Sharing My Soul

the berries
were all picked
as i looked
up and saw
the empty vines
read to the touch
but yet the
blood of life
there no more

sharing my soul
she's taught
me to open
up again
to think of
the bush as full
with each
every wink

sharing my soul
when i look
into those
depe blue
eyes and how
they now
i want to return
the delux flavour

sharing my soul
the touches
that delight
when i look
into her brown eyes
this is where
my love
begins again
and i take
this journey's
first step

sharing my soul
i take down
a berry one
at a time
and learn
once again
to feel the
sweet delectable

sharing my soul
beneath the
pale moonlight
and the sun's
rising dream
this i will
want with you
until we
reach times

copywrite march 5, 2005 by susan marie zalepa