Abbie woke up to the smell of strong coffee. She stretched out her arms and made her way outside to take Mason out. When she went to the kitchen she saw Evangeline making a pot of Coffee.

“in-coming!” She warned Van. Mason slid all over the floor trying to jump on Evangeline. His tail just a wagging away from all the excitement. Evangeline took one look at him and was already in love. She bent down and petted him. He stopped moving and started to sit.

“isn’t he cute? Grandma and I picked him out.”

“so I heard. Are you feeling any better.”

“yes, after Uncle John told me to go and rest.” She sat on the stool that was a part of the bar that was connected to the kitchen.

“I also heard that John told you about the letters.” She said handing her a cup of coffee.

“thanks, yeah he did.”

“does this scare you at all?”

“it does a little, But Uncle John will fix it. He promised.” She had so much confidence in him. It made Van‘s eyes start to water as if she was going to cry..

“say, why don’t we do something. You want to watch a movie or something? We haven’t done that since, well yesterday.” Evangeline laughed. Abbie joined in.


“but I just want to let you know,” Evangeline put her arm around Abbie, conforting her.

“If you need anyone to talk to you about this, I’m open anytime.”

“thanks Aunt Van,” She smiled.

“lets cut all this Sappy stuff and watch something huh?” She took Abbie’s hand and pulled her to the living room for her to pick out a movie.

(John’s office)

John sat there tapping his penicl and looking at some files. Bo came into his Office.

“let me see,” John stopped what he was doing and gave the letter to Bo. He waited for a replie.

“did you see anyone at the station that would be a threat?” Bo Asked.

“the question is, did you because I wasn’t here I was home with Abbie.” Bo backed tracked and thought.

“I didn’t see anyone, Maybe Natalie did, She was in my office earlier helping me with my computer because it crashed. He opened the door and asked her.

Now ever since John told Natalie that he was in love with Evangeline, She accepted it and moved on. She moved on with Ron, after two years they got married and have a little girl named Sadie. She’s a 20 months old now.

“Natalie, honey” Bo walked up to her. She was fidling with some police papers on her desk.

“yeah Uncle Bo,” Bo had been thinking about this for awhile, thinking about who John’s enemy’s were or if he even had any because he’s such a great guy.

“did R.J Gannon by chance stop by here while I was out on break?”

“as a matter of fact he did. He was wondering where you were, I told him you were out, then he went in your office. So then I followed him there and he was rummaging with the stuff on you desk. I told him to get the hell out, but he wouldn’t listen. Finally I got one of the officers to escort Mr. Gannon out of the station.” She looked up.

“is something wrong?”

“no, everything’s fine. Thanks Nat.” She went back to her desk and finshed up the files that she had. Bo shut the door.

“Damn I knew it,” Bo said has he put his hands on his hips.

“knew what?” John questioned.


“don’t tell me,”


“aw shit.” John rubbed his eyes. Not again. John always knew that R.J disliked him ever since he found out about him and evangeline. He didn’t know that it go this far. Putting his Abbie, Braden and the rest of his family in danger. He couldn’t let that happen.

“John I don’t think you should be on this “Case”.” he said use his fingers as quotes.

“but Bo I,”

“I don’t want to hear it, John.You have other stuff and cases you can work on. To keep your mind off this.”

“I can’t Bo why don’t…” he trailed off

“do you want to lose your Job?

“no sir, but this is concerning my,”

“well then you won’t disagree with me!” Bo started to raise his voice. John knew he should stop arguing with him.

“yes sir.”

“now, work on some files till 7:00, then you can leave. Alright?”

“yes Bo.” He left John to sit and ponder his thoughts. Natalie came in with Sadie, and could see Ron’s head out side the door,waiting.

“is there anything you need before I leave?” She was holding Sadie’s hand as she was looking around. Sadie had bright green eyes with Strawberry blonde hair that came to her shoulders.

“nah, I’m good. You go home.”

“o.k. Sadie, can you wave bye to Mr. John?” Sadie looked up at her mother then at John. She smiled wide and gave a big wave. John smiled and waved back.

“I hope you niece gets better.” Natalie said as she let go of Sadie’s hand so she could run up to Ron. He picked her up throwing her up in the air and then giving her a hug.

“thanks, I’ll tell her that.”

“bye John.”

“bye Nat.” He watched the family walk off. Just Natalie shut the door, Sadie waved one more time to John. He gave her a simple finger wave. As the door shut. He desided to call Evangeline.


“hey, its me,”

“hey what are you doing?”

“nothing, just sitting here, working on some files. You?”

“Abbie wanted to watch a movie, then the movie got boring so we are making Dinner.”

“oh, well that sounds fun. Better than doing files. What are you making?”

“ Muffins and cookies, and”

“that doesn’t sound like Dinner.”

“that’s desert.”

“do you just want me to pick up something on the way home?”

“let me ask Abb’s.” Since Evangeline and John have been hanging out with Abbie she has let them call her Abb’s.



“John’s going to pick up food is that o.k.?” Abbie shook her head vigerously. After her poison incident, she told herself that she won’t eat out ever again.

“oh that’s right,” Van said into the phone.

“I knew that would happen. She’s scared that there’s going to be poison in the food right?”

“yeah. We’ll think of something, won’t we?”

“yep! So don’t eat any donuts, or what ever you cops eat when you at the station. Besides, donuts make you fat! ” he could hear Abbie yell. John laughed “o.k. I won’t“

“what time are you coming home?” Van asked.

