Chapter 3

Natalie waved a hello to John and both John and Evangeline smiled back. Their food was brought out a few seconds later and they walked hand in hand out of the diner. Natalie slumped into a booth. Why had John chosen Evangeline? She had given him time or what she thought was enough time to sort out his emotions. Then when she thought she could make him jealous by going out with Paul, he was just gone. John was spending more and more of his free time not with her but with Evangeline.

“What happened to our connection John?” she said to herself and she ran out of Rodi’s before her food was ready.


John and Evangeline were strolling down Angel Square when they heard a frantic voice call out.

“John wait!” It was Natalie and Evangeline felt her heart drop a little. John had saved Natalie before and she was wondering how this would play out.

“Um hi Natalie. Did you need something”, John questioned.

“Actually I was wondering if we could talk in private” Natalie smiled and cast a look at Eva. She just stared at her. What kind of games was Natalie playing this time?

“Do you mind?”, John questioned Eva.

“No... Of course not”, She answered. She was too mature to play mind games with Natalie. John walk by Natalie and before they disappeared into the trees, Natalie sneaked a smirk at Evangeline.


Natalie had led him to a remote part of the park and he was afraid that this “conversation” would take too long.

“Um Natalie could you perhaps make this short”, John questioned her.

“What happened between us John? You and I had and still have a very strong connection and why did you have to screw it up by getting with Evangeline?” Natalie said really loud.

John was struck by her words.

“Not again Natalie”, he moaned. They had been through this before.

“You did not give me a straight answer last time John I deserve to know the truth!” she cried out. Startled by her own voice, she forced herself to be calm.

“All I want is the truth”


Evangeline glanced at her watch. 8:15. Fifteen minutes had past. What’s taking them so long?

“Natalie what are you trying to convince him to do?” she said to herself.

“If he’s not back in 5 minutes then I’m gone” she said and with that she sat herself on a bench waiting for him.


“Natalie all I wanted for you was to be happy but I thought you couldn’t be happy with me. I hadn’t even opened up my heart and you wanted me to love you but I thought I wasn’t capable of that anymore”, John began.

“I gave you time though. I waited and when I saw you go farther away from me I got with Paul. I thought if I got with him it would make you jealous and ....”

“Wait! You wanted to make me jealous by getting with that weasel” he yelled.

“Yes and you know what it worked. You couldn’t stand him being with me so you got with Evangeline to try to make me jealous right”.

“Wrong. I saw something in Eva that I didn’t see in you”, he said firmly.

“Then why did you come and talk to me? I know we have and we will always have that connection. You and Eva have nothing in common”, she ended and waited for him to respond.

“You know what I don’t have time for this garbage”, he yelled at her and stormed off.