Chapter # 2

After Eva had got off the phone with john she decided to surprise him by coming down to the station. She waved a hello to Nora and she smiled back. She then saw Natalie staring at john’s door longingly. She decided to just stroll past her and not start anything. When ea walked past her she felt Natalie’s eyes stare her down. She knocked three times and waited for an answer.

“NOW WHAT?” he yelled and she couldn’t help but laugh. She opened the door to his stunned face and then he burst out laughing too.


Natalie heard the laughter and it surprised her how loud John McBain could laugh. He had never laughed with her that much and when he did it was a smirk. She decided to leave the station early and head to Rodi’s for a burger and fries.


“So are you surprised lieutenant?” Eva asked joking as she giggled at his face expressions.

“YES MA’AM!!!” he said loudly as he still kept laughing.

“I thought we could skip work tonight and go somewhere” she said.

“We’ll we could go to the Palace and eat there or...”

“NO!!! “She said. “I am not in the mood for a fancy diner! I was thinking bout a picnic!” she ended sounding excited.

"What??? You do know that it is going to get dark in like 20 minutes.” he said even though he really did love the idea.

“We’ll it is a full moon tonight and the stars are beautiful. Come on Mr. Tough Guy! You can handle a little moon light!” He started laughing again and she joined in.

“We’ll then let’s go!” He placed his hand in hers and there first stop was at Rodi’s to pick up food.


Natalie was paying for her food when John came in. He was alone and Natalie thought that it would be nice of her to have diner with him. As she got up Eva came in and had a blanket in her arms. She also saw a basket and Eva was now wearing a pair of Capri’s and one of Johns t-shirts. When she noticed what John was wearing her mouth dropped.


John had insisted that Eva change from her work clothes to more comfortable ones. She nagged him because he didn’t want to change but she insisted that he at least changed his shirt. Since he wanted to please her he changed into a navy blue tee and put on one of the “guy necklaces” Shannon had given him for his birthday. Shannon had insisted that john at least look young so she bought him a pair of sandals, necklaces and tees. He remembered that birthday so well.


3 months ago

“Come on John. You have a girlfriend now! You don’t want to look all sad and swollen all the time!” Shannon cried from the tv room.

“FINE I’LL COME OUT! BUT NO ONE LAUGH OR ELSE!”. John came out of his restroom changed into “teenage clothes and everybody gasped. He looked years younger and John loved the look although he swore to himself that no one form the LPD would see him in this.