Chapter #1

Natalie Vega walked happily down the police department late afternoon on Monday. As she strolled past Nora she saw John’s door open.

“Maybe I’ll go see if he is ok” she thought to herself; after all she did have that right.


Nora saw Natalie stroll past her and eye John’s door. She knew that Eva and John were very happy together and even if John did not want to admit it, she completed him. She giggled to herself as she remembered when the gloomy FBI agent came to town. He was quiet and did way to much work for his own being. When he started dating Eva things started to change and Nora could see how happy he was to have her best friend for dating. She knew john and Eva were past the whole Natalie problem but something about Natalie stumped Nora. Natalie had her chance with McBain and it blew and now that john was happy, she wanted to be back with him?

“Let it go Nora” she told herself. “John is not the cheating type.”


John was on the phone with Eva. God he loved calling her that! It reminded him of his mother and Evangeline loved the name to because it was a whole lot shorter. She had told him that she was due to work late and was wondering if a late drink wouldn’t be a problem. He laughed at her. Man he did that a lot now. Then he saw someone move behind the door.

“Hay can I call you back in a few” and he motioned for the person to enter.


Natalie stood there stunned. She looked at herself, let her hair loose and entered his office. He was reluctant to put the phone down but did so anyway. He looked at her with questioning. When she said nothing he broke the silence.

“Did you need anything Natalie”?

“No. Um I just wanted to say um..... Well thanks for being there” she ended oddly. He raised an eyebrow at her and when she said nothing else he said “Look I really need to call Eva back so...”.

“Who’s Eva?” she questioned.

“Oh I meant Evangeline”.

Evangeline. Natalie could feel herself growing jealous. “Oh, okay then I’ll just leave then” she said and closed the door.