Touches by insight spinner

A JoVan Poem

Disclaimer: John McBain and Evangeline Williamson are characters that belong to One Life to Live © ABC Television. The poem is mine.

a tingle at the nape of my neck distracts my conversation

small warning

before the fullness of my hair

is brushed aside

and gentle fingers wander my back


the air, displaced suddenly

and then fingers encounter mine/so slightly propel/compel me into motion

hummingbird soft

and I follow/like neither school girl nor drone

but there is a little cave man in that touch

and it makes me want to follow him

a tingle at my side and then a warmth spreading

inward and along the surface of my skin

that reaches

almost tentatively for my waist

and I capture it and guide it


then hands and arms snake around my waist/my back and up and under my hair to my shoulders

caressing me

drawing me to him

mirroring the motion of my own strong brown arms

i am gathered and gently laid upon that small twin bed

my pants

reverently shed from my legs like a newly ripened banana might release itís peel to willing and skillful hands

and i feel worshiped/adored

and somthing more i dare not name


touch defines who i am when i am with my man

we are aware of every encouter

of skin against skin

every incidence evidenced by fire and heat

and every absence leaves me longing for his touch



© insight spinner


;^) Geri Lynn Peak