. So full and plump, begging for attention. He could tell she was instantly aroused as he heard her gasp for breath. John suckled on one breast and then the other like they were sweet, tender, ripe strawberries. He just couldn’t get enough.

John let his hand slowly trail down her firm flat tummy. He bent down a little, stopping to allow his tongue to have some fun. He slowly, sensually licked a trail from the tip of her navel up to the center of her breast bone. He once again suckled each breast, right then left, as he made his way to the object of his desire.

He found it; the center of her being. He slid his hand into her nest of dark black curls. He felt that she was wet and ready, waiting for his arrival. Sliding one finger inside, he massaged her soft center. She gave another light gasp, as this was nothing short of pure heaven to her. Friction. Wonderful friction. She braced herself by putting her hands on John’s shoulders. John then added another finger and began moving the two back and forth, creating an excellent hand jive of sorts, a hand jive all his own. His rhythm was impeccable and Evangeline was obviously enjoying herself.

"John…" she managed to pant as she repeatedly licked her lips, becoming more orgasmic, running a free hand through her now tousled mane. Her eyes were shut and John never took his off of her.

"That’s it, Babe. Let it all go. Give it all to me. I want all of you."

He continued to massage her, kissing her lips and shoulders, suckling her breasts. And she continued to rock to his rhythmic fingers.

Evangeline was moaning more and more uncontrollably. John could tell she was close to release. He wanted to manually bring her to that place, as he had so much more in store for his woman. Foolishly, he was jealous of his own fingers. He wanted to be there inside of her…on top of her…underneath her. Soon, very soon…

"You’re almost there, Baby. I love you," he said, giving her a sweet kiss on the lips.

Within seconds, she’d crested upon his fingers. The storming sea that was Evangeline Williamson had come ashore onto John McBain.

John smiled, loving that he could make his woman this fulfilled.

Evangeline was spent. Her eyes were slowly opening, readjusting to the light in the room. She was satisfied.

John lowered her to the ground and removed his fingers from her, covered completely in her essence. Holding them in front of his mouth, slowly and seductively, he licked the fingers as though they were his favorite flavor of ice cream. It had been entirely too long since he’d tasted his woman. The sight of him licking her from his fingers really turned Evangeline on. And though she was spent, John could see a smile cross her face.

"You taste so good. Is it possible for you to taste any better than you did before?"

Evangeline’s only response was a content smile. John gave a sly grin, knowing he was the reason for her speechless state.

"You can’t tease me like that, Baby. I’ve gotta have more of you," he said as he picked up her limp body and carried her to the bed. He slowly laid her down.

"John, I want you with me this time. I don’t want to go there again by myself," Evangeline said breathlessly, still coming down from her manual high. "I need to feel you moving inside of me," she said reaching for him, "moving with me."

He took a moment to admire the stunning woman that lay naked, completely exposed before him. Her smooth, slender mocha body, ready and waiting for him. More than ever, he was convinced that chocolate was his addiction. Evangeline was his chocolate and he found nothing wrong in acknowledging that her brown hue was one of the first things that attracted him, and still one of the things he couldn’t resist.

God, he loved her! How could he be stupid enough to allow his fear of losing her actually be the reason he lost her? She was amazing and she wanted him. She chose him. Out of the millions of others she could’ve had, she chose him. What had he done in order to be so lucky?

"You’re beautiful," he said still amazed that she chose him amongst all the others.

She spread wide for him, wanting to accommodate him any way she could as he lowered himself on top of her. "So are you."

They exchanged erotic kisses and rolled around the bed a few times. Evangeline was now on top of John. She was getting anxious and needed his member to come home. She needed to feel his ship dock in her warm ocean. Sitting up, she nestled right on his manhood. She could feel how much he wanted her. He was extremely hard and pulsating with magnificent desire.

"Babe, I have to have you right now." Evangeline was quite wet and ready, wanting to rid them both of the barrier that were his boxers. If it weren’t for that pesky cotton fabric, he’d be inside of her now, loving her and tending to her like only he could. Anticipation was driving her insane! She began tugging at his boxers.

