"Gosh, I still can’t believe you’re leaving."

"Yeah, tomorrow’s the big day."

"Tomorrow’s just too soon."

"Oh come on, Nora. You knew I was planning on leaving Llanview a few months ago."

"I know, Evangeline. But planning and actually doing are two different things. What am I gonna do here without you?" Nora asked taking a bite out of her burger.

Evangeline laughed. "You mean, who’s gonna continuously beat you on the tennis court?"

Nora shook her head and playfully rolled her eyes in disgust. "I’m really gonna miss you."

"I’m going to miss you, too," Evangeline began sincerely. "You’re my best friend here in town. I don’t think I could have lived here for the past three years without you."

Nora took a sip of her soda. "Don’t let Todd hear you saying that. You know how he feels about your friendship with him."

Evangeline couldn’t help but laugh. She and Todd Manning had grown especially close during the past year. She was the one person who believed in him when no one else would. And because of that, he felt forever indebted to her. Quite honestly, there were things Evangeline only felt comfortable talking to Todd about simply because she knew he was the one person in town who wouldn’t judge her.

"I love Todd. He’s like the big brother I never had."

"Thank God," Nora mumbled under her breath, then giving Evangeline a bright, innocent smile.

It was no secret that Nora and Todd couldn’t stand one another. Incidents had occurred over the years that caused irreversible damage. However, they both cared for Evangeline very much. She was their common ground.


"No, I know," Nora began. "Seriously though, how’s he taking it? I know he can’t be happy you’re leaving."

"No, he’s not happy at all. I think he’ll be okay though."



"Well he’s gotta be excited about your new opportunity though. I mean, being part of the Rosenthal Langston & Associates team is quite impressive."

Evangeline smiled. She knew what a big deal it was, too. She was quite proud.

"Yeah, he just wishes they had offices here in Llanview. But he’s promised to visit in a few months, bringing Blair and the kids. Hey, you, Daniel, and Matthew should do the same."

"Well of course we will! You know, come to think of it, we haven’t taken a family vacation since Daniel and I married. Matthew’s never been to Los Angeles, and it’s been at least 10 years since I last visited. Oh, I just love the weather out there! And the beach is awesome!"

"Well you’ll definitely need to visit because my house is only 15 minutes from the beach."

The ladies sat and finished their lunch at the Angel Square Diner. It was the last lunch the two would share before Evangeline headed out to LA. It was simple things that had become tradition, like lunch with Nora, which she’d miss. But season’s change. It was time for Evangeline to start a new chapter in her life.

Things in Llanview hadn’t turned out like she hoped or planned. Evangeline had to look out for herself, and to her that meant starting over elsewhere. Starting fresh, starting anew.

Life in Llanview wasn’t a good thing for her anymore. There were too many painful memories of what could’ve been so wonderful, could’ve been so right. She wouldn’t allow herself to live in an environment full of coulda, shoulda, woulda.


John sat alone on a bench in Angel Square. It was a cold winter afternoon. The frigid temperature didn’t bother him. Thoughts of the past six months haunted him.

Usually John only concerned himself with work and more work. But the past six months had been completely different. His world had been turned upside down when he least expected it.

People always say hind sight is 20/20. He knew that now to be true, realizing that all the signs were there. If only he would’ve done some things differently. If only they both would have.


There she was, the love of John’s life. Evangeline Williamson was leaving the Angel Square Diner with a large coffee in hand. He remembered how he and Evangeline used to be regulars at the diner. He thought of happier times when Evangeline would always tease him about coffee being his main course for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Things were good between them for what seemed like such a long time, and then their foundation began to crumble.

John noticed that Evangeline was walking in the opposite direction from where he sat. He knew she hadn’t seen him sitting, though he wondered if she would speak to him if she had. He knew that she was leaving Llanview tomorrow and he couldn’t let her walk out of his life without talking to her one last time.

Reality hit him like a ton of bricks: she would no longer hold any ties to Llanview. This would probably be the last time he ever saw her. The last time he heard her voice. The last time he’d become consumed by her intoxicating scent.


Evangeline continued walking. She didn’t hear him calling her name.

"Evangeline!" John said louder, getting up from the bench, taking long strides toward her.

Evangeline turned around at the sound of her name. It was John. She hadn’t seen or talked to him in about a month. She knew he knew she was leaving Llanview tomorrow. Antonio Vega told her he’d mentioned it to him.

Part of her was glad she hadn’t had any contact with John. She didn’t want him trying to convince her to stay. Her mind was made up. Los Angeles was where she needed to be. However, part of her was sad that John hadn’t tried to get in touch with her. Was he ready for her to leave Llanview? Was what they once shared so insignificant that she wasn’t worth fighting for?

Deep down inside she knew the answer to her own question. She knew that she and John would never have the relationship she wanted.

"Hi John," she said with a hint of sadness and disappointment in her voice.

"Hey, how are you? Still heading to LA tomorrow?" Half of him hoped she’d say no. The other half knew there was no chance she’d give up the opportunity to work at Rosenthal Langston & Associates.

"Yeah," she replied simply.

There was a deafening silence between them and it was somewhat uncomfortable. Here were two people who had previously lived and breathed for each other. Now they could barely string words together to carry a conversation. How had they allowed things to get so bad between them?

John looked into Evangeline’s eyes. Her beautiful brown eyes were distant. The connection he and she once shared was lost. He knew what was happening.

"I guess this is our last goodbye," he said calmly, yet full of emotion, mainly regret.

"Yeah, I guess it is."

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