Chapter 1

 It was only 5 months ago that John knew he had a niece a nephew. It all started as a blur that became one hell of a mess.


"you got something in the mail." Evangeline said has she walked into the dining room of there new house.

"is it a bill?" he raised his brow.

"ha ha very funny. No it looks like a card of some sort."

"whoís it from"

She looked at the top right hand corner of the letter and read it out loud.

Its from a Scott McBain. Whoís that?" she pondered.

John got up from the seat he was sitting in and ripped the letter out of her hands.

"geezzz take it easy." she followed him as he started pacing the room.

"answer my question. Who is he?" John looked into her eyes. They looked scared and frightened.

"heís my older brother." he said in a low voice. She looked up at him astound at what she just heard.

"and older brother? And you havenít told me this because, why?"

"itís a long story."

"so sum it up for me. I have a right to know. I am married to you." She put her hands on her hips. John took her hand and sat her down on the couch with him.

"Lets just say he did somethingís he shouldnít have done."

"o.k. yeah thatís not going to work mister. What kind of stuff."

" well when me and Mikey were younger and Scott was about 19 he a got this girl pregnant. Dad wasnít very pleased and kicked him out on the street. The last time I saw him or heard from him is when the old man died.

"thatís terrible" she whispered.

"I better read what the letter says."

"o.k., I need to go anyways. Nora wanted to meet me at the Gym for some Yoga." she kissed him softly on the lips.

"bye" she turned to him before she left.

"are you going to be alright?" she asked

"of course. I will"

"o.k. just checking" she shut the door quietly. He sat there on the couch wondering what it said. After a few minutes he opened it.

Dear John,

Whatís up bro? not the best way of starting the conversation I guess but I donít really know what to say. I need for you to do me a favor. I really need your help. I know the last time I saw you I was with a little boy. That was my son. Since then Iíve had a little girl. I was finally getting my life back together and I started a family. After my daughter was born, Kerry(my wife) died in a car accident. Luckily I did not lose my little girl. Gosh John I hope that you never have to go threw with this. We moved on past that and right now I am in some trouble with a couple of men. Iím not going to mention who because I donít want you, my son or my daughter into this. What the favor is that I need you to do is to watch over my son Braden and my daughter Abbie. Braden is 20 and I have enrolled him at Lanview University. Abbie is 14 and I have yet to decide on where to put her. If you could do this I would be so ever grateful. As soon as Iím done writing this I will leave them in you care. They will be at the train station around 11:00 AM on the 21. You will know who they are because Abbie will be wearing a hoddie that says Independent on the front and is black. Please take care of my little ones. I will be back soon to pick them up in a couple of months. I knew you would understand being the kind gentle person that you are.



John read the letter to himself again and again. "what the hell has Scott done now" he thought.

Meanwhile, at the GymÖÖÖ



"how the hell can you do this" Nora said struggling to put her feet over her head. Evangeline took one look at Nora and came out of her position.

"just stop now Nora while your still trying." She said with a laugh.

"thank god!" she said as she flattens her self on the Yoga mat. She looked at her best friend and could tell something was wrong.

"o.k. spill."

Van gave her a blank face. "spill what"

"your worrying about something. I can tell" they looked at each other and they could both knew that Nora was right.

"damn how do you do that?" she questioned.

" Iím a best friend. Its what Iím suppose to do. Now tell me whatís going on."

She told Nora about the letter that John got in the mail and how he looked a bit confused about it.

"donít worry. I bet you its nothing. Anyways I got to go pick up Matthew from Boís house."

"I better get back to John too."

"you call me if you need anything."

"you bet." they both left the Gym

Back at the houseÖ.

John couldnít help but wonder. Why him. Why didnít he go to his Mom or someone else. He was also think how in the world did he find out where he lived and how to find him since Scott never kept in touch. Van came threw the door bring John out of his thoughts.

"hey" She said with a smile on her face.

"hey yourself" he said getting up.

"so" she walked up to him.

"so" he said back.

"John knock it off what did the letter say."

"Iíll let you read it yourself."

"are o.k. with that?" she asked.

"I could always take it back now andÖ"

"no never mind Iíll read it." He gave her a small smile as he put his hands around her waste and leaned his head on her shoulder. She turned around and looked at him.

"You do know what today is donít you" she looked at him.

"yes the 20."

"and there coming?"


"so that means that we need to let the rest of your family know and get the rooms ready for the little ones to come."

" so there staying here?"

"well, um if you donít want them living out on the street."

"your o.k. with this?"

"of course I am. Your family is my family. Its kind of funny but I donĎt see you as a uncle"

"yeah me neither."

"Uncle John, that has a little ring to it."

"I canít believe youíre being so down to earth with this." he pulled her close to him.

"well what do you expect me to do." she smiled back. He pulled her into a long passionate kiss. Pushing her to where the bedroom was.

"we need to tell you family John" she said in between kisses."