“around 8:00”

“o.k. see you then. Love you,”

“love you to,” he hung up the phone. It felt good to hear her say that. As soon as he hung up he got another call. He didn’t recognize the number.


“hey, its Scott.” He said in a gravely voice.

“how did you get this number.”

“ Braden gave it to me. I hope you don’t mind.”

“no, no its o.k. what did you call for?”

“When I talked to Braden early this morning he said that Abbie got sick and someone put,?”

“yeah, some food poisoning.”

“that’s what I heard. He also told me that it was planned.” John was thinking “oh shit, what now,” but he kept his cool.


“did you get my daughter in Danger?”

“NO!” John yelled. “I would never do that! I love those kids as if they were my own. You know as well as I do that I would never ever do such a thing. You should know me better than that.” He could hear Scott sigh in the backround. Since Braden and Abbie moved in, John got use to all the gossip that Abbie does. She told him all about how she grew up one day. He learned that after Abbie’s mother died, and how Scott has been very over protective of his daughter. She told how when she brought a boy home he and Braden would go and bother the poor kid until it made him scared. John has seen it. One time Abbie brought a lab partner home and helped him. John kept a good eye on them, to make sure anything would happen. But Braden, was on them. Going in the kitchen every 5 minutes to see if anything was happening. John could see the glares go across the room as she worked. He would do anything to keep Abbie safe. And if that meant keeping her locked in the house until this slime ball was taken down, well he would do that.

“I know. I’m sorry for saying that. I shouldn’t of.”

“its o.k. Listen I know how shielding and defensive you are of Abbie. And I promise that nothing is going to happen to her. I have it under control.”

“how is she?”

“She’s good. Mom bought her a dog.”

“your kidding.”

“nope. You know, Since the kids came and lived with us. I’ve seen a lot of her. She really loves those kids.”

“that surprises me.” John was shocked.

“what the hell is that suppose to mean Scott?”

“well I mean after, I left and everything I’m just surprised.”

“Well It shouldn’t you know Mom, she never is going to stop loving you. You’re her first born. What do you expect?”

“guess your right, again. Well, I’m going to call Abbie now and see how she’s doing. Give Mikey and Mom my love.”

“will do.” he heard the click of the phone. He got back to the files on his desk.

(at John and Van’s’)

“is it supose to look like that?” Van asked as she pulled a pizza out. It was burnt inside and out. There was no way there were eating it.

“I don’t imagine so.” Abbie wrinked her nose. Van threw the burnt pizza in the trash and washed out the pan.

“we could make are own pizza’s.” Abbie suggested.


“well, When ever Dad’s late coming home from work, we take bagels, pizza sauce, and cheese and put it all together to make a pizza and put it in the oven.”

“that sounds good. I have some pizza sauce somewhere.” Van rummaged in her cans as she heard a cell phone ring.

“is that you are me?” She asked.

“oh me. I programmed a ring for when ever my dad calls.” Van had to hand it to her. She was pretty smart for a kid her age.

“hey dad.”

“how’s my girl?”

“I’m good.”

“I heard you were sick. You feeling better sweatheart?”

“yes. a lot better after Uncle John and Aunt Van took care of me.”

“well that’s good.”


“yes pumpkin,”

“when are you coming back.” Van couldn’t help but over heard the conversation. She quietly got the food out while she listened.

“oh, baby, I don’t know. I wish I knew that answer.” Abbie’s eyes fell as she heard her father say those words.

“well when you do, can we live down here? I like living with here. Around Grandma, and Uncle Michael and John, and Auntie Van, and Shannon. She’s really cool”

“oh she is?” Well will just wait and have to see.”

“o.k. Grandma got me a dog!” And the rest of the conversation went good from then on. When John got home, Evangeline pulled him aside and told him the conversation that she “over heard.”

“really? She wants to move into Lanview?”

“yep that’s what she said. I can’t believe it.”

“I know.” he kissed her softly. Making her week in the knees. She fell on the bed, as John made his way down her.

“john, we can’t do this here.”

“why not?” he said in between kisses. “because Abbie might come in.

“so, its not like she doesn’t know what sex is.” He flashed one of his famouse smiles. She hit John on the upper part of his arm.

"ow" he laughed.

“come-on” she said sliding out of his arms. They found Abbie fixing the plates on the bar. Every thing was set up nicely.

“wow, this looks great.” John said complmenting Abbie.

“thanks Uncle John.” She sat down at the table.

“I got you something today after work.” He said bending down to her level.


“yes. Now close your eyes, and hold out your hands.”She started to giggle as she closed her eyes and stuck out her hands. He put something small and round in her hand.

“don’t open your eyes, but describe to me what is feels like” He watched her hands move acroos the it. Evangeline watched asthey were bonding.

“it feels round, soft, and somthings feels like its dangling from it.”

“o.k. open your eyes.

“the first thing she saw was a red collar, followed by a red heart. That had the named imprinted on it: Mason McBain.

“ A dog collar? Uncle John your didn’t have to do that.”

“yeah, I know, but I wanted to. I know you haven’t been feeling good so I thought this would be a good idea.” he said getting back up. She got up from her seat and reached up on her tippy toes to put his arms around his neck. Bring him down some.

“thank you.”

“well your welcome. Why don’t you go and put it on Mason.”

“o.k.” She ran looking for the dog.

“told you.” Evangeline said as she walked up to John. Putting her arms around his waste. Pulling him close.

“told me what?” he grined. She was talking about the spoiling. As Abbie came in she sat down.

“are you guys going to keep making googly eyes at each other, or are we going to eat?”

“what are we having, I’m starved.” They all sat down together. Eating as a family.