Oh Brother By RedNeckGreeneyez

Chapter 7

It had been 3 weeks since the poisoning and the letter. Since then,John
hadn't got another letter and everything went almost back to normal. R.J had
yet to be found, but the police were on it. Shannon stopped by to see if
Abbie wanted to do anything.

"oh come on John! She needs to get out and do something. She's be cooped up
in house house for 3 weeks. Don't you think she needs to get out?"

"yes I do Shannon. But I'm not letting her go anywhere with out someone...an
adult go with Abbie. I'm sorry. But that's my final desion."

Abbie sat there, watching them argue. Evangeline came in with Braden helping
her with groceries.

"what are you two fighting about?" Van questioned.

"John won't let Abbie go anywhere or have any fun."

"yeah!" Abbie chipped in.

'Now you know that that's not true. I want Abbie to have fun. It's just, I
don't want her going out right now so she can be a victim."

Shannon sighed, knowing that John was right. She didn't want anything to
happen to her.

"well fine. well if she can't go out and party, can I bring the party to
her?" she asked.

"ha! no chance in hell Shannon."

"well how about if you and evangeline go out on a nice dinner. You haven't
done that in a while have you?"

John look over at evangeline. They haven't gone out to dinner in a long time
since Abbie and Braden came along. it would be nice to just sit and talk
with her without having kids around. since there bodyguards surrounding the
house, she would have protection. It didn't sound like a bad Idea.

"its up to you van. do you want to?"

" If you want to."

"ok, but there's one rule. Do not and I mean DO NOT go out side for any
reason. Do you guys understand me."

"yes." all three said together.

"ok. you guys be good. I mean it Shannon."

"geez. Single me out."

John smiled at her and held hands with evangeline until they got to her side
of the car. He opened the door for her.

"that was nice for Shannon to do this for us so we could go out to dinner."
She said has John shut her door. He went over to his side and got in.

"yeah I know. It's just...something doesn't feel right." He started up the
car and headed to The Palace

"Don't worry John. Everything is going to be fine." She grabed John's hand
and held it tightly, leting him know that she was there for him.

"your probally right."

(back at John and van's house)

"so what do you guys want to do?"

"well I have to go." Braden said getting up.

"how come?" Abbie asked getting up and running to the door, and spreading
her hands over it so Braden couldn't get out.

"because I have a date." He picked up her up and moved her to the side. She
grabed his arm.

"so your just going to leave me here?"

"no, I'm leaving you with Shannon, now let me go."


"be good."


Abbie walked back to Shannon and jumped on the couch.

"so what do you want to do Kido?"

"i don't know."

"ok...why don't we do a  makeover???" Abbie stared at her blankly.

"a makeover??? Shannon, are you serious?"

"yes. Besides, you need a new color on you besides black."

"I have other colors" she powted

"name one."

"blue, white, red."

"yeah all the ugly colors. why don't you wear light blue, yellow, PINK!!!"

"pink??? gross. I hate Pink."

"Pink would look good on you." Shannon said with a smile

"In fact i think I have something pink in my car."

"oh great. I need to go to the Bathroom before we start."

Shannon got up. "ok! I'll go see what cloths i have in my trunk."

Abbie walked into the bathroom and looked at herself in the mirror. "oh
great." She thought to herself. " a makeover???" she had never done one of
those. she never really wanted one either. as she whiped her eyes she saw a
figure in back of her. with a cloth in one hand and a gun in the other.
before she could cry out for help he grabed her and put the cloth on her
mouth. She felt sleepy and drozzey. she pastout in a man's arms as he tried
to sneak out the way he came in.

"Abbie are you ready for your mak......." Shannon looked around in the

"over. Abbie!!!" she yelled. she looked in her room. it was dark but the tv
and the labtop was on. she turned on the light.

"abbie this is no time games."  she all around the house.

"Abbie this isn't funny anymore. come on out. you had your fun." She checked
the house one more time. She quickly ran to the outside and went to on of
the officers.

"hey Officer Todd,"

"yes mam."

"I think...Abbie's gone. I check the house twice but shes not here. I'm
starting to get worried."

"alright Miss. McBain. let some of the offiers in and let them do some
investigating. I'll get the rest of them to check the premisis. Why don't
you go ahead and call Lt. McBain."

"o..ok." She mumbled. She knew that if somthing like this would happen that
she would have to call John. She just didn't want to make it.  She didn't
know what John would think.


"John its Shannon."  Her voice was shaking. John could tell somthing was

"Whats wrong?" he answerd.

"Abbies gone Missing."