John smiled knowingly. He loved seeing her so wanton with desire. They were exactly in the same place, as their passion and desire for one another matched eye for eye.

He didn’t move though. While his manhood was well aware of Evangeline’s advances, he still wanted to savor this particular love making session. It was the first time of many more to come after telling her he loved her. In a way, they were consummating their relationship all over again. He wanted to celebrate by loving her in slow motion.

John sat up on an elbow and stroked the small of her back. He then kissed her lips, smiling. "Baby, don’t rush. I’m not going anywhere. I love you."

There were those words again. She would never tire of hearing them. If that were a broken record, she could listen to it all day.

Evangeline smiled down at him. "I love you too, McBain."

"Good," he said devilishly, lying back down on the bed. "Come here," he sexily whispered, placing his hands on her hips.

Evangeline grinned at his request. She knew what John wanted and she had no intention of denying him, or herself. She inched closer and closer to his mouth.

"I didn’t get enough of you back there," he said before lifting her, placing her precious jewel in his mouth. He lapped and lavished in her divine natural juices. Devouring her like a sweet Georgia peach. She was no doubt the sweetest peach he’d ever had.

Ecstasy. Pure ecstasy! Her back was arched, giving all of herself to him. He held securely on to her hips and she grabbed onto her headboard for support.

"Oh my God…" she whimpered. This was way better than ever before. His oral application was nothing short of stellar and she didn’t know how much longer she’d be able to keep herself at bay.

"John!" she yelled. Her clitoris was on fire and she never wanted him to stop but she desperately needed him to before she went the distance without him once again.

He had her climbing the walls with pure pleasure. "Ooooh, John…John, please hurry. I can’t…I can’t hold on much longer. I want you with me…"

He knew the signs and felt her trembling in his mouth. He desperately wanted to ride the wave with her. For the last three months, he’d waited to be like this with her again. The time had come.

With his mouth sweetly covered in her essence, he gently lifted her from his face and moved up the length of the bed while he slid her down the length of his body. While he orally loved her, he’d removed his boxers. He smoothly guided Evangeline on top of his hardened muscle.

He filled her completely in one hard thrust. She gasped at the point of penetration, part relief and the other half was the sheer thrill of it all. This was a ride she never wanted to end. She loved being on top, controlling the rhythm, the depth which he went.

John rose up a bit to take a supple breast in his mouth. He suckled, keeping her nipple in it’s current aroused state. She licked her lips with delight.

"Oh God, Babe. I’ve missed you," he managed to say, licking his lips libidinously. He was where he longed to be, exactly where he belonged. He eyed her like she was his personal buffet. He planned to feast on her all night, as long as she let him.

Evangeline wickedly smiled. "I missed you, too." She began grinding her hips deeper and sped up the tempo just a tad.


Evangelined beamed. She loved getting the lieutenant hot and bothered with pleasure. He was always in control no matter the situation. Well, tonight, for right now at least, she wanted to take care of him.

"Babe, if you keep doing that, I’m going to explode before we even get warmed up."

"Lieutenant, you’ve been taking care of me since you got here. Let me take care of you for right now. Lay back and enjoy the ride," she said leaning down to place a sultry kiss on his lips.

They continued their slow dance of bump and grind with Evangeline leading the way. Each time she ground down, he’d meet her thrust for thrust, growing larger and larger inside of her, going deeper and deeper.

John held on to Evangeline and flipped them over, taking control in the missionary position. This had to be the absolute best sex they ever had. Mind-blowing, earth shattering – simply the best sex ever! Evangeline had no idea that three little words would intensify everything like this. She really thought she was going to lose her mind! She’d make it a point to cancel her gym membership on Monday. There wouldn’t be any need for it if every night was going to be as explosive as this.

The sensation was too much. "Tell me again, John," she cooed.

"I love you."


"Say it again…" she moaned.

"I love you, Evangeline," John said, hungry with desire.

BAM BAM BAM!!! There it was again. What was that noise?

"Ignore it, John…don’t stop…please don’t ever stop." Evangeline closed her eyes, willing her visitor to go away.


