“John,” Evangeline began as she opened the door. “I’m so sorry. Please come in.”

“I was beginning to think you wanted me to freeze out there,” John said jokingly as he entered Evangeline’s home.

They both laughed. Then they both shared an intense stare. Nothing needed to be said. Their eye contact with each other spoke volumes.

John cleared his throat and looked away with a small laugh. Evangeline smiled and ran her fingers through her ponytail.

“Yeah…I brought some wine,” John said handing Evangeline a bag with a bottle inside.

“How kind of you John! Thank you,” Evangeline responded, her attention focused on the bag.

“It’s Pinot Noir. I remember hearing you say it’s your favorite.”

“That it is!” Evangeline began, looking at the bottle after removing it from the bag.

John was just standing there, his eyes set on Evangeline. Evangeline looked up and noticed John was looking at her.

“John! I’m sorry. Please take off your coat and make yourself comfortable.”

John smiled and began removing his coat.

“You must think I’m a horrible hostess,” she said semi-embarrassed.

“No way,” John replied.

Evangeline was quite taken with John’s attire. He was wearing a black long-sleeved J.Crew v-neck sweater, loosely fit GAP boot cut blue jeans, and black Kenneth Cole ankle boots. It was a nice change from his standard suit and tie attire. He looked quite nice and Evangeline was definitely enjoying the view. Delicious wasn’t quite strong enough a word to describe him! Unconsciously, she began the motion of licking her lips, unaware that John was talking to her.

“Earth to Evangeline,” John said with a little chuckle.

“What?” Evangeline asked puzzled. “I’m sorry. What were you saying?”

“I just asked you where you wanted me to put my coat,” he responded with a smile.

“Oh, you can give that to me. I’ll hang it here in the closet,” she said as she sat the wine down. She took his coat, turned around, and walked a few steps over to the closet in the foyer.

This time, it was John’s turn to admire the view. He loved Evangeline in her relaxed look. He always thought she looked nice in suits, but he loved seeing this side of her in more laid back, comfortable attire.

Speaking of back, he really enjoyed the view of watching her walk away from him to the closet. The fitted tee and fitted jeans definitely suited her. He thought she looked completely sexy without even trying. And that perfume, what was she wearing? It smelled so incredibly sweet and inviting. He wondered if she tasted as sweet…

“Hey, you look really nice,” he said as he fought his carnal thoughts, rubbing his hands through his hair. “That perfume smells really good too.”

“Thank you. Just trying to be comfy,” she replied with a smile, walking back towards him. If only he knew how much she’d fussed over what she’d wear! “Hey, you don’t look too bad yourself. I see you’re not attached at the hip to that suit and tie,” she said jokingly.

He smiled. “Yeah, well you know, it’s part of the job. The suit has the night off,” John said with a smile.

They both just kind of stood there smiling at each other.

“Evangeline,” he began as he started to sniff. “Is something burning?”

“No,” said letting out a small self-conscious laugh. “It was the bread. It burned earlier when I was on the phone with Greenlee. I forgot it was in the oven. I’m sorry the smell is still lingering. I cracked open a window in the kitchen…”

John cut her off. “Hey, no need for all the apologies. I’m sure everything else will be just great,” he said giving her a confident smile. She smiled in return.

“Well,” she began, picking up the bottle of wine. “Would you like a glass of wine? The pasta is ready. I just need to finish the salad.”

“That would be great,” John said following Evangeline to the kitchen. She took out two wine glasses and poured them each a glass.

“Wow! This is great wine!” Evangeline gushed.

“I was hoping you’d like it,” he responded happily with a smile. “Hey let me help you with that salad,” he offered as he walked over to the counter where Evangeline was standing.

“Sure! Wanna slice this cucumber?” she asked, handing him a medium sized cucumber. “The knives are over there,” she said nodding to cutlery block.

John chose a knife and began slicing. They started talking and laughing. It was a friendly exchange and it was obvious that both were enjoying themselves and very comfortable around each other outside of their work setting.

John took a bite of one of the cucumber slices. “Now this,” he began, holding up the slice, “is a great piece of cucumber.”

He walked over to Evangeline and stood mere inches in front of her. “Here, taste,” he instructed her with a seductive tone, holding the slice in front of her mouth. She looking at him and stepped forward. Their eyes locked once again. The attraction was obvious, and no longer deniable.

Evangeline took a bite of the cucumber as their eyes remained locked on each other. It was the best tasting cucumber to ever cross paths with her taste buds. The simple sensual act had brought so many feelings to the surface.

“That was so delicious,” she said looking deeply into John’s eyes.

“Yeah?” John asked, not moving away, not even blinking an eye.

“Yeah,” Evangeline assured with a smile and a couple of slow nods.

As if they’d signed an agreement, both slowly and cautiously moved in closer for a kiss.

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