Swept into the Blues
By insight spinner

Disclaimer: John and Evangeline are characters that belong to One Life to Live ABC Television. The poem is mine.

(Summary: Evangeline, daydreaming about making love to John in his room, recalls a moment of deep, soulful exchange between them.)

I turn to you and drink deeply of your soul
From the gateway that is formed by your eyes
  Sapphire blue burning
  So deeply
  Delight sparking out of them
  So brightly
And hesitantly
Then wantonly
I give in to you
And to myself

I am she who knows no limitation
Resists no challenge
Brooks no interference
And finds no solace -- until you
  Caught with your heart frozen in time
  Prowling with the pent up energy of the panther
Responding to attraction unknown
Igniting passion unbidden
Through a dare
A single kiss

You smile and my heart leaps
My body yearns
My mind dives for cover
Yet recognizes a truth
  As you give yourself to me
  Possess me
  Merge into me
  And I you
That urged me to reveal my inner self
And find with great surprise
The depth of your passion

I touch you
I drink you in and am refreshed
Made new
Through the wonder of what it is you do to me
  Something unnamed
  Overwhelmingly true
I find in you
Something precious and unrecognized
For which I have longed unaware
And, soul to soul
I return it to you