A JoVan Poem

Disclaimer: John McBain and Evangeline Williamson are characters that belong to One Life to Live ABC Television. The poem is mine.

I move slowly
Whenever John is in my proximity
As if he exerts some gravitational pull on me

Approaching him I hold back
An act of supreme will
Designed both to savor his loveliness
And maintain a control hard won
And meticulous

I use caution
For the heat of his desire
Is evident in the crystal blue intensity of his gaze
And while his words may be lighthearted or strictly business
His glance is all fire

When leaving his orbit
I tip or strut -- I never rush
Feeling the centripetal pull of him
Calling to me, yearning for me, wanting me
As I try to break the atmosphere of our attraction

I move slowly
And always, he makes his move
Reaches for me
Calls my name
Draws me into himself
Into his sphere
Drawing me with reckless abandon
Driven by the thrumming or our pulse
And the rhythm of our passion
We merge together

insight spinner

-- ;^) Geri Lynn Peak