Evangeline lay on the bed naked waiting for John to join her. John watched for a moment. He was truly in awe. She was laying there for him, wanting him as much as he wanted her. He joined her and kissed her lips tenderly. He then possessed her right breast in his mouth. He tickled and awakened her nipple with his tongue. He did the same to the left breast. Evangeline began to squirm with delight.

"Relax…just lie back and enjoy," John said with a smile, in such a sexy and seductive tone.

Evangeline could feel how big and hard he was on her thigh. She couldn’t wait to experience him inside of her. Just as she thought about him being inside of her, he slipped two fingers inside of her sugar walls. He began caressing her, gently massaging her center. She was in heaven. He started kissing her lips again while she gyrated and rocked to the rhythm of his brilliant handwork.

He traced his tongue down the center of her chest, kissing and suckling along the way. She was so incredibly wet, and John had just begun. He removed his fingers from her and began kissing the inside of her right thigh. Sitting up above her, John extended Evangeline’s right leg in the air. He started at her foot and worked his way up with kisses and sensual, teasing massages. He continued, doing the same to the left leg.

Evangeline began saying John’s name over and over, as if she was having the best dream of her life. Every time she said his name, he’d answer ‘yes?’ and she’d only respond by saying his name once more. He took pride in knowing that he was pleasing her, the way he’d wanted to for so long.

John rose above Evangeline to meet her lips in a tender kiss. He then traced his tongue down the center of her chest to her bellybutton and back up again. The scent of Flowers in Springtime was driving him wild! He couldn’t get enough of her. Her hands had a tight grip on his back. She loved every minute of passion.

"Have you ever been kissed senseless?" John asked, looking Evangeline in her beautiful brown eyes.

He didn’t wait for or even expect a reply. He started heading south down her body. He teased her earlobes, neck, breasts, stomach, and bellybutton with kisses once again. He began kissing the insides of her thighs again as well, totally taking his time, not rushing a thing. He’d waited so long to be with Evangeline and he wanted to make this last as long as possible.

He gently opened up her thighs a little wider. He found the object of his desire, her moist, sweet center. John began giving her oral pleasure in the most sincere and seductive fashion. He kissed her, licked her, blew on her, and suckled her. He was tender in some acts and he added gentle pressure to others.

Evangeline’s clitoris was on fire and she was hot with desire. "John…John…ooooh John!" she continuously exclaimed as she grasped the sheets in a tight fistful.

She was so delirious with pleasure, constantly arching her chest towards the ceiling. John tried to get her to relax by gently pushing her stomach back down on the bed. Through her excitement, Evangeline began grabbing John’s head. He managed to entwine his hands with hers, as if to say, ‘I’m right here with you.’ Her thighs were strong so he went back and forth between holding her hands and pushing her thighs apart.

John so enjoyed feasting on Evangeline. While her spaghetti was an excellent main course, having Evangeline for dessert could prove addictive. He could definitely get used to doing this every night.

"Evangeline, you taste so good. I could stay down here all night."

She moaned with pleasure in response.

"Let me give you 26 reasons why," John said. He then began spelling out the entire alphabet with his tongue on her moist center. He said each letter as he traced the outline with his tongue, A to Z.

"Oh, John! I can’t hold on much longer! I want you John! I want you so much!" Evangeline said with pure exhilaration, her mind in a delirious whirlwind.

John rose and was more than ready to enter her. Evangeline was so wet. He was anticipating how it would feel to be inside of her, surrounded by her love.

John pushed his way inside of Evangeline’s walls and was completely satisfied. Evangeline let out a gasp of pure bliss upon his entrance. He thought she’d feel good, but she was better than any of his wildest dreams. So soft. So wet. She fit him like a glove. Like her sugar walls had been awaiting his arrival. Evangeline felt so good that John had to stop himself from cumming right away.

They began their slow dance of bump and grind. Moving slow, then fast, then sensually slower, then cravingly faster. They had such an excellent rhythm with each other that it seemed as though they’d perfected this act time and time again.

John lifted both of Evangeline’s arms above her head. He entwined her hands with his, caressing and kissing every inch of her body. He was inhaling her. He couldn’t get enough of her. Every inch of her smelled and tasted so good. He could feel her body trembling beneath him and knew she was close to release.

"John! I can’t…I’m so ready!" Evangeline squealed. Her eyes were shut and she was holding on firmly to John.

"Open your eyes, Babe," John said moving some hair out of Evangeline’s face.

She complied with John’s request. They looked deep into each other’s eyes and their hearts and souls connected. They both reached the ultimate climax together, holding each other tightly. Neither of them had ever experienced sex in such a wanting, needing way.

They lay in the afterglow for a few moments in silence, still connected to one another. John lay above her thinking about what had just happened. He didn’t have any regrets and hoped Evangeline felt the same. They’d gone to the point of no return. Nothing would ever be the same between them.

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