PART ONE – "Come Go With Me" by Stunna2300

‘Do you want to stop?’ That was the 10 million dollar question that replayed over and over in Evangeline’s mind. If she’d only answered that question differently, the way she knew she should have, she wouldn’t be thinking about the most amazingly passionate night of her life. Evangeline knew that night shouldn’t have ever happened. But God help her, she was so glad it did, though she’d never admit it aloud.

Evangeline’s phone rang, interrupting her thoughts.


"Hello soon-to-be Mrs. Alan-Michael Spaulding! How is the future bride doing?"

"I’m fine Greenlee. Just doing some last minute packing for the honeymoon. Where are you guys taking me tonight? I really don’t want to be out too late. I have a long day ahead of me tomorrow, and we’re flying out right after the reception…"

"Goodness Van! Please calm down! What do you think your Matron of Honor is for? I’ve taken care of everything. You’re going to have a blast at your bachelorette party tonight. Don’t worry! We’ll have you back by midnight. You won’t look tired either."

"That’s good to know. I’m sorry if I seem a little tense. It’s just we’ve been planning this wedding for months and now it’s actually here," Evangeline stated, though not enthusiastically. She was set to marry one man tomorrow, but her thoughts were on another.

"It’s completely understandable Van. Everything is under control. Remember, that’s why we had rehearsal last night so that today and tonight wouldn’t be so stressful. Relax! It’ll all be just fine. You’re going to be a beautiful bride."

"I’m so glad you’re my Matron of Honor. I think I’d be lost without you."

"Hey, no problem! I know you feel. Ryan and I just got married two years ago so I know the pressure you’re under. But right now, just relax. The girls and I will be over to pick you up in two hours. You are so going to love what we have planned for you!" Greenlee said eagerly.

"Greenlee…are there strippers? I told you I didn’t want strippers…"

Greenlee cut Evangeline off. "Now Van, what’s a bachelorette party without strippers! You’re going to have such a ball! I’ll see you in a few."

"Yeah, see ya in a few," Evangeline said as she hung up the phone.

Greenlee Smythe-Lavery was Evangeline’s best friend. They’d known each other for years. Greenlee had just married Ryan two years ago. Evangeline was Greenlee’s Maid of Honor, and now Greenlee was going to be Evangeline’s. Evangeline had always felt she could share anything with Greenlee, but there was one thing she hadn’t told her. She never knew how to, and right now it was too late. Evangeline was getting married in just a few short hours.

Evangeline looked around her bedroom in her condo and thought about what she was doing. Tomorrow she was going to marry Alan-Michael Spaulding, CFO of Spaulding Enterprises. He, the very successful businessman; she, the very successful attorney. They’d honeymoon in Paris for three weeks. Then they’d return to Llanview to the new three-story dream house Alan-Michael had built for Evangeline. He really was a wonderful, caring man. He was head over heels in love with her, and she loved him. But was she in love with him?

Evangeline resumed packing her clothes for her three week stay in Paris. She also needed to continue packing the rest of her condo. Her mother, Deloris, had volunteered to do a lot of the packing while she was away. Evangeline was so happy about that because she hated packing. She really didn’t know if she hated the packing or hated the idea that she’d be saying goodbye to part of her life.

Her phone rang again.


"How’s my beautiful daughter?"

"I’m fine Mom. Nothing’s changed since I saw you two hours ago."

"Just checking on my baby. I want everything to be perfect tomorrow. You’re marrying such a wonderful man, Evangeline."

"Yes, Mom. I know how much you love Alan-Michael."

"Oh, your father would be so proud of you if he were here."

"I know Mom."

Evangeline’s dad, Professor Stephen Williamson, had passed away five years earlier. She and her dad were very close. She missed him terribly and hated that he wasn’t there.

"Is there anything you need for me to do? Greenlee told me about your bachelorette party tonight. Make sure they don’t keep you out too late. You don’t want anything to ruin tomorrow for you. Alan-Michael doesn’t want to have a bride with bags under her eyes…"

Evangeline began tuning her mother out. It had been obvious since early on in Evangeline and Alan-Michael’s relationship that Deloris Williamson wanted her daughter to be with Alan-Michael. Deloris always doted on him, as if he and her daughter were already married. She claimed him as her son-in-law months before he’d actually proposed. Deloris loved the fact that her attorney daughter was now going to be married to the successful businessman.

Alan-Michael loved Deloris Williamson too. He wasn’t close to his own mother, so he spoiled Deloris as if she were his own. At times, Evangeline thought Alan-Michael spent more time with her mother than she did herself.

"Hello, Evangeline? Are you listening to your mother?"

Evangeline quickly turned her attention back to her mother’s voice. "Yes Mom, I’m listening," she replied dryly.

There was a knock on Evangeline’s front door. Saved by the bell!

"Good, because I really think the band should play ‘I Only Have Eyes For You’ by The Flamingos for your first dance, and you might want to…"

"Mom, I gotta go," Evangeline stated cutting her off. "There’s someone at the door."

"But Evangeline…"

"Mom, don’t worry about it. I’ll see you bright and early tomorrow morning at 8a. Love you. Bye," Evangeline said hanging up her phone.

Goodness, she loved her mother but she just wasn’t in the mood to hear anymore right now.

Evangeline walked to the front door assuming it was Greenlee, wondering why she was an entire hour early.

She opened the door and was pleasantly surprised.


"Hi John," Evangeline replied looking at him.

Standing before her was the man who invaded her thoughts. Lieutenant John McBain, definitely Llanview’s finest. The man who six months ago asked her if she wanted to stop and she didn’t have the will power to say no. This is the man she subconsciously found herself daydreaming about even today, though tomorrow she’d become another man’s wife.

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