"I know" he whispered

"so then why donít weÖ" he started to kiss her neck moving lower.

"maybe we can tell them a little later" she said unbuttoning Johns navy blue shirt. He pushed her down on the bed. Pulling off the t-shirt that she was wearing. She ran her fingers in his hair as he started to kiss her chest. He felt the grip of her fingers in his hair tighten as he moved lower to her body.

Later on that evening there was a meeting with the McBainís in Lanview. Eve was the first to arrive then Michael and last but not least Shannon, who was an hour late.

"I couldnít help that I got stuck in traffic."

"you could of called me Shannon and let me know that you were o.k." John said letting His cousin come in the door.

"O.k. I will next time." She sat down next to Eve and whispered something in her ear as the both let out a giggle.

As soon as they stopped John passed the letter around for everyone to read. They had a small conversation about it.

"I have 2 grandchildren, wow. Now I feel old." Eve gave a weak smile, trying to lighten up the room a little.

"so I have two more cousins right?" Shannon sounded a little confused

"right" Michael answered.

"yes! Finally a girl Cousin. Someone to take shopping and spend money andÖ."

"Shannon try to stay on subject please." John interrupted.

"I would but I have to go. Iíve got a test in History tomorrow." she got up and got her purse and started to walk out the door.

"Shannon wait." John got up from where he was sitting with Van.

"Braden is going to LU and I want you to show him around and everything o.k.?"

"yeah, sure whateverÖWHAT?" she yelled


"Donít give me that look John."

"what look?"

"that look like you think I did something wrong."

"did you?"

"no, If you havenít noticed Iíve changed John."

"really, because last time I checked your still the Bratty little cousin that is annoying as Hell but I still have to love."


As soon as the rest of the family left John joined Van in the bed room, where she was already asleep. He striped down to his boxers and slow got into bed. He couldnít sleep at all that night. He kept on think how this is going to play out. What do they look like? Are they going to like Him and the rest of the family? Are they anything like His older brother? Everything was swimming around in his head as he only got 2 hours of sleep. The next day he took a shower and got ready. Evangeline told him that she would meet him at the train station. John just felt like something was going to go wrong. He felt the butterflies grow inside of him. Evangeline tried to calm him down. Tell him things like "donítí worry, youíll be fine." and "there going to love you" He had to thank her. He wouldnít be able to do this without her. Sheís done a lot of him the past 24 hours. He felt so lucky to have her. As he reached the Tran station he got there just in time. While people were boarding off, Johnís cell phone rang.


" hey" Van replied

"where are you."

"I wanted to talk to you about that. I donít think Iíll be able to make it. I just got a new client and I need to make a good impression. Iím so sorry. Are you going to be o.k. with just the 3 of you. Because I can always cancelÖ"

"no Iíll be fine. Donít. I donít want to be the reason why you miss a client. Go ahead."

"are you sure? Thank you for being so understanding John."

"no problem. Thatís why you married me."

"Donít push it buddy. Iíll see you at home o.k.?"

"o.k. love you."

"love you too John"

He hung up the phone and started looking around. Remembering what the letter said. A girl with a black hoddie on that said Independent. He scanned the people getting off the train and spotted a old guy and a girl getting off the train. The girl was wearing the black hoddie just like the note said. She was holding on the her brother book bag tightly. John guess so that she wouldnít be lost. As he walked up he thought "what if this is not them?" John took the chance and deeply inhaled has the butterflies rose up and his stomach. He stopped as the he came eye level with the adult.

"Are you Braden?"

"yes sir. You must be are Uncle John. Correct."

"yes" John couldnít believe the manners that came out of Braden. That defiantly did not come from his fathers side.

"this is Abbie, My sister."

"hi" she said in a soft voice like a small angel that came from above. How could John not love these two? One a handsome man with Manners, the other a cute little girl who could take you breath away. He noticed they each had a part of their father in them. They both had the McBain blue eyes, that all the McBainís have. Braden had jet black hair that stuck out around the ears. Abbie had blonde straight hair that was half up in a small ponytail.

"hello. Nice to meet you " John said back a little groggy.

"Have you guys eaten? Are you hungry or anything?"

"No thanks" Abbie said. "Iím good"

"me to." Braden added.

"Well then lets go back to my house" John suggested. "Do you have anymore Luggage?"

"ah I have my guitar." Braden said "Iíll go get it."

John stood there with Abbie. She kept on looking around. She looked back at John. He gave her one of his big smiles with all of his pearly white teeth showing. She gave him a small one back. Braden came back with a guitar case in hand.

"Do you have everything Abbie?" Braden asked

"yes." she replied She doubled checked her self in case she did forget something.

"you guys ready to go?" John asked

"yes sir" they said at the same time.

"o.k. lets go then" John lead them out of the Train Station and thought to himself. This isnít going to be has bad as I thought. He lead them to his car and drove back to his home that he now shared with two other people who he met five minutes ago.

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