Her eyes shot open! Oh God! It was Layla! What did she want and why was she back home? Why wasn’t she still out with Adriana?

"Just ignore her, John. She’ll go away. Promise me you won’t stop! Tell me you love me. Tell me again…" Evangeline closed her eyes.

He couldn’t help going harder and harder, faster and faster, deeper and deeper. "I love you, Evangeline Alyssa Williamson…I love you…I won’t stop…"

John sped up faster and faster and Evangeline held on to him tighter and tighter, for dear life. They were ready to climax together. Layla would just have to wait!


This was it, the moment they’d been waiting three long months for. It was about to…

"I love you, too, John. I love you…"


"Vangie! Open up!"


Don’t look so sad

I know it’s over

But life goes on and this world keeps on turning

Let’s just be glad we have this time to spend together

There is no need to watch the bridges that were burning


Slowly, Evangeline opened her eyes. She had to adjust from darkness to light. Everything looked different, yet the same.

"Evangeline, please open the door."

Evangeline looked around. She noticed the lighting and the fixtures of the room. She noticed the paint and pictures on the wall. This was all so different – all so wrong.

"Vangie, come on. I don’t have all day," Layla said, growing more impatient.

Evangeline looked around and realized where she was – she was sitting in her bathtub. Her glass of red wine was exactly where she left it and Al Green’s "For The Good Times" now played on her radio. How appropriate, she thought.


Lay your head on my pillow

Hold your warm and tender body close to mine

Hear the whisper of the raindrops

Blow softly against my windowpane late at night

Make believe you love me one more time

For the good times

For the good times


She was not in bed with John. He was no where to be found, except for in her dreams.

It was all a dream. She let a few tears fall because it seemed so real. But something told her it was too good to be true. Maybe that’s why she kept insisting he tell her over and over that he loved her. Maybe subconsciously she knew he’d never willingly say the words so she’d take them in her dreams.

"Evangeline, please. You’ve been in there for like 45 minutes. I need to get my blow dryer."

Evangeline wiped her tears away. "I’m sorry, Lay. I dosed off. I’ll be out in a minute." She grabbed her towel to dry off.

That dream was so real. She couldn’t get over it. Why on earth would she dream that? It was really a dumb question because she knew she still loved John. Some part of her probably always would.

She put on her terrycloth robe and opened the door. Layla walked in before Evangeline even had a chance to walk out.

"…Lay your head on my pillow…," Layla began singing. "Gosh sis, I love this song. I so remember Mom playing his music all the time when we were growing up," she said going over to the vanity, taking her blow dryer.

Evangeline smiled at the childhood memory. Many Saturday mornings were spent listening to the legendary Al Green and other soul greats of the 60s and 70s while her mom cooked breakfast for the family.

Evangeline walked into her bedroom, sitting on her bed. "So where are you and Antonio going tonight?"

"I’m not sure. I think he’s trying to surprise me."

Evangeline smiled, happy that her sister seemed to enjoy spending time with Antonio. Since she had her mind set on staying in Llanview for the foreseeable future, she wanted Layla to have fun and take in all the small city had to offer.

"I’m sure you’ll have a great time."

"Thanks," Layla said. Leaving the bathroom, she stopped short and walked into Evangeline’s room.

"Hey, Vange?"

"Yeah," Evangeline answered, looking up at her.

"I know you still have issues with John, but he’s a good guy. He said to tell you hello."

"You’ve seen John? When?" she asked, interest definitely piqued.

"He and Antonio are friends so I see him quite often. He still asks about you. Maybe you should think about returning some of his calls," Layla said before leaving for her room.

John called Evangeline everyday for three weeks after the Killing Club Case had been solved. She wasn’t up for talking to him. She was thankful that he saved her life, but too much damage had been done. She’d had enough. He still called her from time to time now though, and she’d still been refusing to talk to him.

Her dream made her realize that she never heard his side of the story. Would he ever open up to her like he did in her dream? Did he ever even want to? Maybe that’s why he was calling.

Now, she was going to find out…