Chapter # 4

Eva threw Johns meal away in the garbage can. Tears were forming in her eyes and she was fighting them back.

“Be strong”, she kept telling herself.


John was going crazy. Evangeline was nowhere to be found and seemed to have thrown his part of the food away. He took out his cell phone and checked his message box. He found two; one from Natalie and one from Eva. Without hesitation he deleted the one from Natalie and listened to the one from Eva.

“Hey John. Listen it is around 8:30 and you are probably going with Natalie somewhere and I really don’t feel like fighting tonight. Hope you help Natalie with whatever she needs and don’t worry about me. Goodnight John”. The message ended and John could hear her voice breaking.

“You are the only person I want or need Eva”, he whispered to the phone.


Eva had used John’s spare key he had given her one month ago. She let herself in and sat on the bed.

“What am I doing here? He is probably still “helping” Natalie and won’t come home till late tomorrow”, she said aloud. She went into his dresser and found herself putting on one of his shirts. Rolling up her jeans she curled into his bed. She felt something hard in her pockets and pulled out John’s key. She remembered that day as she fell back onto the bed.


One month ago

“I have a gift for you Evangeline”, John said as they sat eating at the Palace.

“So do I McBain”, she giggled. They were not wearing fancy clothing but casual blue jeans and a top. Compared to the other brilliantly dressed couples, they looked dull.

“Open mine first”, he said, sounding like a child.

“Okay, okay calm down”. She was giggling again. John’s present was in a small box with a bright green bow on top. She opened it carefully and found a silver key. As she lifted it, she noticed another bright green ribbon tied into a tidy bow.

“It’s my key. I decided it was time that we could kind of exchange house keys. It’s okay if you want to wait”, he added hastily.

“Well I would like you to open your present first”, she replied slyly. He eyed her and took a small box like his which was black with tiny silver stars with another bright green bow. Inside it was another silver key. He smiled and started to laugh.


John entered Evangeline’s house. Clearly she had not been there. Bummed he went onto her bedroom and threw himself on the bed. He had no idea when she would be back. His cell phone rang and hopefully Eva would be on the other line.


“Hey John I was wondering where you were “, Nora said.

“I’m at Evangeline’s house”, he answered.

“Um John, I have someone on the other line so could you hold on”




“Hey Nora!”

“Are you with John”, Nora asked.

“No something happened and I am at his place right now”. Just then she heard a loud beep from the phone and heard a man humming.



“Nora? Who is this”, she heard John say.

“Eva”, he asked.

“Yes it’s me. Where are you?”

“I’m at your place. Are you at mine?” She smiled.

“Yes. How is it that we know each other so well”, she asked.

“Great minds think alike”, he laughed and she joined in.

“I miss you”

“Yah. Well I guess I miss you too”

“Meet you at the park in five”, he asked quickly.

“Make it two”, she said, grabbed her bag and ran out the door.


To tell the truth John had been out the door way before he ended the call with Evangeline. He wanted to make it up to her for what he did. He had grabbed all the candles he could find at her place, her small television and her personal DVD player and rushed to the park. He was glad that she had given him the blanket and quickly set up his surprise. When he was finished, he walked to the outer rim of the park.